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Our private grounds, luxury setting, and holistic approach to treatment help you to relax, rediscover your authentic self and heal the root causes of addiction.

  • Individualized Treatment
  • Private, 8-Bed Residential Program
  • Safe, Medically-Supervised Detox
  • Located on the Beautiful Big Island of Hawaii
  • Insurance Accepted

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Real deep level effectiveness, excellent caring staff, unique and life changing program. This program is different than anything else out there. It really helped us address the deepest underlying issues to make permanent changes in our lives.

Dr. Ken Jeremiah

Dr. Ken Jeremiah PGA (Author and Television Personality)
The staff, therapists, doctors, and patients at the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab are incredible. With ocean and volcano views and constant support, this facility helped me completely. I highly recommend it.”


We researched many treatment centers and thanks to you, I’m so glad that we selected Exclusive Hawaii Rehab for my wife’s alcohol addiction. The 30 days at your facility for her was incredible!

She absolutely loved the staff and the facility. They really took good care of her. I was apprehensive when she first went there but talking with her and hearing how good she was being treated and sounded gave me relief.

She has now been alcohol free for two months ~ 30 days at the center and 30 days back home. She is doing incredibly well. She’s back to being her normal, happy, positive self again.

Thank you Exclusive Hawaii Rehab!


The Exclusive excels at customized experiential therapeutic work, which focuses on the underlying issues of the substance abuse. The center is like a loving family; all the staff care deeply about their work.


Beautiful, serene property and cozy home. Every meal is made to order, with love and is so amazing. The staff are the most committed, loving, kind, people who are doing what they were born for.


These folks are the best in their field, and the facilities are incredible.

#1 Drug Rehab in O'ahu

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab O’ahu, we believe that each patient that walks through our door is unique and deserves to focus on their recovery in a luxury drug rehab. As one of three treatment centers in Hawaii, we provide each person with an individualized treatment program with opportunities to take in the healing, tranquil essence of O’ahu. Through our holistic therapeutic measures, your treatment will focus on healing your body, mind, and soul. 

Our compassionate team believes that you are more than a label of an addict. Labels create negative stigmas that only fuel your addictive behaviors further. We see addiction as a multifaceted issue that stems from past memories and traumas. No one wakes up deciding that they want to be an addict. It is the result of unresolved emotional pain and negative core beliefs that many avoid feeling through substance use. Our goal for when you are with us is to empower you to see your true potential and self-worth. By releasing the shame and fear that are associated with addiction, you will begin to recognize the joys in life by learning how to love yourself again and, most importantly, practicing self-forgiveness. The power that shame can have over you is crippling and only serves to prevent you from being able to move forward and enjoy your life around you. Our therapeutic team will work alongside you to help bring light to the wonderful traits that you have. 

Our non 12 step method of treatment will encourage a new way of life through learning skills to increase your ability to manage potential stressors and triggers that occur in your recovery. When you are actively using, your ability to manage stress and triggers is typically affected and can result in heightened responses or lack of ability to react in fight or flight situations. Through these holistic measures of treatment, you will increase your emotional intelligence and awareness. 


  • Core Belief Restructuring (CBR): Addiction is fuelled by our inner beliefs and perceptions of ourselves. Many negative core beliefs that we have been created from past memories and traumas have shaped how we identify with ourselves. Our therapists will work with you to dig deep to uncover the root causes of these beliefs. Once you are able to identify them, you will be able to begin the work of restructuring how you perceive your true worth. With a newfound sense of self, you will recognize your own self-worth and create new core beliefs that highlight your capabilities 
  • Emotional Fluidity: Many struggles with recognizing and identifying their emotions. Emotional fluidity will provide you insight into your emotions and give you the ability to learn how to process and properly feel your emotions. Addiction is driven by an inability to properly process our feelings and look for other means to avoid and suppress our feelings. Working with your counselor, you will be able to learn skills to broaden your emotional intelligence and strengthen your emotional regulation abilities. 
  • Trauma therapy: Many who struggle with addiction have a history of unresolved trauma. You will have access to different trauma therapies that will assist in coping with these memories and managing the traumatic responses that can occur. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) has you go through a traumatic incident while following the guidance of your therapist using rapid eye movement. Through rapid eye movement, you will begin to make new connections within your brain to reframe the traumatic event and lessen the traumatic response that follows.  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) applies neural tapping when you are experiencing anxiety or fear. Through neural tapping, you will be able to process the feelings and alleviate the triggering feelings. 
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Mental health and addiction can often go hand in hand. Often when you are using drugs it can heighten the symptoms for mental health or the symptoms that occur with mental health can lead people to turn to drugs to minimize what they are experiencing. 

