Why Exclusive Hawaii Is A Premier Drug Rehab For Oahu

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Drug Rehab November 15, 2023

It comes as no surprise why Exclusive Hawaii is a premier drug rehab for Oahu residents and others from around the world seeking sobriety. Hawaii offers the perfect place to reconnect and heal, both mentally and physically from drug abuse and addiction. This is especially true for someone struggling with drug addiction and in a hostile environment, one that enables the drug use further. Hawaii is known for its tranquil waters, lush forests, and breath-taking landscapes- making it an idyllic place for gratitude. Combined with a start of the art mental health facility and an experienced and professional staff, sobriety can become reality. At Exclusive Hawaii we utilize our exotic location to provide not only an idyllic environment but also a way to offer both conventional and holistic forms of drug addiction treatment. Hawaii allows for Nature Immersion and Adventure Therapies that provide additional modalities for healing and recovery. Keep reading to explore why Exclusive Hawaii is the best choice for rehab, whether for yourself or a loved one. 

Who Needs Services Provided By A Drug Rehab In Oahu?

Whether for yourself or someone you love, a drug rehab is essential for anyone that abuses a drug or substance of choice. Drugs, or addictive substances used (whether prescribed by a doctor or acquired illegally) can cause severe damage to a person’s life if abused. Drug abuse is also known as SUD (substance use disorder). It includes alcohol and drug use disorder, active addiction, problem use, non-medical use, unhealthy use, risky use, harmful use, person who suffers/suffered from active addiction. Seeking drug rehab as soon as possible is extremely important for a successful chance of life long sustained recovery. Drug abuse and/or addiction is prevalent in today’s world, unfortunately. But, thankfully in turn there are many resources and facilities available that provide sobriety programs. Depending factors such as location, insurance, programs, and types of treatment all help distinguish which is best for an individual seeking a drug rehab. Which is why Exclusive Hawaii is a premier drug rehab for Oahu, an idyllic location with outstanding professionals and programs found nowhere else. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

What Does A Drug Rehab Look Like And Provide?

Rehab is short for rehabilitation, and can denote any process designed to help a person recover from an illness. Drug rehab is a qualified facility that provides safe interventions designed to optimize functioning and reduce disability in individuals with health conditions in interaction with their environment. For example, rehab may include physical therapy, group counseling, or drug treatment and when needed for drug recovery- can include safe detoxification services. Accommodations can vary between drug rehab facilities, with some more luxury providing private rooms and others shared quarters. Location can play a role in offered activities, programs, and therapies provided. And in fact, location is why Exclusive Hawaii is a premier drug rehab for Oahu. Not all drug rehabs will look the same nor provide the exact same modalities of treatment. Which is why it is so important to research a potential facility before committing to a particular program. 

According to the National Institute for Drug Abuse, millions of Americans have sought help for drug or alcohol addiction every year. It is also important to understand that a significant portion of those who sought drug rehab services stayed in an inpatient facility. The severity of the drug abuse and/or addiction determines whether inpatient or outpatient treatment is best. However, statistics do demonstrate how widespread the problem of drug addiction is and has become. Again- drug rehabs will vary on location, accomodations, treatments, and services provided individually. But, for the most part- all will provide programs designed to help someone struggling with mental health and addiction change their life. But, what can one expect from an inpatient rehab facility? The following are examples of what a drug rehab will provide:

Preliminary Clinical Assessment And Diagnosis: Since each of us on this earth are different from one another, the approach for successful recovery will also be. At drug rehabs, such as Exclusive Hawaii, an experienced professional will perform an in-depth clinical assessment before treatment. The qualified professional is looking to extract valuable data about the clients addiction, medical profile, and current physiological status. Once a professional diagnosis is made, treatment can begin once agreed upon by the client. 

Detox And Dual-Diagnosis Treatment: Based on the specifics of the professional diagnosis, clients will receive medication for detoxification, chemical cleansing, and stabilization. Which is why Exclusive Hawaii is a premier drug rehab for Oahu, our staff ensures the safest and most effective recovery process. Medication-assisted treatment is often provided at first as well at a drug rehab, although not always. This helps clients adjust to the symptoms of withdrawal and address co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, etc. These types of treatment will considerably increase an individual’s chances at full recovery in a shorter time period.

Therapy And Counseling: When in drug rehab, treatment includes extensive therapeutic assistance and counseling support programs. With the focus being to teach recovering individuals confidence, stability, along with improvement in self-esteem and determination. During this stage, clients will participate in family counseling sessions, life coaching classes, relapse prevention education, and lifestyle improvement. Experienced professionals staffed at a facility for drug abuse and addiction are absolutely critical. Hence why Exclusive Hawaii is a premier drug rehab for Oahu residents and anyone searching for healing recovery from drug addiction.

Why Exclusive Hawaii Is A Premier Drug Rehab For Oahu

In your search for the best drug rehab, whether for yourself or a loved one, you will find not all provide the same modalities of treatment exclusively. Whether from factors such as location, funding, state guidelines and/or laws, insurance coverage, or staff- every drug rehab will be different. One of the biggest reasons why Exclusive Hawaii is a premier drug rehab for Oahu is because of the outstanding programs they provide. Most, if not all, facilities offer conventional and traditional therapies used for drug addiction recovery. However, Exclusive Hawaii also provides options of holistic forms of therapy and treatment. Programs designed to help treat the whole person, not just their drug addiction. The following are examples of how we treat drug abuse and addiction while keeping clients safe and comfortable. 

