Ashley Warner

Ashley Warner

Massage Therapist LMT

Ashley Warner

Licensed Massage Therapist, Housekeeper

Ashley holds two very different, but equally important, job titles at the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, she uses various bodywork techniques to calm the mind and relieve tension while stimulation healing within the body. In the past, Ashley owned her own private massage therapy practice on Oahu and has many years of experience in helping clients through therapeutic massage.

Massage therapy is quite beneficial for mental health healing, as well as addiction recovery, and an integral part to any holistic rehabilitation program. It can not only help with various aches and pains associated with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse detox, but also help clients reconnect with their body and help release biochemicals that decrease cortisol and stress.

Her other job position is as housekeeper, which she strives to provide a clean, organized environment to promote a feeling of safety, comfort, and enjoyment throughout the client’s stay. She also holds a degree in Hospitality Management Operations.

Ashley’s education and experience, as well as her hardworking, compassionate, and caring nature, makes her a great asset to Exclusive Hawaii Rehab’s program. Her biggest wish for clients in recovery is for them to find healing and peace within themselves.

Her inspiration from the ocean, the sun and being outside, so when she is not working, one place you can find her is surfing.  She also enjoys Jiu Jitsu and cooking.