Our picturesque location overlooks the view of the pacific ocean, lush Hawaiian vegetation, and a stunning view of Mauna Kea. a dormant, snow-capped volcano, in the distance. Our rehab center fosters a sense of peace and serenity as you immerse yourself in the nature and beauty of O’ahu. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Types of Drug Addictions We Treat

Exclusive Hawaii rehab – O’ahu specializes in creating individual detox and rehab programs for each person that enters our facility. When you enter into our program, you will meet with our medical director, a naturopathic doctor, to discuss your history of using drugs, medical conditions, and predisposing health conditions. Once your history has been collected, a personalized detox plan will be created. You will be given the option of having medication, if necessary, to aid in your detox process and decrease any feelings of being uncomfortable. Our naturopathic doctor will provide you with natural supplements that will increase any deficiencies that you have while also providing you relief for your detox symptoms. 

Our team is trained and able to support you in detoxing and completing treatment for the following drugs:

  • Heroin 
  • Cocaine 
  • Crack 
  • Methamphetamines 
  • Benzodiazepines 
  • Oxycontin 
  • MDMA (Ecstasy) 
  • Marijuana 
  • Painkillers-  Opiates/opioids 
  • Prescription drugs 

As you go through your detox, our caring nurses will be checking in with you frequently to ensure your comfort and safety. Preparing to enter into detox can create anxiety within some, not to worry, our medical team is knowledgeable on the detox process and will be by your side the whole way through. Once you complete your detox process, you are able to move into your personalized rehab program. 

Heroin Rehab

Heroin use has been sweeping the country and is still a growing concern for many. Heroin is a highly addictive substance that can have intense withdrawal symptoms if not managed properly with medical supervision. Preparing to enter into heroin rehab, many wonder what their detox process and rehab program will be like. 

The symptoms of heroin withdrawal have been graphically depicted in the media which can create fear for what your individual detox process will entail. Your symptoms will be dependent on the length of time you have been using heroin, the amount used, and the level of dosage used. Withdrawal symptoms will typically occur for up to 7 days with the peak of symptoms happening between 1-3 days. Withdrawal symptoms can range from: 

  • Muscle aches
  • Joint pain 
  • Chills 
  • Tremors
  • Nausea 
  • Increase urges to use heroin 
  • Increased heart rate 
  • Digestion complications 

Our medical team will provide you with medications to help taper you off of heroin comfortably. You will be provided with herbal supplements that will increase any deficiencies you may have while also targeting any discomfort you feel. Heroin detox will be medically supervised and revised each day to meet your needs with adjustments being made as you continue to feel better. 

Once you are in heroin rehab, we will work alongside you to release any shame that you are feeling around your addiction. Many enter into heroin use accidentally by trying to manage the pain that they are feeling and then finding themselves being stuck in the whirlwind of detox symptoms, that when you try to manage on your own can quickly become overwhelming. Our trusted counselors and medical team will provide you with not only support for physically removing heroin from your body but also give you the emotional support needed as you begin to get to know yourself outside of using heroin. 

You will have access to our holistic treatment methods that will highlight the importance of taking care of yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually, in order to create a healthy new way of living. As you participate in methods like Experiential Engagement Therapy (EET), bodywork sessions, and individual and group counseling sessions, you will feel the difference that a holistic treatment method will provide. 

Cocaine Rehab in O'ahu

Cocaine came on the scene in the 1980s and since then has been a constant in an executive and celebrity lifestyle. Long-term cocaine use can create significant health problems if it is not treated and removed from your life. Although cocaine withdrawal typically does not have fatal results, our team works to ensure that you are feeling at ease throughout the process and will continue to check in with you as you detox. The withdrawal symptoms can affect someone’s mental health and our team of therapists will be providing you with the emotional care you need as cocaine leaves your body. Some withdrawal symptoms that can occur for some people are: 

  • Muscle pain
  • Tremors 
  • Chills 
  • Mood Swings 
  • Unpleasant or vivid dreams
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Strong cravings for cocaine 

Throughout your detox, your customized detox plan will be tailored to meet your needs as they change and develop through your detox process. Our nurses will check in with you each day to assess where you are at and make necessary adjustments to your plan. 

