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Our private grounds, luxury setting, and holistic approach to treatment help you to relax, rediscover your authentic self and heal the root causes of addiction.

  • Individualized Treatment
  • Private, 8-Bed Residential Program
  • Safe, Medically-Supervised Detox
  • Located on the Beautiful Big Island of Hawaii
  • Insurance Accepted

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Real deep level effectiveness, excellent caring staff, unique and life changing program. This program is different than anything else out there. It really helped us address the deepest underlying issues to make permanent changes in our lives.

Dr. Ken Jeremiah

Dr. Ken Jeremiah PGA (Author and Television Personality)
The staff, therapists, doctors, and patients at the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab are incredible. With ocean and volcano views and constant support, this facility helped me completely. I highly recommend it.”


We researched many treatment centers and thanks to you, I’m so glad that we selected Exclusive Hawaii Rehab for my wife’s alcohol addiction. The 30 days at your facility for her was incredible!

She absolutely loved the staff and the facility. They really took good care of her. I was apprehensive when she first went there but talking with her and hearing how good she was being treated and sounded gave me relief.

She has now been alcohol free for two months ~ 30 days at the center and 30 days back home. She is doing incredibly well. She’s back to being her normal, happy, positive self again.

Thank you Exclusive Hawaii Rehab!


The Exclusive excels at customized experiential therapeutic work, which focuses on the underlying issues of the substance abuse. The center is like a loving family; all the staff care deeply about their work.


Beautiful, serene property and cozy home. Every meal is made to order, with love and is so amazing. The staff are the most committed, loving, kind, people who are doing what they were born for.


These folks are the best in their field, and the facilities are incredible.

#1 Alcohol Detox Program – Honolulu

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab has the number one alcohol rehab program for residents of Honolulu because we are a luxury wellness center that offers a medically supervised detox, providing support every step of the way to keep you safe and comfortable.

Our team can manage medications, as well as provide evidence-based therapy and holistic treatments from day one in a fully integrated treatment program from day one of your time with us, drastically lowering the level of physical and emotional discomfort you will experience as the alcohol leaves your system and your body adjusts.

In our facility, we don’t use labels like “addict” or “alcoholic”, because these labels bring with them unhelpful negative stigmas, and they carry a lot of emotional weight. You are not your addiction. You are a complex and interesting individual with your own history, life, and personality, and we will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve throughout your treatment. We will not even talk about alcohol or addiction very much while you are with us. Rather, we will focus on mental health, physical health, nutrition, spiritual wellness, and finding a balance within yourself.

Our goal is to empower you to find the solutions within yourself, deciding which thought patterns and self-destructive behaviors (like drinking) no longer serve you and figuring out how to change your behaviors and mindset to become the person you want to be. You will learn to connect with your emotions, listen to your body, and self-regulate, without feeling the need to lean on drinking as a crutch any longer.

Detoxing from alcohol is a short-term solution to addiction, but to make lasting changes, a full 30-to-90-day rehab program is necessary, for the time and support to do the work from within yourself. For this reason, stopping drinking is not the focus of your detox and rehabilitation program, it is only the first step.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Why Choose Exclusive Hawaii Rehab for Alcohol Detox – Honolulu

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we provide benefits such as:

  • Helping you deal with your inner pain and your inner critic, as well as facing your trauma head-on so you can forgive and accept yourself to move forward
  • Treating your underlying causes of addiction without blame or fear
  • Being in a safe and sober environment full of welcoming and encouraging peers and professionals
  • Providing you with a new set of self-regulation and sobriety skills that will last your entire life
  • Showing you a new way to think so you can change the way you have been “programmed” to think by asking you to question your beliefs and values, and where they came from
  • A non-12-step environment that is non-didactic, instead of understanding you are an individual who cannot be forced into following the same steps as thousands of other people to “get better”
  • Trauma-informed care that works through collaboration and trust. You are the expert on your own wellness, and we will be there to guide you, but never force you to do anything you don’t want to do
  • A strong team of medical, psychological, and holistic professionals who can help you in all aspects of your wellness for a whole-patient approach to healing

