Jennifer Weinert

Jennifer Weinert


Whether you’re a full yogi or a newbie, you’ll love Jennifer’s kind and patient guidance.

A certified Purna Yoga Instructor with over 2,000 hours of professional training, Jennifer has been practicing yoga for over 23 years. She always stays up-to-date by attending different yoga trainings and workshops with specific themes. She also has extensive knowledge in the use of Therapeutic Yoga.

Her biggest wish for clients is, “That clients will learn the power of choice. That through the exceptional program offered at The Exclusive, they will learn tools to help them navigate life’s challenges. That upon completion of the program, clients will use these tools and live the unique, meaningful lives they were destined to live.“

A resident of the island since 1982 (and married nearly as long!) Jennifer simply adores the island’s vastness and beauty. After raising their two children on island, Jennifer’s son continues to live on their land, farming and regenerating it, while her daughter is an ER nurse in Colorado.