What treatment methods does Exclusive Hawaii Rehab use?

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab November 17, 2021

Our diverse range of treatment methods is a big part of what makes Exclusive Hawaii Rehab unique.  We believe that true recovery can only occur when the deeper underlying factors behind addictive and self-destructive behaviors are explored and healed.  The root causes of disease can stem from the body, mind, or spirit so treatment addresses the whole person on all of these levels. 

We rely on methods that guide clients on a journey of self-exploration and allow a new perspective to emerge.   Treatment methods you may experience at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab include trauma informed therapy, person-centered therapy, claiming a life purpose, life contract therapy, mission therapy, art therapy, experiential therapy (surfing, hiking an active volcano), EFT (neural tapping), Stimulus Belief Response, nature immersion, redefining self narrative, dietary therapy, nutritional supplementation, yoga, massage, craniosacral therapy and traditional Hawaiian therapies like Ho’Oponopono.