Luxury Drug Rehab Hawaii

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Drug Rehab December 20, 2021

Luxury Drug Rehab Hawaii

What is Luxury Drug Rehab?

Luxury drug rehab is a specialty rehab program that includes 5-star accommodations and first-class amenities that many other rehab centers would not have. They are usually a resort-style locale, with private rooms and top-tier luxuries to make sure all guests feel pampered and at ease as they work through rehab.

Clients of these establishments can count on professionalism and round-the-clock care as they detox and rehabilitate in comfort. Luxury rehab centers cost more than a standard treatment center, and as such tend to draw high net worth individuals, celebrities, and executives as their clientele.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Amenities Offered in Luxury Drug Rehabs

Each treatment center is unique, with varying levels of luxury treatments, but they will all likely provide amenities such as:

  • A swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, saunas, and fitness studios are popular features
  • Comfortable private rooms and/or private outdoor spaces in mansions or other upscale residences with maid services
  • Meals prepared by an in-house chef that include local and organic ingredients, locally farmed produce, juice bars, and other upscale foods
  • Beautiful views of the ocean, mountains, or lakes
  • 24-hour security, with staff trained in confidentiality
  • Access to electronics and the ability to work if you want while in residence

Unique Therapies Offered in Luxury Drug Rehabs

Some of the unique therapies offered in luxury drug rehabs may include:

  • Massage therapy and acupuncture
  • 24-hour access to health care and psychiatric treatment, so there is always someone to talk to
  • Flexibility in scheduling for executive members so they can continue to work while in treatment
  • Naturopathic treatments, dietary and vitamin supplements
  • Experiential therapies like outdoor therapy, drama therapy, art and music therapy, or animal-assisted therapy, like equine- or dolphin-assisted therapy

Although these types of treatments are not all exclusive to luxury rehabs, you may have more of them available to you in an upper-scale facility.

Do Luxury Drug Rehabs Have Private Rooms?

Many luxury drug rehabs have the option of staying in a private room, but not all do. If this is an important consideration for you, it is in your best interest to contact your rehab facility beforehand. Most facilities recognize that as a high-profile individual, seeking treatment or being seen outside of your public persona can impact your business or reputation in a negative way, and will do their best to accommodate your wishes for privacy. Staff and practitioners will likely have to sign a confidentiality contract to further enhance your security during your stay.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Are Luxury Drug Rehabs as Effective?

Although they may sound like luxurious vacations, luxury drug rehab centers are just as effective as other rehab facilities. There is a correlation between feeling relaxed in a home-like environment and the ability to remain in recovery long-term, most likely due to the fact that you can focus better on yourself and your healing if you feel calm and safe.

Luxury rehabs also provide the best quality medical care, therapy, and holistic practitioners, with full support from a highly skilled team of empathetic and well-trained professionals. You may also have the luxury of trying innovative treatments that are not often offered to the general population. Experiential, animal-assisted, energy healing and other novel therapies in a luxury rehab facility may become life-changing experiences.

Luxury Drug Rehab in Hawaii 

Going to rehab does not need to be stressful or intimidating. In fact, drug rehab in Hawaii can be luxurious, comfortable, and meet all your needs, so you can renew your mind, body, and spirit without having to sacrifice the way of life you are accustomed to. Rehab is not a punishment, and you deserve to feel safe and comfortable as you detox and rehabilitate.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a non-twelve-step, 8-bed, wellness retreat, with a focus on getting to the underlying issues that cause addiction and providing you with recovery tools you will need once rehab is over. We provide incredible experiences for our clients, including immersion into nature and a large selection of therapies and treatments, including trauma-informed therapy, EFT, art therapy, personal development, and holistic treatments like yoga, acupuncture, pilates, craniosacral therapy, and traditional Hawaiian therapies. There are weekly excursions around the island that may include hiking, surfing, or swimming with dolphins, and at this exclusive rehab center, your privacy and safety are paramount. To find out more about the amenities, and the luxury and executive programs provided at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab center, contact us today.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.