Are You in California Looking for Addiction Treatment?

California has long been synonymous with celebrities, a laid-back approach to life, and a haven for those looking for an alternative lifestyle – or want acceptance. While California delivers all these things, it’s also made it a hub for substance abuse, leading to an explosion in the number of addiction treatment centers in the state. It’s even worth considering that the best rehab center in California may be a short flight away.

In some areas of California, the number of rehab centers per capita dwarfs the statistics of other areas – especially in Southern California. Malibu, in particular, is known for having the most luxury rehabs in the world. In general, Los Angeles county holds an incredibly high number of drug or alcohol addiction rehab centers. And while it’s great to have so many options for addiction treatment – it can be difficult to weed out the pretenders.

So, what’s the best substance abuse treatment center in California? The answer to this is extremely difficult to narrow down to a single facility. But what if the best substance abuse addiction treatment center for your needs wasn’t even in California? What if it existed in the middle of the Pacific – a short plane ride west if you’re leaving from LAX.

In this article, we’ll look at the best rehab center in California – regardless of whether it’s in the state or out of state, by giving a breakdown of all that Exclusive Hawaii Rehab can offer!

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

The Best California Addiction Treatment: In Hawaii

Traveling for rehab or substance abuse treatment isn’t a new idea – for years, one of the primary methods of receiving substance abuse treatment would be to go out of state. At least for those who lived in less densely populated states that lacked larger city centers like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other large metropolis-like cities in the US.

Before the opioid epidemic, there was a marked lack of substance abuse treatment options. If you lived in a state that wasn’t directly plagued by a drug addiction of epidemic proportions – chances were high that you traveled out of state to receive quality care.

This isn’t saying that there weren’t rehab centers in these other states – because there were. However, many of them were state-funded and were very crudely put together with a shoestring budget that lacked top-of-the-line care. To be honest, most of these facilities were reserved for court-ordered rehab cases, and maybe a few people couldn’t put a trip together to find a quality treatment facility.

Modern Rehab Centers

Currently, there’s a much larger amount of mental health services and rehab centers nationwide. There’s also a methadone treatment facility in almost every small-to-mid-sized town, and the options are far greater than in years past. However, it’s still common practice to travel and receive the most well-reviewed forms of drug addiction counseling and mental health services.

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we receive clients from out of state year round – especially those who were looking for California drug rehab centers – mostly residents of the Golden State.

But what should YOU look for if you’re searching for the best California drug rehab centers? What are some of the most important features and characteristics of a rehab center that tips you off on top-level quality? Let’s look into what makes the best rehab centers.

What Makes Up the Best Rehab Centers In California?

What Makes Up the Best Rehab Centers In California?

A Comprehensive Diagnosis and Personalized Treatment Plan

Reliable and valid screening for a variety of substance use disorders and related problems, as well as other physical or mental health conditions, is the first step in finding the best addiction treatment for an alcohol or other drug use disorder. After this step, the person’s medical and mental health records, family and friends, and other support systems, as well as their own recovery outlook, are evaluated.

These efforts evaluate a client’s openness to change and help unearth the interconnected aspects affecting the client’s functioning and existence. This thorough evaluation can help ensure that no vital components of the client’s life, such as trauma or chronic pain, are overlooked or undervalued, which could otherwise hinder the client’s chances of a full and speedy recovery.

The Best Rehab Centers In California Have Long-Term Treatment Plans

There is no quick fix for substance abuse problems, just as there is no “one size fits all” treatment center. It will take time for clients to benefit from any treatment center program. Since longer treatment periods typically yield the best results, you should go elsewhere if the California rehab center you’re considering pressures you to leave sooner than you’re comfortable with.

Inpatient treatment periods often last between 30 and 90 days, whether at the best rehab center in California or anywhere in the US. It’s important to note that there are specialized forms of inpatient rehab that last even longer, but these are the exception. There is some leeway in the structure of outpatient programs, but clients should feel confident that they will receive care for as long as they require it.

Provides Insight and Answers Questions Regarding Treatment Options

Don’t go with a drug rehab facility whose priority isn’t answering your questions. Naturally, drug rehab centers are hectic places, and staff members don’t have time to give tours and answer questions about every aspect of the rehab facility. But if you feel rejected or get a lot of pushback on the questions we’ve laid out here, that should raise red flags.

During the intake process, you should have numerous chances to ask questions and receive clear answers regarding treatment options. The specifics of this procedure are likely to vary from one drug rehab to the next, as well as with the precise treatment modality you choose. However, regardless of the specifics of the intake procedure, there should be sufficient time for questioning. Don’t be afraid to explore various options when it comes to drug treatment centers in California if you feel like you’re not getting honest answers.

The Best Drug Addiction Treatment Facilities Won’t Make False Promises

Addiction is a disease that cannot be treated overnight. That is not something you should be offered by drug or alcohol addiction treatment. You should be wary of any centers that assure you of rapid and significant improvement with seemingly little investment of time or energy on your part. You must ensure that you are having reasonable discussions.

However, rehab facilities shouldn’t doubt their own abilities when it comes to drug treatment options. Displaying positive outcomes and high success rates is not exaggerating if there is evidence to support them.

