Adventure Therapy for Addiction

Adventure Therapy for Addiction

The peace and tranquility of nature alone can be healing. Coupled with the therapy and group activities this mixture creates bonds and healing that last a lifetime, especially given the right setting.

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, the surroundings and amenities provide just the right mix of rainforest beauty and peaceful luxury. Think of it as a hard reset for the brain and body alike.

Find out more about adventure therapy in Hawaii with our complete guide to the topic now!

What is Adventure Therapy for Addiction

More is constantly being revealed about the potential for using nature and outdoor activities in providing experiential therapy that provides effective treatment. Adventure therapies are fast becoming treatment options that clients and addiction treatment centers both turn to.

For those with all kinds of substance use disorders, adventure therapy work can make other therapies seem drab in comparison! But this isn’t to say that it can replace talk therapy or other forms of addiction treatment. Adventure therapy is better thought of as a complement to core therapies for a holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, adventure therapy can take the form of ocean therapy or simply enjoying outdoor activities on our gorgeous Big Island campus. Our evidence-based approaches work within your comfort zone to make the fun activities of daily life in Hawaii, like paddle boarding and swimming the Pacific, unique and insightful adventure therapy experiences!

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Adventure Therapy as Evidence Based (and Exciting!)

In dual diagnosis treatment or in treating mental health concerns, the efficacy of adventure therapy is proven by study after study. Whether in the form of wilderness therapy for adolescents or in treatment for adults with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, adventure therapy has been proven to work.

At Exclusive Hawaii, our adventure therapy program offers a balm for mental health disorders as well as even the most severe forms of drug addiction. More than talk therapy in the woods, our councilors are expert at using recreational activities to teach and foster self-discovery for our clients.

Our hands-on experiences have shown that adventure therapy can be a part of the benefits gained by each client who attends our facility, not simply those with a substance abuse disorder diagnosis. From alleviating depression to promoting overall mental health, this form of experiential therapy has been effective time and again.

A Truly Unique Adventure Therapy Program

A Truly Unique Adventure Therapy Program

Many treatment centers offer a form of wilderness therapy for substance abuse treatment. Or they might term their program, ‘adventure therapy for substance use disorders’. Either way, few treatment programs can offer the sort of hands-on experience with Hawaii and real adventure offered as an integral part of the landscape at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab.

With benefits that can ease anxiety and allow for immersion in the lushest habitat imaginable, there are not many places that offer support and a tradition of healing like the Pacific Islands. From waterfall hikes and rock climbing to a bespoke treatment plan built around your unique needs, the Exclusive offers adventure therapy unrivaled by other forms of treatment center.

With substance use, we are often removed from the natural consequences of our actions, never mind the natural world itself. As you develop an awareness of your connection to the outdoor world of Hawaii, you may find more than therapy: you may find a reason to stay sober that only a fortunate few get to discover.

Develop New Coping Mechanisms with Adventure Therapy

Even if the form of adventure therapy you are most comfortable with is a solo walk with your therapist and not cooperative games, it can support your self-esteem and encourage a sense of well, adventure. Even when we put aside substance use, the real treatment is only just beginning.

The development of connections with others as a part of treatment programs can be key to lasting recovery. Getting over initial anxiety and learning the benefits of community, even a small and close group of people at a luxury rehab, can be very beneficial as a form of support going forward.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

New Recovery Connections Through Outdoor Adventure

We all have behavioral issues. Taking care of the underlying causes that often underpin addiction and substance abuse disorders can make all the difference in finding long-term recovery.

Substance use and anxiety often present, along with depression, as ways of coming to terms with self-esteem and overall issues of worth and belonging. Even the most successful adults can struggle with the need for recovery from not just a substance use disorder but also the addiction to risk and escape that such indulgences provide. Coming to terms with ourselves can be one of the hardest issues in recovery.

Yet finding satisfaction and even thrill in our surroundings and through adventure therapy can happen even to those who least expect it. For those who want an exciting but evidence-based way of getting addiction treatment, adventure therapy offers just that.

Addiction Treatment Options Unique to Hawaii

Addiction Treatment Options Unique to Hawaii

From excursions to the ancient City of Refuge to swimming in the Pacific alongside pods of dolphins, the therapy at Exclusive Hawaii can arrive in the unexpected of ways.

As one of several national historic sites within driving distance for client excursions as a part of adventure therapy at the Exclusive, the City of Refuge forms both a Hawaiian cultural treasure as well a reminder of the power of forgiveness.

Hundreds of years ago in Hawaii, even the most simple transgressions were met with stark penalties and even death. But no matter their background, someone who reached the borders of the sacred City of Refuge would be rewarded with a clean slate.

From the clear parallels with addiction treatment and the need to forgive, to its rugged beauty and snorkeling on-site, this sacred ancient site stirs the hearts of clients and therapists as a powerfully symbolic one of our treatment options.

Taking Part in Adventure That Leads to Recovery

No matter which therapist leads your adventure therapy sessions at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, you can expect the feeling of challenge along with acceptance. Immersion into what you might think of as risk, such as rock climbing or ocean adventure, can end up being the most problem solving and effective experience of your entire stay!

With programs in everything from yoga therapy to adventure therapy and psychodrama exercises, the array of offerings at a holistic rehab like Exclusive Hawaii can seem dizzying at first.

But rest assured that our experienced clinical staff treats each client as part of our community as soon as you arrive. Our therapists will work with your insights and be informed by your unique life experience to deliver the therapy you need, in the form you will find most helpful.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Designed Around You

Too many addiction treatment providers equate recovery with group therapy. Nothing could be further from the truth at the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. Whether taking part in our custom Hawaiian brand of wilderness therapy, or in one of our non-12 step-based programs, our therapy offerings are based on you.

No matter the disorders you may be battling, adventure therapy at its best can be a form of problem-solving for the soul. Our clients have become like family while taking part in a form of treatment (volcano gazing anyone?) that few other treatment providers have the good fortune to offer. As a form of therapy, immersion in nature that you find meaningful has been shown, time and again, to improve both the chance of recovery and its quality.

Begin Your Recovery Adventure at a Holistic Rehab in Hawaii

The bottom line is that as long as adventure therapy programs are thoughtfully incorporated when attending any kind of drug or mental health rehabilitation, the outcome is almost always a positive one. Especially when the place in which the addiction rehab is taking place is on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a place where healing takes on a whole other meaning. The combination of beautiful scenery, state of the art treatment, both holistic and modern, and the freedom to stop stressing about your day-to-day life provides the perfect environment to truly heal and revitalize your life.

Give Exclusive Hawaii Rehab a call today to see what treatment plans they have for your options and find out about the availability of space and scheduling of your journey. Make the call today, their welcoming Intake Coordination team is ready and waiting!

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.