What does Ohana Mean?

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What does Ohana Mean

ʻOhana Means Family

There’s a spiritual Hawaiian word that encompasses daily life on every Hawaii island: “Ohana.” It’s a universally appealing concept that unites people for a better quality of life. But beyond this, what does ohana mean?

Ohana means family in the Hawaiian language. It is often used to refer to the extended family network that includes not only immediate family members but also close friends and community members who are considered part of the family. Ohana’s concept encompasses sharing, caring, and supporting one another and is regarded as a central value in Hawaiian.

Hawaii is a spiritually enlightening destination where visitors can melt their worries away in lush tropical scenery. It’s easy to get swept away by the splendor of a waterfall, a marine turtle, or a glowing sunset. On a beautiful island, you can forget about being late or stressed out about missing a flight. And because of the Aloha spirit, everyone you meet will be happy to share a tale, a smile, or help.

The word “aloha” has gained widespread recognition, primarily because of the approximately 10 million annual tourists that have helped spread the Hawaiian word around the globe.

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Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

The Hawaiian Family Means No One Gets Left Behind

In the Hawaiian Islands, the traditional family unit is a little less rigid.

Mom, dad, and the kids might all share a roof on the mainland. Eventually, the kids become adults, head off to higher education, and secure stable employment so they can leave home. The parents eventually retire and downsize, and the children start their own families in different homes. The process begins again from the start of the cycle.

The Aloha State of Hawaii does not function like this. Multiple generations of one family share the same home. Hawaiian families usually involve nuclear and extended families. The large families’ living arrangements often feature many generations, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, and children. The kids will go to school, but they’ll be back in a flash once they’re done.

Hawaiian youngsters often get married young because they are eager to make a meaningful contribution to the increasing Ohana by starting a family of their own.

Tourism is a large portion of the economic motivation for this social ritual in Hawaii. Living costs on the islands can be high. Due to the high expense of living in the area, many people choose to pool their resources and move in with others. Hawaii’s real estate is quite expensive. People usually settle down on a single, prime plot of property.

What Does Ohana Mean: The Modern Ohana Concept

Modern Ohana Concept

There was an early realization among the Ancient Hawaiians that the island’s inhabitants needed to find a way to coexist with their natural environment.

To make the most of the available tools, it was necessary to implement a set of rules that would foster cooperation. Family and Aloha are not only abstract concepts from the past. They are essential survival instructions.

No blood ties are required to become a part of someone’s Ohana. Loyalty, support, compassion, and love are all inherent in the word.

Although the term “Ohana” is often used to refer to a family, it includes much more than that. Additionally, it has the connotation of a place of residence. A house is essential for a family.

One of the duties of an Ohana member is to keep the family safe. With this in mind, treating these stunning tropical islands with the utmost care is crucial. Consider the following:

  1. Avoid contributing to pollution
  2. Fish for sustenance, not a sport
  3. Keep your distance from wild animals, particularly adorable sea turtles
  4. Since you are on an island, please drive safely and obey the speed limits
  5. Don’t go off the hiking trails and trample plants
  6. Pick only as much fruit as you can eat in a day

Hawaii is a paradise in the tropics with its pristine beaches, impossible waterfalls, and towering mountains. As a gesture of Aloha to the local community, be mindful of your temporary Ohana.

Your acts of kindness and generosity will continue to have a ripple effect on the islands. If you treat people with respect, they will notice, and you may even be welcomed into their extended family or Ohana.

Importance of Support and an Extended Family Network During Rehab

Emotional Support

Support and an extended family network are crucial during drug rehab and mental disorder treatment for several reasons:

Encouragement and Motivation

Having a support system can help individuals feel more motivated and encouraged during their recovery journey. Knowing that they have people who care about their well-being and are there to support them can make all the difference.

Emotional Support

Mental disorders and substance abuse often result in emotional distress and instability. A supportive network can provide emotional stability and security during these trying times.

Support and Coping Strategies

Family and friends can offer practical support and guidance to help individuals better manage their mental health and substance abuse issues.

Social Support

Drug rehab and mental disorder treatment can be isolating and lonely experiences. A supportive network can help individuals feel less isolated and provide opportunities for socialization and connection.

Stress Management

Coping with mental health and substance abuse issues can be stressful. A supportive network can help individuals better manage their stress levels and reduce their risk of relapse.

Overall, having a supportive network during drug rehab and mental disorder treatment can make the recovery journey more manageable, less stressful, and more successful.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Find Your New Ohana at Exclusive Hawaii

Despite widespread false beliefs, holistic approaches to treating substance misuse are effective. Drug rehab involves more than just clinical techniques like counseling and group therapy.

A strong network of friends and family can be an invaluable asset during and after rehabilitation. You may feel isolated when you’re dealing with a substance use disorder and just starting recovery.

During your recovery journey, it might be helpful to build relationships with others who share your experience. For any relationships that may have suffered as a result of one’s substance abuse, this could be a chance to make amends.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, call our compassionate Intake Coordination team or reach us online to learn more about treatment programs at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab.