Holistic Rehab for San Antonio Residents

Holistic Rehab for San Antonio Residents

San Antonio residents have access to local rehabs just like any other city. However, with the advances in psychology and focus on the power of holistic healing, having access to a holistic rehab is more important than ever.

Holistic rehab options for San Antonio residents are few and far between within the city limits. This is a common challenge with many individuals seeking effective alternatives to traditional addiction treatment for substance abuse disorder.  

Rehabs that offer holistic treatment options provide certain elements that aren’t available at standard rehab facilities. The typical psychological approaches still exist at holistic rehabs – with different dynamics that focus on furthering your overall wellbeing.

This article will discuss holistic rehab for San Antonio residents, including what defines a holistic rehab, traveling out of state for one, and why they’re so beneficial.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

What Is a Holistic Rehab?

In the world of recovery, there is a term that you may have heard tossed around but don’t know exactly what it means. You may have seen it in advertisements or websites for holistic rehabs outside your area.

But what does “holistic” actually mean? What’s the difference between a holistic approach to addiction and other treatment approaches? What can a holistic rehabilitation program offer you that others might not be able to provide?

When we speak of holistic rehab, we discuss creating a new lifestyle focused on sobriety rather than addiction. When we integrate healthy routines into our lives, it becomes easier to maintain our commitment to sobriety.

There are many ways in which this can happen: eating healthier foods; increasing physical activity; practicing mindfulness or meditation; learning how our thoughts affect our emotions and actions; spending time with friends who support us in staying sober instead of hanging out with those who encourage us back into addictive behaviors—the possibilities are endless!

A holistic approach to rehab isn’t defined as an umbrella term with a specific outline for care. You could refer to holistic rehab as organic because it’s forever changing and growing, which is one of the primary benefits of this form of treatment.

The Benefits of a Holistic Drug Rehab for San Antonio

Multiple benefits exist in choosing a holistic drug rehab for San Antonio residents. Let’s discuss the idea of holistic rehab and why it’s such a beneficial form of treatment.

Holistic rehab encompasses multiple parts of your existence. It’s an organic form of healing in more than one way.

It’s organic in the sense that you use all-natural approaches to therapy, including your meal plans and proximity to nature. However, it’s also organic because it’s constantly alive and evolving.

Holistic rehab can look different from client to client. Specific individuals may respond better to water and ocean therapy forms, including various other activities.

Others may find relief in cooking and culinary activities – treatments are created from this dynamic as a form of holistic therapy. If you’re into animals, there’s an equine therapy and several different styles of holistic medicine that involve all sorts of animals.

Volunteering at an animal shelter or pound could be considered holistic treatment. Holistic rehab, in its most basic form, is substance abuse treatment that’s good for the soul.

Benefits of a Holistic Drug Rehab for San Antonio

Anything that personally touches your heart, spirit, or any element of you as an individual, could fall under the category of holistic healing. It approaches substance abuse treatment using some of the following options:

  • Mediation
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Mindfulness
  • Beach and Nature Walks
  • Breathing and Relaxation Techniques
  • Tai Chi
  • Physical Education
  • Music Therapy

This is only a fraction of the options and benefits of holistic drug rehab for San Antonio residents. In the true spirit of the holistic approach, considering Hawaii as a destination for rehab is a fantastic option.

Traveling to Hawaii for Treatment

What does Hawaii have to do with holistic substance abuse treatment? Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, with a higher level of aesthetic value and naturally gorgeous scenery.

Holistic treatment utilizes multiple elements of nature. It only makes sense that the more serene and captivating your outdoor environment is, the higher impact it has on the individual in treatment. The sheer number of breathtaking moments in the Hawaiian skies and throughout its geography daily make these islands front-runners for the best places to attend holistic medicine.

One rehab facility, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, is one of the most esteemed organizations regarding substance abuse and alcohol treatment.   

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

A Top San Antonio Alcohol Rehab Option: In Hawaii

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab specializes in treating alcohol abuse disorder, using several approaches to help clients find recovery. One of the first steps is making it through the medical detox portion of alcohol rehab.

This is done using traditional Western medicine with herbal and Eastern-leaning options also. Different healing teas, oils, and nourishment options are extended to clients while we help them navigate the medically assisted detox process.

The detox and withdrawal period for alcohol is especially intense and can be incredibly dangerous in an unsatisfactory setting. However, with our unique approach combined with an expert staff and care team, our clients benefit from top-tier comfort options until their bodies are cleansed of alcohol.

Afterward, the true healing can begin – the recovery of the mind, body, and soul, in a combination form of therapy unavailable at any other facility. If you’ve been to rehab before, you’re probably used to something similar to a 12-step approach.

However, effective rehabilitation without a 12-step foundation is possible and preferred at our facility.

Effective Rehabilitation Without a 12-Step Foundation

Effective Rehabilitation Without a 12-Step Foundation

Many older treatment models employ a form of treatment that includes some type of 12-step foundation. While specific clients did experience success with this model, with the current behavioral and mental health approaches to substance abuse treatment, the 12-step approach comes off as a bit outdated.

The 12-step approach looks at substance abuse as a moral shortcoming and requires the client to put their recovery solely in the hands of a higher power. While there’s nothing wrong with being religious or spiritual, we feel this shies away from empowering the individual, which is what holistic healing is all about.

Recovery requires building up every element of your being, which requires attention and empowerment. During recovery, we feel it’s essential that you feel strong enough to remain in control of your destiny and control that destiny with a positive approach and outlook on life.

A Holistic Hawaiian Rehab for San Antonio Residents

San Antonio residents seeking a holistic option for substance abuse treatment have a powerful option in Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. You put yourself in a beautiful, new place by attending therapy at our facility, mentally and physically.

This does two important things for each client. First, you’re far enough away physically to eliminate the chances of falling back into your old habits and falling back in with the wrong crowd.

It’s true; you can’t solve your problems by running away. However, during the initial phases of recovery, you must have a fortress of solitude. At the same time, you build your willpower and mental strength until you can finally empower yourself enough to say “no.”

Second, Hawaii’s sheer physical and natural beauty puts you in a new place mentally. The island’s healing powers manifest from the visual, auditory, and metaphysical healing that takes place all around you.

The proximity to the animals, the healing powers of the water, the serene, natural sounds, and the healing energy in the air make this such a special place for recovery.

Does My Insurance Cover a Holistic Rehab in Hawaii?

Many clients question whether their insurance covers holistic rehab in Hawaii. The answer to that question lies solely on your insurance provider and is a matter you must take up with your agent.

Your chances are higher with recommendations, and if you can secure something in writing from a physician or counselor that speaks highly of the results of holistic rehab, your insurance company is more likely to provide coverage. In a worst-case scenario, they may only cover a portion of treatment, or you may be forced to pay a higher copay.

Experience Luxury Rehab with a Custom Approach

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we might hold the label of a luxury rehab, but we invite clients from all walks of life, not only high net worth individuals and celebrities. To many people, luxury is synonymous with money but it can mean much more.

To us, luxury is synonymous with the essential amenities of life – nature, beauty, wonder, enchantment, and comfort- all elements of Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. For more information about how you can experience the healing powers of the Hawaiian Islands for recovery, contact a member of our Intake Coordination staff today.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.