Ocean Therapy

Ocean Therapy

Throughout our recent history, many forms of treatment have been used for substance abuse. Some of the more effective methods stick, and varieties with lower success rates generally phase themselves out.

Over the last couple of decades, many holistic approaches have been incorporated into facilities across the country. A new focus on green living and being environmentally friendly has brought more attention to holistic healing and a more natural, organic form of living.

Like with any other form of therapy attempted, some have proven more effective than others. A more recent form of treatment is currently making its way into certain rehab facilities.

It’s called Ocean Therapy, and it’s making waves (no pun intended) throughout the substance abuse community across the globe.

What Is Ocean Therapy?

Ocean Therapy is relatively new but is being experimented with as a holistic, natural form of treatment for many conditions. It uses the natural healing powers of the ocean combined with water recreation to increase the quality of life for clients with mental and physical ailments.

Currently, Ocean Therapy is used for conditions like Cystic Fibrosis, ASC, ADHD, PTSD, anger issues, and substance abuse disorder. The primary focus is to give individuals the ability to take part in extended periods of water sports and leave having enjoyed their own unique experience.

The point of this therapy is to leave the client feeling relaxed, empowered, and confident in their abilities in the water. The hope is that these positive feelings obtained through therapy will transfer into the daily lives of each individual engaging in treatment.

Many counselors experimenting with this treatment claim that the water helps individuals gain hyper-focus, which puts them in tune with the flow and healing properties of the ocean. This connects people to the default mode network of the brain, which is the same portion used when we daydream.

Connecting with this part of the brain has significant benefits. One of the primary goals is to restore the means to zone in on cognitive issues and creative tasks commonly before substance abuse, or other mental health challenges create blocks.

Although Ocean Therapy is a relatively new form of treatment, the ocean’s healing powers are far from unknown status in many circles.

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Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

The Healing Powers of the Ocean

The healing powers of the ocean date back to the days of ancient Greece and perhaps even further than that.

Ancient Greeks were aware of the healing properties of the ocean thousands of years ago. People used the ocean to treat arthritis, breathing and skin issues, and other body pains during this era. One of the first documented members of ancient Greece to use the sea was Hippocrates, who uncovered that ocean water healed wounds and prevented infection.

Ocean water isn’t much different than human blood. Our blood contains high levels of sodium (sea salt). This mineral has incredible healing properties, including iodine, calcium, magnesium, and other essential elements that improve the body’s immune system and overall function.

Biological stimulators are also contained in ocean water. These stimulators promote the activity of endocrine cells, which stimulates the entire organism in which they exist. In our case, it’s the human body.

Ocean water also contains bromine which has a natural calming element. Skin receptors are also stimulated by salt, leaving traces in the upper layers for months at a time after swimming in the sea. This also leaves the skin much healthier after exiting.

Many people would argue that Ocean Therapy is another fad with no evidence to back these claims. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Is Ocean Therapy Evidence-Based?

Recently, more scientific and human studies have been conducted regarding Ocean Therapy. These studies and research pieces have produced strong evidence leading toward the benefits of Ocean Therapy becoming scientific fact.

One study in Australia conducted an eight-week trial during an Ocean Therapy program. After the program, after multiple medical and scientific tests, each participant showed biological evidence and proclaimed verbally that the therapy had provided numerous benefits in various areas.

As time goes on, more of these studies lend more credibility to the implementation of Ocean Therapy for benefits to multiple conditions.

How Long Has Ocean-Based Therapy Been Around?

Ocean Therapy has been an active form of treatment since 2003. During that year, Dr. Carly Rogers began implementing this form of therapy after working with children with special needs as a lifeguard.

The technical name for the therapy originally was JMMF Ocean Therapy. This is because of the involvement with the Jimmy Miller Foundation and the program’s involvement with Marines and other military personnel suffering from the crippling effects of PTSD.

This demographic first breathed life into this groundbreaking form of treatment. Eventually, the therapy blossomed to benefit multiple types of people with various disorders and challenges.

Because of the more commonly used name “Surf Therapy,” many people question whether they have to learn or participate in surfing to participate in this form of treatment.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Do I Have to Surf for Ocean Therapy?

Many people are hesitant to participate in Ocean Therapy because of the surfing element accompanying this treatment. While surfing is at the center of Ocean Therapy, and many surf instructors participate in implementing these programs, you don’t need to learn to surf.

Do I Have to Surf for Ocean Therapy

Naturally, not all people who participate in Ocean Therapy will be capable of surfing. A large majority of the population would have challenges surfing because of its incredible demands on the body and the coordination it takes. Even intermediate surfers take years to get to the point of being able to ride a wave for a few short seconds.

Instructors and participants close to Ocean Therapy claim that surfing isn’t necessary at all. It’s stated that lying on the surfboard and paddling with your arms and legs through the ocean water promotes a calming, Zen-like state that puts them in tune with the flow of the water.

This Zen-like state is ultimately the goal of Ocean Therapy and could be likened to the Nirvana of this treatment. It’s this state that so many sufferers of PTSD have reached and received benefits from since the program started in 2003.

The Benefits of Ocean Therapy for PTSD

As stated above, Ocean Therapy first gained traction working with veterans who had PTSD. Many of the participants were Marines who were already in peak shop, and an activity like surfing resonated with them and fit the physical profile it takes to conquer such a demanding sport.

What began as a goal of physically conquering the ocean and board turned into mental benefits these veterans thought were never achievable. Many ex-service members who participate in this therapy claim its provided relief from PTSD that they never received from medication or traditional counseling.

As awareness of this therapy grows, more of our veterans are being awakened to its advantages every day, giving them the hope that so many of them desperately need. The mood boosts they receive from Ocean Therapy drive their healing, and what makes it a good candidate for so many other mental health disorders.

The Beach as a Mood Booster

After reading about the benefits of Ocean Therapy, it’s difficult to deny the mood-boosting properties of the ocean. However, not just the water provides the advantages accompanying this therapy.

The beach itself can be a beneficial mood booster for people who participate in Ocean Therapy. The water, the breeze, the calming sounds, and the atmosphere, in general, bring a calming sensation and blanket of positivity.

The Beach as a Mood Booster

For decades the “sound of the ocean” has been used in mental health circles. A plethora of videos exist on YouTube that replay the sound of the ocean for hours on end. Therapeutic sound machines play this sound and have been for years, along with other calming sounds.

Is it the feeling of the water? Is it the cool, calming breeze that slides across the surface of your skin? Maybe it’s the sound of the crashing waves complemented by the random squawk of a seagull or two here and there.

It’s a unique medley of all that makes the ocean and the beach magical places for healing. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, our entire program is built on this medley.

Holistic Healing and Ocean Therapy

When you enter our facilities, you’ll have access to multiple forms of holistic treatments, including Ocean Therapy. These forms of treatment combined with traditional methods and the magic of the Hawaiian Islands make Exclusive Hawaii Rehab one of the most highly regarded rehab facilities in the world.

To find out more about the unique healing elements that await future clients at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, contact a member of our admissions staff.

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Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.