Discreet Prescription Drug Rehab in Hawaii

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Drug Rehab December 6, 2021

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Discreet Prescription Drug Rehab in Hawaii

Exclusive Prescription Drug Rehab in Hawaii

The use of prescription drugs has made significant impacts on the medical world and how doctors can assist patients in treating unpleasant or painful symptoms of medical or mental health conditions. Unfortunately, the devastating addictive side effects were not foreseen and accounted for when these medications were prescribed. Patients turn to these medications at their greatest time of need to help them be able to face each day and mitigate difficult symptoms. This often leads to a cycle of abuse as you experience uncomfortable symptoms, you will turn to medications as a way to escape and self-medicate. This occurs over and over as life throws curveballs your way and you are looking for ways to cope and manage the challenges that can happen day to day. 

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we work with our patients to gain an understanding of what has been impacting their addictive behaviors and leading them to turn to drugs as a means to escape. Often, patients enter into an addiction due to a history of emotional turmoil or traumatic events and these unresolved emotions and lack of knowledge of skills such as emotional regulation and mindful inquiry. Through our exclusive, holistic methods of treatment, you will gain the self-awareness and tools that will have you feeling confident in your ability to avoid potential relapse situations. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Prescription Drug Detox in Hawaii

Often when patients think about the detox process, there are questions and concerns about the symptoms that they will feel and how it will be managed. One thing that our patients notice in the individualized approach to prescription drug detox is that your safety and comfortability are our first and top priority. When you first arrive, you will meet with our onsite medical doctor immediately so that a proper health assessment and physical check-up can be completed. This will help to inform us of an effective means of detox that will lessen the severity of your symptoms felt while keeping you relaxed and comfortable. 

We understand that taking the first step to enter into detox can bring up feelings of anxiety as you enter into the unknown of prescription drug detox and rehab. The moment you enter our doors is the first day of your drug rehab program. That means that our compassionate therapeutic team will be collaborating with our medical and naturopathic doctors to ensure your emotional and physical safety. We will be by your side every step of the way to process any challenging emotions that arise throughout your detox process. 

Holistic Treatments to Facilitate the Detox Process

Our detox program is unprecedented to our other industry standard programs due to the emphasis on holistic and natural ways of healing. Our medical doctor works in conjunction with our onsite naturopathic doctor to create a detox plan that will support your inner healing while keeping your comfort and safety at the forefront of your mind. Through the use of natural herbal supplements, you will feel the difference in how your body responds to detox symptoms and the supplements work to improve your liver functioning and overall physical functioning. 

Many underestimate the power of a healthy, sufficient diet paired with proper hydration and the impacts it can have on the body’s functioning. Our onsite personal chefs will be creating healthy, organic meals that will be sure to replenish your body with the vitamins and minerals that you have been lacking throughout your time using prescription drugs. 

Non 12-Step Rehab for Prescription Drugs

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we believe that treatment is not a one size fits all method. You entered into your addiction for reasons that are personal to you and you will need the individual support to explore those emotions further through our evidence-based, holistic measures to treatment. Our patients will have the opportunity to engage in non 12 step rehab programs that are designed to treat each patient and their individual needs. Through methods of holistic treatment, you will be sure to heal your body, mind, and soul from the addictive behaviors that have been holding back your potential. You will get to experience the following treatment modalities:

  • Stimulus belief response therapy, you will learn how to reframe your negative core beliefs within yourself that have been impacting your ability to remain sober.
  • Mission therapy- defining your mission and goals for recovery 
  • Nature immersion therapy 
  • Experiential engagement therapy 
  • Person centered therapy- Treating each patient as an individual not solely focusing on treating the addiction itself 
  • Trauma informed therapy 
  • Redefining self narrative therapy- Helping you regain positive thoughts and self love

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders

Many patients begin their prescription drug addiction due to ongoing mental health or pre-existing medical condition that you are trying to self-medicate with.  A dual diagnosis program will allow you to treat both your substance use disorder and co-occurring disorder individually. While learning methods of healthy coping for your co-occurring disorder, you will have the skills and methods to handle potentially triggering situations in the future that will work to maintain your level of sobriety. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Private Discreet Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we honor that our patients are coming from high profile and executive lifestyles and the need for privacy as you go through your life-changing transformation into society. That is why we offer a facility that is remote and private from any prying eyes of the public and have a staff team that is highly trained in maintaining the confidentiality of all our patients that attend our treatment center.