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Our private grounds, luxury setting, and holistic approach to treatment help you to relax, rediscover your authentic self and heal the root causes of addiction.

  • Individualized Treatment
  • Private, 8-Bed Residential Program
  • Safe, Medically-Supervised Detox
  • Located on the Beautiful Big Island of Hawaii
  • Insurance Accepted

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Real deep level effectiveness, excellent caring staff, unique and life changing program. This program is different than anything else out there. It really helped us address the deepest underlying issues to make permanent changes in our lives.

Dr. Ken Jeremiah

Dr. Ken Jeremiah PGA (Author and Television Personality)
The staff, therapists, doctors, and patients at the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab are incredible. With ocean and volcano views and constant support, this facility helped me completely. I highly recommend it.”


We researched many treatment centers and thanks to you, I’m so glad that we selected Exclusive Hawaii Rehab for my wife’s alcohol addiction. The 30 days at your facility for her was incredible!

She absolutely loved the staff and the facility. They really took good care of her. I was apprehensive when she first went there but talking with her and hearing how good she was being treated and sounded gave me relief.

She has now been alcohol free for two months ~ 30 days at the center and 30 days back home. She is doing incredibly well. She’s back to being her normal, happy, positive self again.

Thank you Exclusive Hawaii Rehab!


The Exclusive excels at customized experiential therapeutic work, which focuses on the underlying issues of the substance abuse. The center is like a loving family; all the staff care deeply about their work.


Beautiful, serene property and cozy home. Every meal is made to order, with love and is so amazing. The staff are the most committed, loving, kind, people who are doing what they were born for.


These folks are the best in their field, and the facilities are incredible.

#1 Couples Detox-Rehab – Maui

Substance use can cause difficulties within any relationship, no matter how much you love one another. If it is one partner with a substance use issue, or if both of you believe you may have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it isn’t just your health that can suffer, your entire relationship may be in trouble, and it might be time to consider professional intervention. A couple’s rehab is the best way to keep your relationship strong, regain your mental and physical wellness, and rebuild the trust and care that may have been put aside for substances. You and your partner will address underlying mental health issues, trauma, relationship issues, and more, so you can stop using drugs and alcohol for good and become each other’s support system instead of each other’s enablers.

It is a good idea to come to rehab together because if only one partner in a couple goes to rehab while the other continue drug and alcohol use when the first person returns home, they will either:

  • Relapse, and blame or resent their partner for it
  • Leave the home, and most likely leave the relationship, for good
  • Stay with their partner but struggle every single day with resentment and triggers

None of these options result in a happy, healthy relationship. The best way to move forward is if both partners are ready to rehabilitate, are committed to one another, and are dedicated to moving forward in their relationship as a support for their partner.  

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab center is the #1 couple’s detox and rehab center because together you can learn about addiction, how to support one another and how to communicate better, all while spending time in one of the most beautiful places on earth in luxury accommodations.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Why Choose Exclusive Hawaii Rehab for Couples Detox & Drug Rehab - Maui

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, you and your partner will not only recover from drug and/or alcohol addiction, but you will also have the chance to experience a full range of wellness treatments and activities that will rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

  • With only eight guests onsite at one time, the staff-to-patient ratio is incredible. Your level of care will be unmatched, and there will always be somebody there if you need them.
  • We offer individualized holistic treatment programs that will best serve your needs as your body rids itself of toxins. You will have the best combination of medical care, counseling, therapy, and holistic treatments, put together for a high level of care.
  • We will help you and your partner get to the underlying issues that cause addiction
  • We promote a culture of client empowerment. We are a non-12-step program, and we do not tell you what to do to “get better”. In fact, we will hardly talk about drugs or alcohol at all in our programs.
  • We encourage all of our clients to come to their own conclusions about their healing as they get to know themselves better and rediscover what their underlying values and beliefs are.
  • Your relationship will thrive and grow as you increase feelings of positivity and deep connection through getting vulnerable with one another and facing your issues head-on.

