How Good Nutrition Leads to Better Recovery Outcomes

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab understands the importance of healthy nutrition in recovery from addiction. Our on-staff dietician, which allows us to provide licensed treatment for eating disorders, provides important nutritional aspects to our recovery programs.

Good nutrition during recovery from substance use disorder offers several benefits. The role of our dietician and the nutritional therapy programs that we offer at our executive rehab is to improve recovery by providing your body with the nutrition it needs to heal from nutrient deficiencies, which is prevalent in substance use disorder, and to help balance the body’s chemistry naturally to promote improved moods and health.

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we provide a whole new level of nutritional therapy for recovery. You will benefit from the way that healthy food and nutrition will enhance your recovery. It will help to strengthen your immune system, help to repair damage caused to your organs and tissue, and improve the function of important systems in your body. By exploring your unique nutrition needs, our on-site dietician will be able to help you counteract imbalances such as a melatonin imbalance to improve your sleep, naturally.

Revitalizing the Body with Food

Skipping meals, metabolic imbalance, loss of nutrition through ejecting of nutrients, reduced food consumption, and damage to your gut microbiome and function are some of the common effects of alcohol and drug abuse. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we aim to reestablish the correct nutritional balance and provide you with the means to maintain a healthy nutritional balance post-rehab.

We revitalize your body with healthy food and nutrition that is created specifically for your body and mind’s needs. We explore your history of drug and alcohol use, medical history, current medical condition, and other aspects of your life so that we can assess your situation effectively and provide you with a tailor-made nutritional therapy plan.

Our registered dietician will work closely with you to revitalize your body and mind, which is likely suffering from certain nutrient deficiencies due to substance abuse. Through this process, your recovery while at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab will be enhanced as your body regains its strength and feel more energetic, healthy, and have an improved mood.

The healing you need during your recovery is not just centered around the psychological effects and causes of addiction but your body also needs to heal and nutritional imbalances restored. We seek to improve the mind-body connection through nutritional therapy and other holistic treatment approaches. We make healthy food taste good with our in-house chefs and dietician; healthy food doesn’t have to be tasteless.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Balancing the Nervous System with Nutrition

Many people coping with substance use disorders and eating disorders have lacked proper nutrition long-term which can lead to neurological or nervous system problems.  Chronic malnutrition from alcohol use disorder can lead to peripheral neuropathy and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome -a mental health condition caused by a lack of vitamin B1 found naturally in some fish, meat, whole grains, and legumes.

A lack of minerals and vitamins that your nervous system needs to function properly may be lacking due to substance abuse but it can also be due to a person’s general diet. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we explore not only the effects of substance abuse on your nervous system but also look to balance your nervous system by providing you with good nutrition and the means to continue to provide your nervous system with the food it needs to function and thrive.

Drug and alcohol abuse has a significant impact on the nervous system including your reward centers and stress-relaxation centers. Your body’s ability to adjust to drugs and alcohol may result in imbalances in your nervous system that unless rectified, may result in a higher relapse risk.

Our herbs, vitamins, and mineral supplements that are tailor-made to fit your needs will help to re-establish the correct function of your nervous system, helping to avoid the negative effects of stopping alcohol and drugs.

Nutritional Counseling

With our licensed dietician, we are able to provide quality nutritional counseling at our luxury rehab in Hawaii. Some of our clients come to us to seek help for eating disorders that are co-occurring with their addiction. Our nutritional therapist works closely with each client to ensure that they are getting nutritional counseling that applies to their situation and will continue to help them after finishing their rehab program.

The goal of our nutritional counseling for addiction recovery is to improve recovery results because a poor diet can contribute to your relapse risk. Our dietician’s role in your recovery is important and through her work, transformational healing will occur from the inside out.

Our dietician may discover that you require very specific vitamins, herbs, and minerals that your previous diet wasn’t able to provide. Without this knowledge, a person may go their whole life eating the wrong foods that lead to several issues both mentally and physically. In our nutritional therapy program at our luxury rehab for addiction, we’ll help you find a diet that works for your body and mind.

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Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.