Once you complete your cocaine detox, you will engage in the specialized rehab program that has been designed especially for you. You will have options of choosing how long your rehab program will be. There are options of 30, 60, or 90 days. Understanding your desire for using cocaine and what is the driving force for your use will facilitate your ability to heal. As you gain an understanding of the compounding issues that have arisen and fuelled your stress, our therapeutic team will incorporate new skills for managing the multi-faceted layers of stress in an executive’s life that you can use, not only in treatment but in your day to day life. Healing comes when you are able to redefine who you are and create everlasting change. 

Oxy Rehab in O'ahu

Many who enter into an oxy dependency do so without planning on it and originally start using oxy’s to manage pain that you were experiencing. The highly addictive components of oxy then quickly lead you down a path you didn’t see coming. We understand that there you may have medical concerns that require methods of pain management to allow you to function in your day-to-day life. Our medical team will get to know your individual circumstance and medical history to help formulate a detox plan that is conducive to your health concerns and individual needs. Our experienced team will work to keep you comfortable as you detox from oxy. Withdrawal symptoms that can occur for some are :

  • Nausea 
  • Insomnia 
  • Irritability 
  • Muscle and joint pain/cramps 
  • Lack of appetite 
  • Increased heart rate/ high blood pressure 
  • Strong urges for drug use 
  • Chills/cold sweats 

You will not be alone during your detox process. Our nurses will be checking in with you frequently to ensure your comfort and provide any emotional support that you need as you allow your body to release the toxins from the oxy. Once you are feeling better, you will transition into your personal rehab program. 

Meth Rehab in O'ahu

The use of methamphetamines has been on the rise in the United States. With its easy accessibility and dangerous chemical makeup, it has become a rising concern for many Americans. Your detox plan is tailored to meet your needs as you remove the toxins of meth from your body. Meth detox is typically not fatal but can produce uncomfortable symptoms. Our physicians and nurses are well versed in how to effectively plan a detox for someone who has been using meth. Withdrawal symptoms you may feel are:

  • Anxiety
  • Strong urges for using 
  • Increased appetite 
  • Muscle/joint pains
  • Dehydration 
  • Psychosis 

You will not only be supported by our medical team but also have access to counselors that will work with you to ensure you are feeling stable and calm within your detox process. You will have our staff alongside you throughout the whole process. Once you are feeling better, you will have access to all of the great holistic treatment methods available to help you gain insight into the root causes of your addiction while creating new healthy self-care routines in your daily living.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Benzo Rehab in O'ahu

Benzodiazepines are commonly prescribed to patients that are experiencing feelings of anxiety or exhibiting signs of insomnia. When used properly, they can be helpful tools to manage these conditions, however, if used incorrectly they can have users experiencing feelings similar to a sedative. If you have been using benzos outside of the prescribed amount they can become highly addictive and can lead users to feel stuck within the cycle of addiction. Our team of therapists and medical professionals will work alongside you to help you detox from benzos while also creating a specialized plan for your rehab and recovery that will aid in your ability to manage feelings of anxiety or bouts of insomnia that avoids a route of chemical dependency. 

It is important to participate in a medically supervised detox that will monitor your withdrawal symptoms as they arise and keep you comfortable. Some withdrawal symptoms you may experience are: 

  • Restlessness
  • Nausea 
  • Blurred vision 
  • Anxiety 
  • Insomnia 
  • Mood swings 
  • Decreased appetite
  • Difficulty concentrating 
  • Drug cravings 

Once you complete your detox program, you will transition into your benzo rehab program. The holistic methods that are offered will help to give you a better understanding of how to manage feelings of anxiety through holistic measures that don’t require turning to chemicals to provide mood stability. Our therapeutic team will provide you with tools and techniques that you can continue to use even after leaving our facility. 

Prescription Drug Rehab in O'ahu

Prescription drug use is common among many Americans. With lots of users looking for ways to self-medicate and escape feelings of pain and anxiety that they are feeling. Most don’t set out to create a chemical dependency with the prescriptions they are using but rather are looking for a quick means to escape from the hurt they are in at that moment. Addiction to these chemicals can arise suddenly and many find themselves down the hole of addiction before they know it. 

While you are in our program, we will teach you methods to effectively work with your mental health or pain concerns through holistic treatments and move you away from solely relying on prescription drugs to maintain a level of ‘normalcy’. Our medical team will get to know your history with prescription drug use, mental health history, and any predisposing medical concerns to ensure that your detox and rehab plan will help eliminate your dependency, learn alternative effective mental health management and provide you with the emotional breakthrough of understanding the root causes of your addictive behaviors.

