Luxury Rehab in Hawaii

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Luxury rehab November 18, 2021

A woman wearing a floral necklace and a flower in her hair stands on a beach at sunset with arms outstretched, embodying the serene and rejuvenating atmosphere of luxury rehab in Hawaii.

Premiere Addiction and Mental Health Retreat in Hawaii

Luxury rehab clinics are a place you can go to detox, heal, and rehabilitate in comfort, maintaining your higher standards of living. Rehab does not need to feel like a punishment, and in a luxury rehab in Hawaii, you will be able to relax, absorbing your treatments with the assurance that you will receive a consistently high standard of care.

Often, entering a luxury rehab program involves traveling, so you can get away from your everyday stress, enablers, and triggers. This will break maladaptive behavioral patterns, allowing you to focus on yourself and your recovery without distractions.

How Luxury Rehabs are Different

In a luxury rehab, your safety, privacy, and comfort will be of utmost importance, and you will receive creative therapies that are not offered in non-luxury rehab clinics, including luxury accommodations, spa treatments, holistic therapies, wilderness/outdoor therapy with a focus on nutrition, exercise and wellness, and other private treatments.

Luxury Rehabs Offer the Very Best in Addiction Care

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we use non-12-step methodologies with the most up-to-date modern psychology, empowering personal growth and transformation. You will progress through a safe, comfortable, and effective, multifaceted detox program, customized to your specific needs. After detoxing you will move into inpatient care to work on finding the underlying root of your addiction. We use core beliefs restructuring, experiential engagement, and emotional fluidity in combination with psychiatric programs such as individual and group therapy, as well as a large variety of holistic treatments we provide to heal your mind, body, and spirit, including:

  • Dietary supplementation/naturopathy
  • Health coaching and exercise programs
  • Yoga classes
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Body/mind integration techniques
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy
  • Emotional release work
  • Art and music therapy

Through a completely tailored program, we will meet your unique needs, preference, and goals through a combination of therapy, bodywork, clinical care, and spiritual work, empowering you to come to your own conclusions about life and your own health as you figure out what your core values truly are.

Luxury Rehabs are Discreet

Employees and staff at luxury rehabs are accustomed to accommodating the special needs of high-net-worth individuals, executives, and celebrities, and are trained in a high level of discretion.

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we are “paparazzi-proof”, with our 24-hour security staff and cameras, and views from the road blocked by our walled perimeter and thick foliage. There is an emphasis on confidentiality throughout the facility. Personal devices are welcome on-site, but all phones, laptops, or anything with a camera or recording capability are not allowed to be used in public areas or in group meetings to further ensure your privacy and security.

Luxury Rehabs Provide Unparalleled Amenities

A luxury rehab will have only the best food, accommodations, and amenities, so you can feel pampered and comfortable as you work on healing yourself. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, you have the option of a private or shared room with a canopy bed, a writing desk, large windows, a private lanai, and a high standard of cleanliness.

The location of the facility is incredible, located on 52 acres of private land, in a lush and tranquil area. We have four gourmet chefs onsite who prepare whole, nutritious meals and who are happy to accommodate any dietary needs or preferences. The food is almost all organic and locally sourced from nearby farmers’ markets.

There is a high staff-to-patient ratio, with top doctors and therapists present, as well as professionals in all manners of holistic healing, including bodywork and spiritual healing. The treatments offered are completely customized, with programs personalized to each patient to achieve the best possible results.

Luxury Rehabs are Located in The Worlds Best Vacation Destinations

Traveling to a luxury rehab clinic will allow you the opportunity to explore some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is located on the Big Island of Hawaii, also known as “the healing island”, with views of the ocean, palm trees, and the inactive volcano Mauna Kea.

Spending time in nature can improve mental health, increase self-esteem, lower stress and improve your mood, and can even become a spiritual experience, and at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we provide incredible Hawaiian outdoor adventures and nature therapy to counterbalance the hard work and grit you put into your days in detox and rehab.

Some of the experiences we can provide include:

  • Snorkeling and swimming, or just relaxing at the beach
  • Dolphin therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Visiting world-renowned botanical gardens
  • Surf therapy
  • Hiking an active volcano

You will spend time in the lush greenery surrounding our center, including counseling sessions while walking our grounds, so you have the opportunity to take in the natural light, enjoy some light exercise, fresh air, and the sense of renewal of the outdoors can provide.

Luxury Rehab at The Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

For a personalized, luxury rehab experience, consider Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. We will honor your intelligence, helping you tap into your own resilience and wisdom as you heal your mind, body, and spirit, and gain the recovery skills you will need to remain sober for a lifetime, all within a comfortable, relaxing, and rejuvenating setting. Contact us today to learn more about luxury rehab in Hawaii. We can help you regain control over your life and become the best possible version of yourself.


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