Non 12 Step Alcohol & Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment

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Non 12 Step Alcohol and Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Hawaii Exclusive rehab

What is Traditional 12-Step Recovery

For most industry-standard addiction treatment centers, the method that is used for healing from addiction is the 12 step, treatment model. A traditional 12 step recovery program provides patients with the same guidelines and goals to accomplish by following a specific, laid out plan of 12 steps often seen with alcoholics anonymous or other 12 step approaches such as narcotics anonymous. Patients that participate in a traditional model of 12 step recovery will follow certain guidelines that place an emphasis on a higher power or a god that guides your recovery. During a 12 step treatment recovery program, individuals are paired with peers who become their recovery sponsors to help guide them through the 12 steps. The goal of a 12 step program is to facilitate a fellowship of men and women who are working towards the same goals of addiction recovery by moving through the steps to reach a level of spiritual awakening and sobriety. 

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Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

What is The Difference Between 12 Step and Non 12 Step Rehab

A 12 step drug rehab or treatment for alcohol program has been effective for certain individuals accessing drug or alcohol rehab and shares the same goals of a non 12 step rehab program to support patients in effectively moving into life in sobriety and addiction recovery. Where the difference lies between a 12 step treatment program and non 12 step rehab program is the attention to each individual patient’s needs for healing and living in recovery. A 12 step treatment program utilizes that same model for each patient to assist them in achieving sobriety, whereas, a non 12 step program is based around each patient’s individual needs through a specific customized drug or alcohol treatment plan that is targeted to meet your healing requirements for a successful life in recovery. 

Why Choose a Non 12 Step Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment Program?

A non 12 step treatment model takes into account that each patient is different, with their own unique underlying causes that have influenced your addiction to drugs and alcohol and impacted your ability to obtain sobriety. Through various forms of addiction treatment that include traditional talk therapy, alternative therapy methods, and holistic methods of healing, patients are able to address the inner workings of their addiction and facilitate positive personal growth within all aspects of their life – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

Does Insurance Cover Non 12 Step Substance Abuse Treatment?

Non 12 step substance abuse treatment has begun to be recognized and valued within the world of addiction science and treatment for its effectiveness to treat each individual patient for the specific recovery needs and goals that you have. Most rehab centers will accept the majority of insurance companies to cover your non 12 step treatment programs, however, some treatment centers may require you to pay upfront first before submitting your claim to your insurance provider for reimbursement. 

What Are Benefits of Attending a Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment Program?

A non 12 step program is a method of addiction treatment that provides patients with the following benefits:

  • Your addiction treatment program will focus on treating you rather then focusing on your solely your addiction 
  • Individualized care that is based off of your own personal needs and goals for recovery
  • Focuses on the latest research in addiction science for methods of healing rather then placing focus on religion or a higher power 
  • Treats alcohol and drug addiction with a whole person integrated approach utilizing various methods of addiction treatment that target physical, emotional, and mental growth
  • Support patients with a cooccurring disorders to heal from their addiction and ongoing mental health or physical ailments through the addiction treatment methods of a dual diagnosis program

Are Non 12 Step & Holistic Addiction Programs The Same?

Non 12 step programs will often incorporate alternative methods of healing including holistic addiction treatment programs. There are differences between the two methods but both tend to overlap with each other. Holistic addiction programs are often paired with non 12 step treatment as they work with patients to identify behaviors and emotions that are triggering and learning methods of coping that will ease your anxieties and keep you calm and focused towards your goal of sobriety. When holistic therapy is used in conjunction with other alternative measures of healing, patients are able to develop a new life foundation that fosters their goals for living in recovery. 

Rewiring Your Brain For Success With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)has become a common staple in addiction treatment for the benefits it has on a patient’s brain functioning and rewiring your thought patterns and emotional responses to ones that align with a life in recovery  CBT teaches patients the connection between thoughts, emotions, and actions and how they impact your addictive behaviors. By diving deeper into your history with emotional turmoil and traumas, you will gain perspective on what has been at the root of your addiction. Once this has been established, you will have insight into the skills and tools you need to develop to prevent future relapse. CBT provides patients with individual therapy to gain the knowledge and insight on how to manage triggers through identifying what the initial stressor is that created a trigger, safely removing yourself from the triggering situation, individual, or emotion, and developing a set of coping tools that you can use to keep you grounded and on track for your recovery goals through methods of emotional awareness or emotional regulation. 

Can Drugs Be Used To Treat Addiction? 

The initial first step of alcohol and drug rehab is going through a medical detox program that will help you safely remove the harmful toxins of these substances from your body. As you cease your use of substances, your body and mind will experience withdrawal symptoms that can be severe and unpleasant. There are medications that can be offered to patients to assist in safe, comfortable alcohol or drug detox along with supporting patients to avoid potential relapse. 

Naltrexone- Can be used for heroin addiction or alcohol addiction. Naltrexone works to block the receptors in the brain that produce pleasurable emotions and feelings within the body after consuming a substance. For individuals treating alcohol addiction, this medication will curb any cravings for alcohol and, if consumed, individuals will feel unwell from doing so. 

Acamprosate- Targets patient’s emotional wellbeing by alleviating feelings of anxiety or depression that can arise throughout alcohol detox.

Methadone- blocks the receptors in the brain responsible for getting the user high and provides relief from moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms and easing any discomfort experienced. 

Suboxone- Similar to methadone, suboxone helps to decrease the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and helps to keep patients on the right path towards sobriety by curbing any drug cravings or urges. 

Why You Should Attend Exclusive Hawaii Rehab For Non 12 Step Rehab

Stimulus Belief Response– Establishing new methods of responses to trauma or troubling emotions that shift to positive, healthy responses to avoid future drug or alcohol abuse 

Trauma-Informed Therapy– Method of addiction treatment that looks deeper into the traumas of your past that have impacted your addiction through a careful, intentional method that ensures to avoid traumatization 

Harm Reduction– Understanding the underlying causes of your addiction and overcoming them so that you are able to moderately drink again 

Experiential Therapy– Activities that engage you physically and emotionally through hands-on experiences and adventure therapy 

Emotional Freedom Technique or Neural Tapping– Finger tapping that focuses on meridian points that will work to restore your brain functioning and energy waves to lower anxiety or depression 

Person-Centered Therapy– The focus of therapy is placed on the individual person and their needs rather than the addiction itself 

Claiming a Life Purpose– Redefining your life’s purpose that will foster your goals for life in sobriety. 

Life Contract– Make a commitment to yourself to find balance within your life through the 4 natures of a human being- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual 

Mission Therapy- Identifying what your mission and purpose in life is now that you are sober 

Journaling– Developing new coping strategies that will help you effectively process difficult emotions and situations 

Narrative Therapy– Improving your personal narratives that have impacted your beliefs and values of yourself and your capability to live a life in sobriety. 

Personal Development-  Creating a new life foundation of healthy, positive coping strategies that will assist you in a positive, fulfilling life in sobriety. 

Hawaiian Traditions- Ho’oponopono- Incorporating the traditional Hawaiian ritualistic ceremonies of healing that unite a community to resolve issues or emotions 

Nature Immersion– Indulging in the nature around you to increase connection with nature and yourself and empower you to find the change you want to see within yourself

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.