Holistic Rehab Oregon

For a small percentage of the population who attempt substance abuse treatment, the first inpatient or outpatient treatment program produces long-term success. However, for many clients, abstinence is temporary, and relapse gets the best of them.

Many of these individuals end up in a perpetual cycle of substance abuse, treatment, and relapse, often repeating the same programs repeatedly. So, what is the solution in situations where traditional forms of treatment aren’t effective?

Many people believe the answer lies in holistic forms of substance abuse treatment. Otherwise known as integrated therapy, these holistic rehabs include elements of every vital part of the human mind, body, and soul, offering a comprehensive solution that can lead to complete and total healing.

How is a Holistic Rehab Different Than a Traditional Rehab?

Holistic Rehab session

There are different approaches to treating chemical dependency addictions and lifestyle choices in holistic and traditional rehabilitation programs. These methodologies focus on treating chronic chemical dependency directly and effectively using a proactive, comprehensive approach.

Many clients at rehabilitation facilities use a substance as an emotional crutch for a long time. Drug rehab programs typically use a disease model to treat addictions, provide medical and educational services to the client, and address the symptoms of substance abuse. This is the typical standard model of substance abuse treatment.

In the case of holistic rehabs, substance abuse disorders are caused by imbalance and disharmony in an individual’s life, and the term ‘dis-ease’ (not disease) is used to describe them. This principle is based on an approach to drug rehabilitation based on the client’s needs.

According to traditional rehabilitation, many people are predisposed to addiction because of biological or chemical factors. An integrated approach uses this concept to assess an individual’s dis-ease. It seeks to restore their internal and external balance through whichever method and combination of therapy suit them best.

Looking at Whole Person Health in Addiction Treatment

Most traditional programs begin with a diagnosis, which all participants receive upon entry. Usually, patients who reside in substance abuse treatment programs suffer from chronic relapses, as highlighted in the intro.

Traditional residential treatment programs may have participants with dual diagnoses, which means they have both chemical dependency and additional psychiatric issues. Individuals may have a dual diagnosis of alcoholism, chemical dependency, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or panic disorder.

Due to these diseases, individuals with these conditions may have difficulty coping with the demands of daily life, including employment. Each participant receives psychiatric counseling, medication therapy, and information about their situation.

Traditional and holistic treatments share the same goals. These two drug rehabilitation plans aim to eliminate chemical dependency and offer long-term solutions.

Traditional programs begin with a diagnosis for each participant. As an individual with a mind, body, and spirit, holistic programs treat the whole person holistically. There is an interdependence between these individual and personal development areas that is the foundation of holistic treatment plans.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

The Unique Properties of a Holistic Rehab in Hawaii

Progressive psychotherapies, such as acupuncture, motivational interviewing, nutritional counseling, and dialectic behavior therapies, are employed to treat a patient’s obsessive-compulsive disorder. In addition to life skills training, addiction education, nutrition planning, and confidence building, progressive psychotherapies can include relapse prevention and relapse prevention therapies. In residential therapy plans for individuals, fitness programs are often included.

Chemical dependency clients often require a combination of intervention and recovery programs, which is why in-house treatment is usually recommended. Often, chronic users of chemical substances have significant dependencies on those substances, and they need to be far away from the people and places in which they developed them.

Participants can fully engage in the treatment instruction and start living without chemical substances with a residency or guest house program that reduces distractions. Residents of guest houses, also known as sober living facilities, are supervised 24 hours a day so they can learn how to stop using mood-altering drugs. Each client can learn how to deal with the challenges of life in a proactive manner.

Nutrition Therapy at a Holistic Rehab

Nutrition Therapy

Nutritional planning and education can also be included in these rehabilitation plans. All treatment programs provide balanced meals. The use of hypnosis and health spas can be incorporated into holistic drug rehabilitation. Among the treatments offered at health spas are steam rooms, saunas, and cold-water bathtubs, all of which are used to aid cellular detoxification.

To summarize, holistic rehab promotes a healthier lifestyle by motivating a client. When clients frequently relapse from drugs or alcohol, holistic treatment is often recommended. Drug rehab residential guest programs frequently house dual diagnosis clients. A complete recovery is achieved by replacing the euphoric effects of drugs and alcohol with a productive and healthy lifestyle. In traditional programs, the end goal is similar to that of holistic programs, but the method is disease and medical-based.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at a Holistic Rehab

Addiction recovery can be complicated and overwhelming without the burden of a dual diagnosis. Still, rehabilitation may seem like an impossible journey for men and women struggling with mental illness and addictive tendencies. To provide dual-diagnosis care in these circumstances, it is essential to seek the expertise of a facility with dual-diagnosis programs.

Clients suffering from co-occurring addictions and mental illnesses can receive a full range of therapeutic, holistic, and medical care at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. Our therapists and practitioners create individualized treatment plans for substance abuse and mental health management, and we have extensive experience with mental wellness and substance abuse. In addition to addressing secondary health issues that complicate substance abuse, we also use traditional and holistic therapies.

Meditation - Dual Diagnosis Treatment at a Holistic Rehab

Most mental disorders require supervised psychotherapeutic medications, but we also offer alternatives. During detox, active recovery, and aftercare, clients may benefit from holistic recovery options such as:

  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy)
  • Equine Therapy
  • Surf Therapy
  • Journaling
  • Nature Immersion Therapy
  • And more.

What Are the Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Addiction?

Compassion towards oneself can also be shown through proper nutrition. Several addiction rehabilitation treatment centers provide nutritional advice and healthy food.

Several factors contribute to poor nutrition in people with addictions. Among them are:

  • Their appetites are reduced or increased by substances
  • Eating unhealthy food due to cravings
  • Their teeth are damaged as a result of substances they consume, making it difficult for them to eat
  • Instead of buying food, you spend money on alcohol or drugs
  • Deficits in vitamins and minerals caused by substance abuse

The prevalence of malnourishment and weight loss in addiction is due to these factors. According to a study, many clients have mild to moderate malnutrition in detoxification programs.

Snacks and healthy food are served in rehabilitation centers. Substance abuse treatment facilities might hire professionals who will help patients regain the strength they’ve lost through addiction by assisting them in eating nutritiously.

They provide such assistance because good nutrition promotes healthy bodies and brains as well as good moods. A well-rounded diet is essential during substance abuse recovery and is an often underrated dynamic.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Who Might Not Want to Attend a Holistic Hawaiian Rehab?

Holistic rehab methods have proven effective for many demographics, providing relief for clients from all walks of life. However, regardless of its successful track record, specific individuals might not be the best candidates for holistic substance abuse treatment.

Consider the following people who might not make the best clients:

  • Individuals with a closed mind regarding holistic methods of treatment
  • People who have trouble working in groups
  • Anyone unwilling to participate in outdoor activities
  • Anyone who isn’t willing to invest in themselves or invest in their recovery

Except for the personality types listed above, anyone with a substance abuse issue could potentially become a success story at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. Many clients fly in from Portland, Oregon, and surrounding areas to attend our rehab.

The average Oregon resident is already receptive to holistic concepts and other activities synonymous with the term holistic, making them excellent candidates to experience successful recovery during their stint here.

Traveling from Portland and Oregon for a Truly Holistic Rehab


Traveling from Portland to Oregon for a genuinely holistic rehab isn’t much of a stretch for Rose City locals. Other areas in Oregon have also been home to multiple clients, including Eugene, Salem, Albany, Vernonia, St. Helens, and Astoria.

By nature, a large percentage of Oregon residents are receptive to holistic forms of treatment and all-inclusive forms of therapy, medicine, and other disciplines that benefit from an all-natural approach. In addition, Oregon locals are no strangers to outdoor activities, as the state ranks high in outdoor recreation and tourist attractions.

The final element that makes Oregon such an ideal state for delivering residents to Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is the distance. Compared to the rest of the United States, Oregon is within reasonable travel distance from Hawaii, only requiring a short plane trip to arrive on the Islands.

The final base to cover is the question of having insurance coverage to pay for treatment. Depending on your provider, a portion or all of your stay.

Does Insurance Cover Treatment at a Holistic Rehab in Hawaii?

There is a vast number of insurance providers that specialize in substance abuse treatment alone. However, this doesn’t mean they automatically provide coverage for holistic treatment options.

The level of uncertainty regarding whether certain insurance carriers cover this form of treatment is caused by the lack of holistic methods receiving the designation of being evidence-based. While this is a common assumption among the uninitiated, the fact is that most of the reputable and effective forms of holistic therapy are evidence-based, delivering provable results during clinical trials.

Treatment methods like equine, surf, and dolphin therapy have significant documented clinical evidence regarding their effectiveness. The research was conducted on several occasions, with conclusive evidence regarding the benefits of these forms of treatment.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Getting the Best of All Worlds to Help Your Healing Journey

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we understand that sometimes it takes a combination of various treatment models to obtain successful results. For years rehabs have utilized a one-size-fits-all approach for substance abuse treatment, only to produce lackluster results and a high rate of relapse cases.

We’re dedicated to finding the right combination of therapy to create a personalized treatment plan that leads our clients to nothing less than success. To find out how you can become our next success story, contact a member of our Intake team today.