A Clear Path to Healing
At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

Our customized treatment programs combine the very best of modern psychology with the ancient wisdom of traditional therapies to transform the root causes of addiction, eating disorders, and mental health conditions.

Aerial view of a large house with a gray tiled roof, surrounded by lush green grass and overlooking the ocean.

Heal the Roots of  Drug Addiction

In-depth self exploration, immersion in nature and proper nutrition restore balance to the entire system.  You will learn about yourself in a new and transformative ways and resolve the root causes of drug abuse and addiction.

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Two-story building with large windows and balconies, surrounded by palm trees under a clear blue sky.

Overcome the Drive to Abuse Alcohol

By healing your body, examining your beliefs and redefining your place in the world you can overcome the self-destructive patterns behind alcohol abuse.

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Elegant bedroom with a four-poster bed, patterned bedding, sheer curtains, wooden flooring, a desk, and a seating area by the window.

A Holistic Approach to Eating Disorders

We take a whole person approach to healing the underlying causes of eating disorders.  With compassion and understanding we will work to restore balance and a sense of self worth.

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A well-lit, spacious bathroom featuring two sinks with mirrors, tiled walls, wooden cabinets, and decorative plants.

Resolve Anxiety and the Lasting Impacts of Trauma

Balancing the nervous system, connecting with nature and reexamining deeply held patterns of thinking help to restore balance to the mind and release the long term effects of trauma.

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A modern bathroom featuring a double vanity with mirrors, a large bathtub, tiled walls, and a window overlooking greenery.

Healing the Whole Person

We believe that addiction and eating disorders are often symptoms of deeper underlying imbalances.  We treat co-occurring mental health disorders so that the urge to self medicate resolves.

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Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

The Journey to Wellness
Begins Here

Discover true healing through nourishing your body, connecting with nature and examining your patterns of thinking and behaving.  Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a place to rest, restore, and revive your authentic empowered self.


Aerial view of a large house with a gray tiled roof, surrounded by lush green grass and overlooking the ocean.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Taking a holistic approach to addiction treatment means we address the needs of the whole person and treat the patient, not the disease.

  • Detox Safely with Medical Professionals
  • Re-Balance Your Body’s Chemistry
  • Connect With a Greater Sense of Purpose
  • Examine Outdated Patterns of Thinking
  • Learn Healthy New Coping Skills
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A large house with a red roof and multiple balconies overlooking a lush lawn, palm trees, and the ocean under a clear blue sky.

Non 12-Step Recovery

Our positive and empowering approach relies on modern science to help people realize personal growth and fulfillment.

  • Find Self Acceptance and Appreciation
  • Release Self Limiting Beliefs
  • Address Unresolved Trauma
  • Mend Broken Relationships
  • Let Go of Shame and Guilt
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