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Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Luxury rehab January 3, 2022

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Oahu Luxury Rehab

What is Luxury Rehab?

Luxury rehab offers patients a unique approach to treatment that moves you away from entering into an institutional setting and will allow you to focus on healing from your addiction in a remote space that is often a destination rehab. Often these rehabs will resemble a resort-like atmosphere that provides exceptional amenities that you would not typically find within your standard treatment programs. 

Luxury rehabs still have the same goal in mind of supporting patients to remove drugs or alcohol from their lives but place an emphasis on using alternative measures of treatment paired with traditional therapy models. Patients often have a wide variety of holistic methods of healing to choose from where you will be able to truly heal from your addiction within your body, mind, and spirit. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Amenities Offered in Luxury Rehabs

Luxury rehabs often have the benefit of being able to offer patients a wide variety of amenities that are far beyond your standard treatment centers capacity. Patients will have the opportunity to allow themselves to completely rest and rejuvenate through the various amenities offered that are designed to help them feel comfortable within a wellness retreat. Each specific luxury rehab will offer its own set of amenities but here are some common amenities that are typically offered within luxury rehab centers:

  • A rehab center that is surrounded by picturesque views including ocean side views, gorgeous mountain views in the distance, or stunning tropical scenery. 
  • Fitness and recreation amenities including state of the art gyms, access to personal trainers, swimming pools, or basketball/volleyball courts 
  • Private bedrooms that provide your own personal oasis that you can retire to each night with access to your own personal bathrooms and maid service within your rooms. 
  • Access to your phone or laptops to allow patients the time they need to uphold work commitments 
  • Private, onsite chefs that prepare healthy, organic meals that use food from local farmers markets 

Benefits of Going to a Luxury Rehab

Choosing a luxury rehab brings forth many benefits for patients and access to exceptional therapeutic methods that may not be available in industry-standard programs. Some of the benefits that patients have experienced are:

  • Smaller patient ratios- Luxury rehabs tend to not be overrun with large amounts of patients and stick to a small amount of patients to give you the specific individual care that you need to heal from your addiction 
  • Access to alternative methods of healing- Luxury rehabs offer patients various holistic treatment methods that are exclusive to that specific rehab program. Patients learn more about the importance of whole body treatment approach rather than sticking to traditional talk therapy methods 
  • Excursions or nature immersion therapy– Patients will often be invited to participate in activities that will have you out enjoying the stunning views and exhilarating activities that are local to that specific rehab. Activities patients have enjoyed range from swimming with dolphins, going on hikes through the scenic landscapes surrounding them, surfing or ziplining. 

Benefits of Traveling for Rehab

There are many benefits to traveling for rehab that will work to increase your chances of success in sobriety. Benefits include:

  • Removing yourself from your home environment that has outside distractions or local triggers 
  • Meeting patients from a diverse set of backgrounds. Patients who travel for rehab will often meet peers that have come from a wide range of places allowing you to further your education and awareness of other cultures. 
  • Options to choose a rehab that has specific therapeutic models that will be beneficial for you. Choosing a destination, luxury rehab means that you have the ability to be specific about the types of therapy you want to engage in by attending a specific rehab center that offers the treatment methods you are searching for. 
  • Opportunities to see new places and engage in new activities 
  • Increase your privacy and anonymity. Patients often feel more secure travelling to rehab as it reduces the possibility of being in a rehab center with others who know you. 

Holistic Rehab O’ahu

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab places a strong emphasis on healing from addiction through natural and holistic measures. We see the value in learning new methods of healing and coping that incorporate healthy alternatives to using drugs or alcohol and move away from traditional talk therapy models. 

We offer patients the opportunity to engage in the following holistic treatment methods:

Luxury Detox and Rehab at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab values providing our patients with exceptional addiction treatment methods that move beyond the traditional 12 step methods. Our luxury rehab supports patients in identifying the root causes of their addiction through non 12 step therapy modalities and establishing holistic therapies that can be utilized even after you complete your rehab program. We believe that healing from addiction requires an introspective look at your lifestyle and strengthening your ability to maintain a healthy life in recovery through your body, mind, and spirit. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.