First Class Amenities

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we have all the luxuries of a high-end wellness center, including:

  • Local, organic food prepared by four gourmet chefs
  • Comfortable rooms include a canopy bed, writing desk, large windows, crisp linen sheets, a private lanai, and a high standard of cleanliness
  • The facility is on 52 acres of private land with palm trees and views of the ocean and Mauna Kea, the inactive volcano
  • A high staff-to-patient ratio, with medical and holistic practitioners at the top of their field
  • Experiential therapy may include excursions to the beach to snorkel or surf, zip-lining, dolphin or equine therapy, walks through world-renowned botanical gardens, or hikes on an active volcano
  • Very private and secure location close to the Hilo airport and a private jet airport

What is Detox Like?

When you first enter your program at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab center, a doctor will do a thorough examination of you and your partner, to ensure you are both physically well enough to go through detox without being in a hospital setting. Once you are medically approved, you will move into your comfortable shared or private room and will be provided with everything you need to keep you comfortable and safe as your body rids itself of the toxins drugs and alcohol have left behind.

We have onsite medical staff who will monitor your progress, checking in with you often. They will assess your individual needs, and they can provide you with prescription medications if you wish, but we also offer a non-medical detox program that taps into your innate resiliency, with the full support of our staff. Through all-natural supplements, counseling, nutritional therapy, bodywork, and holistic health treatments, we can correct chemical imbalances without harsh chemicals, and help you through the pain, discomfort, and emotional distress that you may feel for the first few days.

How Long Does Detox Last?

The length of each person’s detox plan depends on many factors, including:

  • What drugs(s) you were taking, and whether you were mixing them with other substances
  • The frequency with which you were using the substances and how long you have been using them
  • The amount of the drug(s) you were taking each time
  • Your mental and physical health at the time of detox
  • Genetic factors
  • Your history of drug use and relapse in the past

Because everybody has different reactions, physiology, and experiences, your individual treatment plan will be customized to your unique circumstances.

There is no definitive timeline for detox. Depending on your level of addiction and the substance, you will likely begin to feel mild withdrawal symptoms within a few hours of your last use, and these will escalate over the next few days to a week. In general, symptoms tend to peak at around the 72-hour mark, after which you will begin to feel a little bit better each day. Our staff will be there the entire time, with nurses checking in on you to ensure you remain safe and ensure everything is going to plan, and holistic practitioners there to provide treatments that will help to relieve symptoms.

What Happens After Detox?

After detox, your 30-, 60-, or 90-day rehabilitation program will begin. This is a combination of holistic treatments, traditional evidence-based therapy, counseling, and outings that will address your health and wellness concerns, get to the underlying root of your addiction, and help you find balance within yourself.

The environment we provide is peaceful, and we explore ideas such as:

  • Awareness of how your behaviors affect yourself and others
  • Addressing and releasing mental pain and trauma
  • Finding the answers from within yourself through self-empowerment
  • Improving communication and understanding between you and your partner
  • Gaining self-regulation tools
  • Overcoming self-destructive thoughts and behaviors
  • Shifting out of old patterns of thinking to create a new and positive mindset

As a couple, you will go to family therapy together, along with other treatments like experiential therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, EMDR, dialectical behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis care, and a host of holistic treatments. Once you and your partner have completed your time with us, you return home, with the option of aftercare for continued support if you need it.

How Long is Rehab?

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab center, we run our inpatient rehab programs in 30-day increments, with the shortest possible timeframe being 30 days. Because each of our clients is unique, it is not possible to give a specific timeframe that suits everybody. Some people feel confident and ready to leave after 30 days, and others require more time. We will work alongside you and your partner to help you determine what is right for you. For most people, especially those with co-occurring mental health issues, the longer the time spent in residential rehab, the lower the chance of relapse in the future.

30 Day Rehab – Maui

30 days is the minimum amount of time you can spend in our rehab facility. This is the most crucial time in addiction recovery. In our experience, it takes around 28 days to form a new habit, so from day one, you will begin to relearn how to think, challenge your own mindset, and begin practicing new, positive behaviors.

Through our integrated treatment program, you and your partner will be able to focus on your personal healing, as well as healing your relationship away from the usual stresses and triggers of your everyday life.