Provides All Necessary Amenities and Mental Health Treatment

Provides All Necessary Amenities

To avoid misinterpretation, please read the following sentence carefully. Our point is not to imply that the only effective drug rehabilitation facilities are those with the highest price tags. A large number of reliable drug rehabilitation facilities just offer fundamental services. The important thing is to check that the available options are suitable for your needs and that they are clean and secure.

If you’re looking for inpatient rehab drug treatment clinics, where you’ll be staying the night for a month or more, this can be extremely helpful information to have. You should make sure it’s a place you can spend that much time in with some degree of ease. Some facilities that call themselves the best rehab center in California are costly, but without the results and amenities that Exclusive Hawaii offers.

As you might expect, the first concern should be the quality of care you receive. Having a comfortable lifestyle is not required. It’s important to check out the facilities in advance to ensure your comfort, though.

Our Combined Methods of Treatment

Co-occurring psychiatric illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, and other medical issues, such as hepatitis C, alcoholic liver disease, or sexually transmitted diseases, are not uncommon among individuals undergoing therapy.

Programs should use holistic methods that address these supplementary issues head-on, or else actively connect clients to the services they require. If the client as a whole is treated, the chances of full recovery and maintenance from the addiction are increased.

Positive Environment

Ideally, the treatment program would have a higher quality atmosphere, but it should be at least on par with those found in other medical facilities (e.g., oncology or diabetes care). Although palm trees and plush mattresses aren’t necessary, you should nonetheless anticipate a spotless, well-lit, upbeat, and restful space.

Substance use disorders must be handled with the same degree of seriousness and allocated resources for client care as other chronic ailments if this program is to be successful. Patients with substance use disorders may benefit greatly from a polite and dignified setting, since they may feel they have lost both in the midst of their illness.

Involvement of Family When Appropriate

Involvement of Family When Appropriate

The client’s likelihood of completing therapy and maintaining treatment gains after treatment has concluded is improved when the client’s significant other and loved ones are involved in the treatment process. Family members can strengthen the entire family system and cope with and adapt to the changes that occur in the family system in recovery by using techniques to clarify family roles, reframe behavior, teach management skills, encourage monitoring and boundary setting, re-intervention plans, and help them access community services.

Encouraging Clients to Finish Treatment

In the first month of treatment for addiction, around 50% of clients drop out. Dropout worsens results, thus it’s important to take steps to increase participation and retention. Among these is making sure everyone involved in the program is on the same page with regard to the rules, regulations, and expectations for the program.

Providing patient-centered, compassionate counseling is another way that treatment programs can help keep clients, whether at the ‘best rehab in California,’ or at our acclaimed facilities in Hawaii. They can then be rewarded for their sustained participation and sobriety with the help of motivating incentives.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Practice Evidence-Based Therapy

Services provided by programs that are grounded on scientific research and ideas and are providing the current “best practices” are more likely to be successful. These should not only include psychotherapy, but also the availability of FDA-approved drugs for addiction (such as buprenorphine/naloxone, methadone, naltrexone/depot naltrexone, acamprosate) (e.g., SSRIs, etc.).

Efficient, Effective, and Well-Trained Staff

Addiction, medicine, psychiatry, and spirituality are only a few of the areas covered by a multi-disciplinary team, and identifying and addressing these underlying needs can greatly benefit a client’s functional and mental health throughout and after addiction treatment. Program quality is typically indicative of the presence of faculty with advanced degrees and appropriate licensure or board certification in the relevant fields.

Further, once or twice weekly for outpatient programs and three to five times weekly for residential and inpatient programs, professional supervision and team meetings are required.

Accommodate Clients of All Backgrounds

Accommodate Clients of All Backgrounds

Individualized comprehensive screening and evaluation should lead to programs that treat each client as a unique individual with specific requirements. One therapy method cannot possibly be effective for every person.

The best treatment programs take into account individual differences, such as those between men and women, between adolescents and adults, and between members of different minority communities (such as the LGBT community or people of different cultural backgrounds), and then develop treatment and recovery plans that cater to those differences while also taking into account the strengths and recovery resources already available to each individual.

Reliable Tracking and Measurement

Having valid and reliable measurement techniques to track clients’ reaction to therapy is another sign of high-quality care. Addiction treatment programs should gather “addiction and mental health vital signs” to monitor the success or failure of the tailored treatment plan and make adjustments as necessary, just like hypertension treatment routinely assesses blood pressure at each check-up. It is challenging to quantify and demonstrate patients’ development in the absence of any form of standardized measures.

Accreditation and Certification

Minimum levels of evidence-based care must be provided by programs licensed by the state and accredited by external regulatory organizations like the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO; aka “the Joint Commission”), the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), and the Council on Accreditation (COA).

In order to ensure that the treatment program is providing high-quality care, it must be licensed or accredited and subject to random audits of its clinical operations. Even the best rehab center in California would find it hard to match the levels of accreditation and commitment to continuous improvement as shown at Exclusive Hawaii!

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, You Can Find the Best Rehab Center for California Residents

We may not technically be in California, but at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we believe we provide the best treatment options for California residents. We’re just a short flight away.

By using a holistic approach to treatment, we’ve achieved high levels of success in treating clients from all over California. Depending on your specific situation, we’re certain we have a program that will accommodate you.

For more information on how you can enroll in our services, contact a member of our Intake Coordination staff today for a confidential discussion of your options for recovery with us!