What To Expect From A Holistic Addiction Treatment Center

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Holistic Alcohol Rehab , Holistic Drug Rehab November 16, 2022

As time goes on, people are realizing the profound effect of including holistic therapies on their journey toward recovery. No matter the type of addiction or disorder, utilizing all the beneficial forms of treatment available will help more than hurt. There are benefits in regards to what someone can expect from a holistic addiction treatment center, no matter the geographic location. Some of these benefits include more privacy, optimal nutrition, and physical and mental activities that support the mind, body, and spirit. A holistic approach means treating the “whole person” not just the disorder. Holistic also means using natural support forms of treatment in aiding an individual through their recovery process, such as with herbal supplementation and diet. While all addiction treatment centers will most likely provide common used and evidence-based modalities such as CBT, DBT, and Motivational Interviewing for addiction treatment- some centers will include holistic approaches as well. Idyllic locations, such as Hawaii, tend to offer centers utilizing holistic approaches in their programs because of their peaceful and transformative environment. Being located so close to the ocean can give nearby addiction centers the edge on offering Nature Immersion Therapies such as Surf Therapy and Outrigger Canoeing for example. Let’s face it, Hawaii offers the perfect landscape for a balance of holistic and traditional treatments used in addiction recovery. Therefore, let’s explore the benefits you can expect from choosing a holistic addiction center in paradise whether for yourself or a loved one. 

What Is A Holistic Addiction Treatment Center? 

Not all addiction treatment centers are created the same, nor have the exact same types of recovery programs available to their clients. Hence the reason why researching potential treatment centers is so important before making a solid commitment, whether for yourself or a loved one. You can grasp an idea of what to expect from a holistic addiction treatment center by understanding what exactly ‘holistic’ means and entails. By definition holistic refers to a “whole person” approach to health care interventions, with a simultaneous focus on the mind and body for complete healing. Many treatment centers see holistic approaches as an opportunity for patients to better attend to both their psychological and physical needs. Holistic care connects the body, mind, and spirit of the whole person seeking healing from an unhealthy addiction and/or disorder. Holistic addiction treatment and care emphasizes the partnership between nurse and patient and the negotiation of healthcare needs that lead to successful recovery. According to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) the four pillars for recovery are health, home, purpose and community. And together these links form the basis of holistic hospice care in treating addiction. It refers to the provision of care to patients that are based on a mutual understanding of their psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions. 

What To Expect From A Holistic Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction treatment centers will almost all provide evidence-based forms of treatment used traditionally and successfully. However, what you can expect from a holistic addiction treatment center are both evidence-based and experimental-based forms of treatment that focus on “whole person” healing. Nature Immersion and Adventure Therapies such as “The Hero’s Journey”, including physical activities that connect clients with their surroundings but also inner workings. Approaches used in holistic addiction treatment can include; acupuncture, acupressure, nutrition, herbal supplementation, biofeedback, massage therapy, chiropractic physicians, manual therapy, naturopathic physicians, meditation, guided imagery, yoga, therapeutic touch, ayurveda, and other energy therapies such as reiki. The bottom line, a holistic addiction treatment center will explore all options in ways of seeking healthy recovery for their patients. 

Examples Of Holistic Programs Successfully Used In Addiction Treatment 

Acupuncture – Traditional Chinese therapy evolved the practice of acupuncture that can be found at some holistic addiction treatment centers. This kind of holistic treatment involves tiny needles being injected into the target points to relieve the patient from anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, and cravings from addiction. For example, in healing from alcohol addiction- The National Acupuncture Detoxification Program (NADA) treats addiction through acupuncture. The NADA specifically uses ear acupuncture to target the ill effects of alcohol in the body to resolve the ongoing issues and thereby helps the person to live a healthier life.

Mindfulness Thru Meditation – Having a deep insight about oneself helps in better controlling undesirable actions. Those that practice deep breathing and meditation have confirmed a feeling of gradually building substantial control over themselves. In fact, a particular type of meditation called Vipassana meditation has gained a lot of prominence worldwide. It has been studied that people who practiced this form of meditation were 20% less likely to succumb to relapses. These practices give an idea of what to expect from a holistic addiction treatment center in whole healing. 

Nutrition And Herbal Benefits – The role of diet and supplementation is well known and often a focus if you are wondering what to expect from a holistic addiction treatment center. The foods and beverages we intake every day play a huge role in how our body and brain functions, as studies are finding. Research showing that foods such as carrots, raisins, dates, and basil leaves all have shown to have benefits with combating addiction from a holistic approach. In fact, there are even herbal supplements have been seen as a self-treatment to patients undergoing holistic addiction treatment:

  • Kudzu Extract: A controlled study showed that when a group of people were given the herb- another group a placebo, then both asked to consume alcohol- the people who were given the kudzu extract drank considerably less quantity of alcohol when compared to their control group.
  • Ashwagandha: sometimes actively used to lessen the withdrawal symptoms and cravings of alcohol for many patients. With studies that reveal it can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and addiction.

The Hero’s Journey – The Hero’s Journey is a myth based framework that can be beautifully applied to the metamorphosis of addiction and recovery. Incredibly flexible, it has three main parts- the separation in which the hero sets out on his journey, seeking (possibly reluctantly) adventure. Secondly, the initiation where the majority of the journey happens- the hero arrives. And finally is the return. Just as the12 steps provide an effective guide for those in search of sobriety, The Heros’ Journey is also composed of stages and can be used as a roadmap for personal transformation, especially in addiction healing and recovery. 

Whether you or a loved one choose a traditional, holistic, or combination of addiction treatment center, the choice of seeking help is essential. Although it can seem overwhelming to choose which types of addiction treatment, or recovery center for that matter, are best- the search is essential. Exploring the various types of addiction treatment, including what to expect from a holistic addiction treatment center, is key in understanding what will work for you or a loved one best. Just as each of us are uniquely different and complex, so can be the treatment and center of what it can provide. Which can also be a beautiful thing in the sense that there is hope for each and every person seeking freedom from addiction, and healing from unhealthy living. Live your best life by finding the best path for your own addiction treatment and recovery journey!