60 Day Rehab – Maui

The longer the time spent in treatment, the higher the chance of long-term recovery success for you and your spouse or partner. Your relationship is important to you, and it may take some time to be able to work through your own addiction at the same time as you are working on rebuilding your partnership. Staying in inpatient rehab for 60 days may just be that extra time you need to get to the root of your addiction and gain a new, healthy perspective on life. You will have time to heal your wounds and really get to know how to be with each other again as healthy, sober individuals.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

90 Day Rehab – Maui

People who are working through dual diagnosis treatment, relationship issues, and addiction treatment will likely need to spend a full 90 days in residential rehab to be able to fully heal their body, mind, and spirit, and there is the option to extend their time further if there is room. We will help you gain lifelong recovery and communication tools you and your partner can use for the rest of your lives, providing you with the emotional intelligence and coping skills that will give your relationship a second chance to grow and thrive, allowing you to become the life partner you want to be to your significant other.

Alcohol Detox for Couples – Maui

Alcohol detox is not something you should attempt at home, because the withdrawal symptoms can quickly escalate out of control and become uncomfortable enough to cause you to give up and start drinking again, or even become dangerous to your health. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we can help you and your loved one stop drinking in our safe and effective holistic detox program. With our support, you can get through this uncomfortable part of your recovery and into rehab in as quickly as five to ten days.

Alcohol Rehab for Couples – Maui

Alcohol rehab for couples in Maui is a combination of counseling, therapy, medical care, and holistic treatments like:

  • Nutritional therapy and education
  • EFT
  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Art therapy
  • Journaling
  • Experiential therapy
  • Guided meditation
  • Nature immersion
  • Traditional Hawaiian Therapies

Our integrative treatment programs will break maladaptive behavioral patterns, allowing you to focus on yourself, your relationship, and your recovery without distractions.

Drug Rehab for Couples – Maui

Through couple’s drug rehab, you and your partner will gain:

  • A better balance in your life
  • A higher chance of abstaining from drugs in the future
  • Better communication skills
  • Feeling closer to one another emotionally
  • Learning how to best support each other in recovery
  • Higher relationship satisfaction
  • A much lower chance of divorce or separation

Drug Detox for Couples – Maui

At Exclusive Hawaii, we believe that drug addiction is almost always a symptom of an underlying issue, so along with help in your physical detox, we will provide therapy and counseling to get to the root of your pain, trauma and empower you to identify issues with your partner so you can work on your relationship together.

We will provide:

  • Therapy and emotional release work to work through underlying causes of addiction and work through the emotions and trauma that may come up
  • Physical treatments like acupuncture, exercises, yoga, massage therapy, and meditation techniques will all help remove toxins from your body, relieve anxiety, and improve mental clarity
  • Nutritional treatments and supplementation will help the body grow stronger and absorb treatments better while reducing the discomfort of detoxing


Exclusive & Secure Couples Addiction Treatment Program – Maui

Because most of our clientele are executives, high-net-worth individuals, and celebrities at our exclusive treatment center, we prioritize the safety and security of our guests. You need to feel safe to be able to let your guard down and allow yourself to heal, so we have 24-hour security guards and cameras, and our “paparazzi-proof” facility cannot be seen from the road. Our staff is trained in confidentiality measures. Although there is a very good chance that your fellow guests will value discretion and privacy as much as you do, we take the extra step of not allowing any cameras, phones, or devices that can make recordings in any public spaces on our property.

Couples Rehab Treatment for High Net Worth Individuals & Celebrities – Maui

High net worth individuals are used to a certain standard of living, and at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we strive to exceed these standards. Our executive guests have the option of a flexible schedule in treatment to allow for international business calls or online meetings, and you will enjoy all the luxuries of a wellness spa while receiving accredited addiction treatment.

To learn more about our luxury couple’s addictions programs in Hawaii, contact Exclusive Hawaii Rehab today. With our top-notch amenities, our high level of discretion and security, and our high standards of treatment, you and your significant other will feel safe, secure, and taken care of as you detox and rehabilitate in our facility.  

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.