Safe And Comfortable Detoxification: Drug detoxification can be one of the more difficult aspects of early recovery when attempted alone. Certain substances such as central nervous system depressants and alcohol can cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms if medical help isn’t available.  This is why it’s critical to have ample support during your recovery from alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms. We assess each patient’s level of detox needs based on the ASAM standards.  If your detox should be severe or level 4 or higher according to the ASAM guide, then you will be moved to a partnered hospital where you’ll receive round-the-clock care for a few days until the peak of your withdrawal symptoms is over.

Non-12-Step Program: Addiction is caused by a culmination of risk factors that include biology or the things we are born with. An individual’s environment such as access to drugs and peer pressure are also a large factor to abuse. Each person’s addiction causes are unique to them. For these reasons, the popular 12-step method of treating addiction is not always effective. At Exclusive Hawaii, our non-12-step therapeutic models support the most effective ways for treatment in drug rehab. We see each person’s ability for personal growth and help in setting a new life foundation for success in long-term recovery. We match our comprehensive treatments and therapies with your unique recovery needs. Ensuring clients can be empowered to heal and reach a new level of personal growth in all of the important areas of their life.

Nutritional Therapy: Good nutrition during recovery from drug abuse and addiction offers several benefits. The role of our dietician and the nutritional therapy programs is to improve recovery by providing the body with the nutrition it needs to heal from nutrient deficiencies. Something commonly found with drug addiction and mental health disorders. Nutrition, or food, helps to balance the body’s chemistry naturally to promote improved moods and health. An on-site dietician will be able to help clients in drug rehab counteract imbalances. 

Healing The Brain: Frequent drug or alcohol abuse alters the function of the central nervous system. Which is one of the most important systems in the body. Drug abuse can cause chemical imbalances, tissue damage, impede the function of vital organs, affect neurotransmission, and damage nerves. Mentally, the central nervous system plays a complex and interconnected role in how we process trauma and stress. Restoring balance to the central nervous system can help the body and mind to heal from the damage that addiction has caused. Stressors can overload your nervous system which prevents the processing of trauma. The traumatic energy is known to be stored in the connective tissue, organs, and muscles through the central nervous system.

Nature Immersion: Providing the ultimate Nature Immersion Therapies is also why Exclusive Hawaii is a premier drug rehab for Oahu. Nature Immersion uses a different approach to therapy by removing the clinical setting and focusing on experiencing change in a more natural setting. Nature Immersion Therapy can be even more powerful and transformative when we begin to understand the deeper significance of certain experiences. The holistic aspects of connecting with nature provide further benefits through the phenomenon known as “earthing” or “grounding”. Nature Immersion is often found at holistic drug rehabs in idyllic locations. 

Yoga: The mind-body connection plays an important role. The Eastern philosophies of yoga help individuals struggling with drug addiction to balance their mental health with their physical body. Yoga offers low-impact exercises that anyone can benefit from. Restorative exercise helps to reduce anxiety, stress, improve mood and sleep. It can further help individuals feel more centered, self-confident, and improve self-esteem.

Mental Health Therapies: Therapy involves working with a trained mental health professional. Exactly what happens during each session depends on the methods the therapist uses and the challenges the patient needs to address. One of the most common types of mental health therapy is psychotherapy but this can take several forms and it’s definitely not the only option. 

Mindfulness Techniques: Cultivating mindfulness builds self-awareness and the ability to look inward for answers, rather than seeking advice or approval from others.  Mindfulness helps to quiet the mind and build mental and emotional resilience. It also empowers clients by giving them more control over their impulses and automatic response to stressors. Building mindful awareness in drug addiction treatment is part of our holistic approach at Exclusive Hawaii. Which again, is why Exclusive Hawaii is a premier drug rehab of choice by residents as well as others from other parts of the world. 

Personal Development: Personal growth is a cornerstone of Exclusive Hawaii’s holistic patient-centered drug rehab in Oahu. Personal development empowers people to transform their lives in fundamental and lasting ways. Claiming a Life Purpose is a specific therapy we offer as part of a customized treatment plan for drug addiction and eating disorders. Life purpose is the predominant theme that creates the core of a person’s identity. It is a self-organizing vision that helps us make cohesive decisions and take charge of life rather than living at the mercy of changes that are happening around us. In Claiming a Life Purpose, you will reconnect with your core values, interests, and goals. 

Concierge IV Infusions: Our Concierge Infusion Therapist, Dr. Bryce, is available to provide customized Concierge IV infusion services tailored to each clients needs. IV Infusions such as Myers Cocktails, NAD Infusions, and Glutathione treatment model help support the most effective ways to treat drug addiction. We take pride in offering the best professional support available at a premier drug rehab in Oahu. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Whether for yourself or a loved one, finding treatment for drug abuse and/or addiction is imperative as soon as possible. Reach out to us today, and see why Exclusive Hawaii is a premier drug rehab for Oahu and all seeking successful recovery.