Holistic Rehab for San Diego Residents

Holistic Rehab for San Diego Residents

San Diego is a beautiful area with multiple holistic treatment options and is close to many luxury rehabs. However, the combination of both lies in an area across the Pacific that affords clients top-tier levels of holistic treatment and luxury amenities unmatched by other facilities.

In addition, despite the natural beauty of San Diego, this facility lies nestled in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. This tiny dot of geography gives visitors the outstanding natural beauty we’ve all seen and heard about but also brings another layer that includes almost metaphysical healing benefits you can’t find anywhere else on a map.

What Is a Holistic Rehab?

At a traditional rehab, you’re treated physically and mentally. The physical portion typically takes place during the medically assisted detox portion, with a small sample of physical therapy in the way of a basketball court or recreation area.

If you’re at a luxury facility stateside, adventure therapy involving zip lines or ropes courses may be thrown into the mix and the facility embraces a ‘holistic’ label. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab goes far beyond this with adventures to heal the soul, set in one of the most majestic locales on the planet.  

Mental remedies take the form of cognitive-behavioral therapy, dual-diagnosis treatment, or a variety of other psychotherapies. While these are all great, scientifically proven, research-based forms of treatment, they’re limited in how they provide therapy for the soul.  

This is where a truly holistic rehab like the Exclusive really begins to shine. Instead of solely focusing on the behavioral and mental health aspect of substance abuse treatment, clients receive therapy for the mind, body, and soul simultaneously.

Many clients enter rehab demoralized, deflated, and defeated by their substance abuse issues. Naturally, receiving healing for the mind, body, and soul should be a primary avenue to enter recovery and rediscover who you are as a person.

This is what holistic treatment does at a real holistic rehab. It gives each client a chance to rediscover themselves on a spiritual level, which provides healing for any damage done from substance abuse.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

The Benefits of a Holistic Drug Rehab for San Diego Residents

Many San Diego residents are already into holistic healing, medicine, and natural alternatives. The demographic of this city seems to mesh well with the benefits a holistic drug rehab offers.

This creates a unique benefit for San Diego residents, especially aftercare. After returning home from treatment, it’s much easier to continue on the holistic path by participating in some programs/community groups promoting this type of healing and living.

In addition, you might participate in ocean and surf therapy while at a particular holistic drug rehab. San Diego is an excellent place for surfing with fantastic beaches – it would be easy to continue with this form of treatment long after you’ve returned home.

Traveling to Hawaii for Treatment

Benefits Of Traveling For Addiction Treatment

Hawaii isn’t that far from San Diego compared to the rest of the United States. Traveling from the San Diego area would be a much shorter flight, which means tickets are usually not expensive, and you can fly business or first class for a slightly higher fare.

Using a discount plane ticket service for individuals attending rehab out of state could provide even further savings. You also need to consider what to pack for treatment.

What to Pack for a Hawaii Rehab Experience

  • Plenty of clothes for warm weather – items that are relaxing and comfortable
  • Bathing suits, preferably multiple pairs
  • Sandals or flip-flops
  • Sunscreen
  • Beach towels
  • A journal/notebook
  • Comfortable running shoes
  • Goggles/snorkel

Consider these items in addition to the standard list of things to pack recommended by any facility.

A Top San Diego Alcohol Rehab Option in Hawaii

Not all of San Diego’s favorite alcohol rehab options must be in California. One of the most preferred lies in the Hawaiian Islands. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a top-tier substance abuse and alcohol treatment center specializing in holistic, evidence-based approaches to recovery.

Alcohol historically causes significant depression issues, making a switch to a positive mindset difficult for many users. This is assuming they can find help to achieve success during detox.

Hawaii is an excellent backdrop to alcohol abuse recovery mentally and even affords clients substantial physical advantages. Another detrimental effect of alcohol is the weight it can cause users to pack on.