Discreet Rehab Center in O'ahu

Entering into treatment is a personal decision that requires your privacy and dignity to be maintained as you begin on your road to healing. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab O’ahu is located on a remote, 30-acre estate that is away from the view of the public and surrounded by a walled perimeter to facilitate an environment of personal growth and vulnerability. As high net worth and high profile individuals, you want to feel secure in knowing that your journey is your own and not going to be made public through the paparazzi or people peering in. Our facility is designed to keep any onlookers away and our protocols within our program ensure your anonymity. 


Exclusive & Secure Addiction Treatment in O'ahu

As executives and celebrities, you are used to having the public interested in what you are doing and going to any lengths to find out. Exclusive O’ahu has your privacy is our top priority. We have carefully hired security staff, who are onsite 24 hours a day,  that have been screened to ensure they are able to meet your need of discretion while you are with us. Additionally, there are security monitoring cameras that are located throughout our property to ensure that we have eyes on the premises to maintain the level of security needed. 

While you are in the safety of our program, you will be offered exclusive means of treatment that will have you connecting with the gorgeous Hawaiian landscape that surrounds you. Through our experiential methods of treatment you are invited to participate in:

  • Swimming and snorkeling in the pacific ocean 
  • Dolphin therapy 
  • Surf therapy 
  • Equine therapy 
  • Music or art therapy 
  • Hiking an awe-inspiring active volcano 
  • Walking through breathtaking botanical gardens 
  • Enjoy the tranquility of Exclusive Hawaii Rehab – O’ahu walking along the paved pathways throughout our property

Our holistic focus of treatment also offers you chances to participate in bodywork sessions to foster physical self-care and incorporate natural ways of managing feelings of stress, anxiety, or fear. You can choose to participate in all or some of these activities :

  • Reiki 
  • Acupuncture 
  • Massage therapy 
  • Yoga
  • Guided meditation 
  • Sessions on conscious breathing 
  • Craniosacral therapy 
  • Body sculpting classes 
  • Individual nutritional coaching 
  • Mindfulness practices 
  • Emotional regulation skill building 

O'ahu Drug Rehab For High Net Worth Individuals & Celebrities

As someone that is used to living in the limelight, you want to know that you won’t be entering into a crowded treatment center that has a large number of patients from all walks of life. While you are working on yourself, you need an environment where you can put aside your public image and focus on the true you while you are able to be vulnerable. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab – O’ahu was created for like-minded individuals that are coming from a high-profile lifestyle. 

Our 8-bed facility creates a quaint, supportive cohort of patients that are able to connect with one another on the challenges that you face within an executive life. Oftentimes, in the depths of your addiction, you become isolated from others and can lose sight of the importance of human connection. Our goal is to help facilitate a space that allows you to see the strength that can come when you create a supportive community around you.

First Class Amenities

Preparing to make a life change by going into rehab shouldn’t mean that you have to give up everything that makes you comfortable and happy. We believe that you need to have time to take care of your personal needs and learn healthy, positive ways to get enjoyment out of life now that you are sober. Rehab should be a place where you can learn new skills for a sober life that reflects a similar way of life that you will return home to. This helps to ease the transition back into everyday life. 

Our first-class amenities will provide you with the comforts of home while providing you a space to rest and rejuvenate for another day of self-introspection. You will enjoy these amenities during your time with us:

  • Large bedrooms with comfortable canopy beds to lay your head at night 
  • Option of private or shared bedroom 
  • Scenic views of the O’ahu throughout our property 
  • Fresh, gourmet meals prepared by our personal chefs that specialize in making organic meals that will fuel your body 
  • Access to your phone and computer allows you the opportunity to maintain the commitments of the outside world
  • A wrap-around porch that boasts stunning views of the pacific ocean and Mauna Kea in the distance 
  • Inviting common areas such as our dining area for meals and lounge areas where you can relax and interact with other patients 
  • Weekly excursions that will have you taking in the exciting activities around O’ahu

Why Choose The Exclusive Hawaii Rehab - O'ahu for Addiction Treatment

When choosing to transform your life, you will want to do with our friendly, experienced team at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab – O’ahu. Our staff is knowledgeable in the holistic treatment methods that we provide as they incorporate the methods of treatment and philosophy behind our program within their own lives. As your individual treatment plan is created you can rest assured knowing that the staff you are trusting with making a big change in your life are well versed and experienced in helping you heal from the inside out. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.