Aaron Nelson

Aaron Nelson

Therapeutic Mentor (BFA, CRM II, QMHA-R)

Aaron’s biggest wish for our clients is: “To come to believe in a sustainable solution to their struggles, and learn that they can have freedom from their addictions through mindful awareness and changing behaviors.”

As a therapeutic peer mentor, Aaron can be seen in many different roles at our center: mentoring clients in their recovery process, assisting in off-site experiences and appointments, and planning post-discharge plans with clients.

All the while, Aaron is collaborating with each client and the rest of our therapy team to build the most effective treatment plan for them possible.

Aaron is a certified Recovery Mentor II and is registered as a Qualified Mental Health Associate. He also has completed Tier 1 & 2 service trainings through STAR Behavioral Health Providers for military service and families.

When not at work, Aaron likes to explore (both inwardly and outwardly), kayak, go diving, and play with his furry friend.