Alcohol is full of sugar and carbs, which lead to substantial weight gain, bloating, and a general loss of physical fitness. Surf therapy, hiking, and other fitness-centered healing regimens provide mental boosts but can help you get back into shape simultaneously.

This is an excellent example of the mind/body connection at work, demonstrating clearly how a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and vice-versa. These benefits are experienced without the typical 12-step foundation, giving veteran alcohol treatment clients a new foundation and outlook on recovery.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Effective Rehabilitation Without a 12-Step Foundation

The 12-Step foundation to recovery is a long-used model that focuses on alcohol abuse disorder. Many participants of recovery groups that incorporate the 12-step model have experienced long-term success, but this form of therapy may be becoming outdated.

Why? The answer is simple.

The 12-Step model places substance abuse in a position that labels it as a moral issue. Substance abuse is considered a disease of the spirit, or sinful behavior, remedied by re-aligning with the higher power your religion looks to for guidance.

The problem with this is it eliminates the progress made in identifying alcohol and substance abuse as a co-occurring disorder with a mental health disorder. What does this mean for the client?

Treating substance abuse with the 12-step model means there’s a high probability that any underlying mental health disorder is ignored. This may leave the client in recovery, but their mental health remains in limbo, leading to higher odds of relapse or a worsening mental health state leading to multiple issues.

The Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, in particular, leans completely towards the holistic side of healing, abandoning the 12-step foundation in exchange for progressive methods that focus on personal healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

A Holistic Hawaii Rehab for San Diego Residents

Holistic Hawaii Rehab for San Diego Residents

This holistic rehab for San Diego residents, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, is making leaps and bounds in the category of client healing and continues to add successful participants to the list daily. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab offers many traditional psychotherapy options combined with an extensive array of holistic and all-natural treatment options.

Clients can access one-on-one counseling sessions with mental health and substance abuse professionals, participating in cognitive-behavioral therapy, dual-diagnosis treatment, and other top-rated psychotherapy options. In addition, a heavy focus is placed on providing healing options for the spirit, and this is where holistic therapy comes into play.

Each client attending Exclusive Hawaii Rehab will have access to holistic treatment options like:

  • Ocean and surf therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Nature therapy
  • Animal therapy
  • Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Gardening
  • And many, many more

The above list provides only a fraction of the potential holistic treatment options available at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. Each recovery plan is custom crafted to benefit each client, and no two plans are the same.

Creating each custom treatment plan takes a detailed intake and assessment process. We prefer getting to know each client personally to fully understand what must be provided to help them achieve comfort, security, and confidence. Besides therapy and treatment, our holistic program also features a robust meal plan that provides clients with top-tier nutrition with organic and whole-food selections.

Diet is a huge part of physical and mental healing, and each client must have an opportunity to regain strength via our nutritional program. A personal chef creates meals for all of our clients during their stay, with additional access available for snacks, drinks, holistic teas, and other healthy options.

Does My Insurance Cover a Holistic Rehab in Hawaii?

This is a topic you must take up with your insurance provider. Every insurance company is different, and only your officially licensed agent can provide you with the specific terms of your policy.

If your insurance company doesn’t provide full coverage for Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, they may still cover a portion of your treatment. Discuss in detail with your agent, expressing your desire to attend the program, and there may be steps you can take to enhance your chances of receiving coverage.

Specific grants and other programs may be available in your area that you can look into that could also provide relief.

Experience Luxury Rehab With a Custom Approach

Everything our clients experience at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is 100% custom – from the treatment to the additional activities, the meal plans, and the aftercare recommendations. This gives you the greatest chances of successfully maintaining long-term recovery, as every element is crafted entirely to meet your behavioral and psychological profile.

The holistic benefits ensure the mind and spirit receive healing, leading to a return to the life you enjoyed before substance abuse entered the picture.

For more information about our holistic treatment options, or how you can become a client of Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, contact a member of our admissions team today.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.