SMART Recovery Hawaii

SMART Recovery Hawaii

SMART recovery which stands for self-management and recovery training, can be a great tool for those who wish to control their drinking or drug use. They have group sessions in which they can be accountable to one another’s goals and promises.

Their meetings are for any addiction whether it be behavioral or to a substance, as the outcome, or the solution, is what is primarily focused upon during the meetings.

What is SMART Recovery

According to the SMART recovery website, Participants find and develop the power within themselves to change and lead fulfilling and balanced lives guided by our science-based and sensible 4-Point Program.

The four-point system consists of the following pillars: enhance and maintain motivation to abstain, coping with urges succesfully, observing and managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and balancing momentary and lasting forms of satisfaction.

Their system of self-reliance conflicts with Alcoholics Anonymous’ reliance on a Higher Power, which is why it has found popularity among the secular crowd of those addicted to substances and behaviors.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

How Do SMART Recovery Meetings Work

According to Patrick Garnet, a Facilitator at SMART Chicago, “Let me describe what happens at a SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) Recovery face-to-face meeting. First, you will be greeted with a smile, a welcome, and usually given a few pages that explain SMART.

Depending on format, SMART meetings last anywhere from 60-90 minutes, are always free of charge (though donations are accepted) and are open to anyone. SMART meetings focus on self-empowerment and choice and do not use introductory labels like alcoholic or addict. A typical meeting may have anywhere from 3 to 12 people, sometimes a few more, and all participation is optional.

The meetings are run by a trained, volunteer facilitator and start with someone reading the Group Welcome, which gives a quick overview before check-ins begin. This is a time for each person to discuss any success or challenges they had in abstaining from their behavior and discuss their progress on any life goals they have set. Usually anyone new shares why they are attending the meeting but they can always just pass and listen if they prefer.

Is SMART Recovery Different Than AA

After the check-ins, the facilitator and the group decide if there were any issues discussed during check-in that they wish to address. This is the time of the meeting where attendees apply the tools of SMART to address issues. This time is also used to review the SMART toolkit, so everyone can better understand, and practice, the tools.

The Tools of SMART Recovery Meetings

Some of the ‘tools’ or skills you will learn in SMART include the Stages of Change, a Change Plan Worksheet, a Cost-Benefit Analysis, the Hierarchy of Values, the ABCs of REBT for Urge Coping and Emotional Upsets, DISARM (Destructive Imagery & Self-talk Awareness and Refusal Method), Role-playing & Rehearsing, Brainstorming, and more.

SMART encourages open dialogue and learning from your fellow participants. Many times, it is like each of us brings a different ingredient and during the group discussion, we mix, stir and bake these ingredients and we all leave with something much more than what we brought.

Finally at the end of the meeting we pass the hat for donations, discuss any final thoughts and read our closing.”

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Is SMART Recovery Different Than AA

Yes, the two programs share the common goal of trying to help someone from partaking in a certain behavior or taking certain actions, however, they have two very different strategies in how to get to this place.

According to the SMART Recovery website under the frequently asked question ‘How is SMART Recovery different than Twelve Step Programs such as AA or NA’, the following answer is given, “SMART Recovery has a scientific foundation, not a spiritual one. SMART Recovery teaches increasing self-reliance, rather than powerlessness. SMART Recovery meetings are discussion meetings in which individuals talk with one another, rather than to one another. SMART Recover encourages attendance for months to years, but probably not a lifetime. There are no sponsors in SMART Recovery. SMART Recovery discourages use of labels such as “alcoholic” or “addict”.”

Where Can I Find SMART Recovery Hawaii

On the SMART Recovery website there are easy tools to use in order to find local meetings in your area. However, if there aren’t any that exist around the area you are in, there are always meetings that are going on online. Most of these meetings use the Zoom platform and are very easy to find and utilize.

Attending SMART Meetings While in Rehab

It is always a good idea to begin doing the things you are going to be doing outside of rehab to stay clean and sober while you are still in rehab. If you are currently in rehab at a place like Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, then it would be a good idea to begin finding SMART meetings that you can benefit from when you eventually do end up leaving.

It’s important to begin doing things differently while you are still in a controlled environment such as a rehab, because if you do not do self-care while in rehab, why would you start once you have left.

In some ways you may be setting yourself up for failure if you do not begin doing the things that are going to help you on your journey to stay clean and sober while you are still in rehab.

Virtual SMART Meetings and Further Resources

Virtual SMART Meetings

As I spoke briefly about before, sometimes there are no in-person meetings to attend in the area you may be in. This is where virtual meetings can become especially useful.

You can be anywhere in the world, and still be able to log in to a Zoom meeting and see the same group of people on a daily basis. This will not only help you as you build these relationships, it will also help them. Remember that we are all in this together, and you participation could help save the next person’s life.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab and the Smart Recovery Approach

With the beautiful scenery and wonderful locale surrounding you in your place of healing, the only extra bonus would be to learn some strategies to take home with you that will help you combat this use disorder.

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, they utilize the SMART Recovery approach among other evidence-based practices when it comes to recovering from substance use disorders or compulsive behavior disorders.

Find Long Term Sobriety at a Non 12 Step Rehab

Most rehabs utilize the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, or some other form of those 12 steps. Seeing that AA and NA and the 12 step offerings are actually spiritually based programs turns a lot of people off.

This is why at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we utilize the SMART Recovery approach to understanding our behaviors and compulsions. There isn’t ever any need for spirituality in order to work the SMART Recovery program, and finding long term sobriety at a non 12 step rehab is absolutely possible.

The main point is finding what works for you. Coming to the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii for treatment sounds like a wonderful treat, and with the bonus of possibly never having to use, drink, or act compulsively again, it can be a deeply meaningful experience too.

If you have any more questions or concerns about Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, please reach out to their Intake Coordination staff today to find out any more information. Your next trip to Hawaii could be the best trip you’ve ever taken in your life, especially if you come back a healthier happier you, so call now!

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.