Some of the different types of treatments we offer include:

  • Person-centered therapy
  • Emotional freedom technique (EFT)
  • Nature immersion
  • Trauma-informed therapy
  • Stimulus belief response therapy
  • Mission therapy
  • Life contract
  • Art therapy and journaling
  • Redefining self-narration
  • Harm reduction methods
  • Hawaiian traditional therapies (Ho-oponopono)
  • Customized diets with vitamin supplements, individualized, one-on-one health coaching, and education on food, lifestyle, hydration, and supplementation

There are also many treatments that can help you work through emotions and stress through experiences. Weather and season-permitting, you may experience:

  • Dolphin therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Hiking active volcanoes and waterfalls
  • Visiting botanical gardens
  • Walks around the grounds
  • Zip-lining
  • Visiting the beach for sunbathing or snorkeling
  • \Surf therapy

Alcohol Detox for High Functioning Alcoholics- Honolulu

A high-functioning alcoholic is defined as a person who had a substance use disorder and is addicted to drinking alcohol but does not seem affected by this addiction from an outside perspective. They may have a great job, family, home, and friends, seeming to have it all together. Many high functioning alcoholics have a higher tolerance to alcohol and can perform their daily tasks without seeming drunk. Some signs you may be a high functioning alcoholic include:

  • Feeling like you need a few drinks to get through the day, drinking alone or drinking in the morning
  • Continuing to drink even when it begins to cause issues in relationships, work, and your health
  • Lying to yourself about how much you drink by comparing yourself to others who drink more, or hiding it by drinking high-end alcohol at upscale events
  • Avoiding or getting defensive about criticism about how much you drink
  • Falling behind on work, classes, and other responsibilities, or missing important events due to being drunk or hungover
  • Getting drunk when you didn’t mean to
  • Keeping alcohol around at work, on your person, or around the house
  •   Beginning to take ill-advised risks like driving while under the influence or going to work drunk
  • Constantly thinking about when your next drink will be
  • Being unable to stop or cut back without experiencing withdrawal symptoms

If these signs sound familiar to you, it could be time to consider coming to rehab.

Private Alcohol Treatment Program for HNW individuals – Honolulu

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we understand the unique needs our guests have when it comes to privacy, as many of our guests are executive, celebrity, or high net worth individuals who are in the public eye. A damaged reputation can cause negative repercussions in many people’s lives, and so we ensure your confidentiality is upheld throughout your treatment.

With our high staff-to-patient ratio, allowing only eight guests onsite at one time, your level of service and treatment will be unparalleled. We will dedicate as much time to your needs as you like, providing a treatment plan that will best suit your unique needs as our expert practitioners support your detox and rehabilitation program.

Medically Supervised Alcohol Detox – Honolulu

Quitting alcohol is not a task that should be done at home or on your own, and quitting “cold turkey” can be a dangerous or even deadly endeavor. The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol detox include:

  • Anxiety and mood swings
  • Tremors
  • Uncontrollable sweating
  • Confusion or brain fog
  • Irritability
  • Nightmares
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Headache
  • Increased heart rate

The danger is that if you have been drinking for a long period of time, drinking very heavily, or if other health issues are present, you may experience seizures or even delirium tremens (DTs). DTs are dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can include:

  • Confusion
  • Agitation
  • High fever
  • Heart issues
  • Auditory hallucinations – hearing things that are not there
  • Tactile hallucinations – feeling like something is crawling under your skin
  • Visual hallucinations – seeing things that are not there

For this reason, our medical staff will be there for you with 24-hour care, ensuring, through oversight, medications, and other treatments, that you remain safe, without suffering as you detox. Therapy and counseling start on day one to help you begin the work of getting to the root of your addiction and dealing with pain and emotions that may come up.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

What Is Detox Like?

Detox at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is only provided after a full medical screening by an offsite doctor, to ensure it will be safe for you to proceed outside of a hospital setting. Once you are cleared, you will move into your comfortable clean room, and begin treatment. You will never be far away from medical and therapeutic care, and we will check in with you regularly to ensure you are doing well.

We also implement holistic treatments during this time, such as:

  • Supplements and a whole foods diet to rebalance your body’s vitamins and minerals
  • Bodywork like massage therapy, meditation, yoga and acupuncture to help relieve your anxiety and get the stress and toxins out of your muscles
  • Emotional release work and therapy will help you to find the underlying causes of your addiction and work through emotions and trauma
  • Gentle exercise and movement to help you sleep better, improve mental clarity and help your body to release toxins
  • Rest to allow your mind, body, and spirit to sink into your surroundings and accept the peace that the Hawaiian Islands can provide

How Long Does Detox Last?

Alcohol detox usually takes five to fourteen days, but because each of our clients is unique, and alcohol can affect everybody differently, there is not a specific schedule we can provide when it comes to detoxing. Some factors that influence the timeline include:

  • How long you have been drinking
  • The frequency and amount you were drinking
  • Genetic factors
  • Your history of drinking and relapse
  • Your health when you enter detox
  • Whether you were mixing alcohol with other substances

What Happens After Detox?

After detox is complete, you will ramp up your treatments with more individual and group therapy experiences, physical health and wellness treatments, holistic treatments, and counseling. Rehab is where you look inward to heal the underlying causes of your addiction like pain and trauma and learn new recovery skills that will last you a lifetime. You will live inside our facility for 30 to 90 days, allowing you to gain a new perspective on your life while you are away from the stress, triggers, people, and places that would usually cause a relapse.

You will learn to repair relationships and cultivate self-awareness and self-acceptance, becoming vulnerable, which will help you regain friendships, build trust with loved ones and create a strong network of support for yourself as you grow your community at home. Dual diagnosis treatments will help you address any co-occurring mental health issues that may present themselves alongside addiction.

The experience of inpatient treatment is only the beginning of your lifelong journey, and so we offer a virtual outpatient program that you can join within the first week after returning home. This is a virtual online program of 15 or 30 hours of treatment that can be used over the course of a year. This additional treatment will keep you on track in your recovery and can help with any ongoing issues or recurring difficulties you may have.

Exclusive & Secure Alcohol Detox Treatment – Honolulu

Our facility is secure and “paparazzi proof”, with a 24-hour security detail, motion-sensor cameras, and a fully walled perimeter. You cannot be seen from the road, and all of our staff is trained on top confidentiality measures.

Our exclusive environment features amenities like:

  • The facility – located in a tropical setting with lush vegetation on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is also known as the “healing island”, the facility boasts incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, palm trees, and Mauna Kea, an inactive volcano. It is on 52 acres of private land and is located conveniently close to Hilo International Airport and a private jet airport.
  •  The rooms – You will stay in a shared or private room that features large windows to let the sun in, a private lanai, a canopy bed with spotless linens, and a writing desk for home-like comfort
  • Living areas – there are public spaces throughout the facility where you can relax and connect with other guests if you wish
  • Holistic treatments – we offer holistic treatments and bodywork like massage therapy, nutritional counseling, yoga, equine therapy, holistic acupuncture, Pilates, exercise programs, etc.
  • The food – healthy, organic, whole, non-GMO food that is prepared by our four gourmet chefs is offered daily, made from local ingredients bought from farmer’s markets nearby

Honolulu Alcohol Detox for High Networth Individuals & Celebrities

Alcohol detox should not feel scary, intimidating, embarrassing, or shameful, nor should you feel uncomfortable. You are making the decision to better yourself as a person, making your own wellness a priority, and that should be celebrated. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we will do all we can to ensure you feel welcome, comfortable, and safe while you are in our care. We will treat you like the important, intelligent guest you are, providing:

  • luxurious amenities
  • excellent service
  • clean comfortable accommodations
  • and treatments that work

Rehab does not need to feel like a jail sentence, and we strive to provide you with the best possible care, including private workspace and flexible schedules for our executive clients, so you can work, take phone calls, use the internet, and attend online seminars and meetings without fear of interruption.

When you join the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, you will prove to yourself and those important to you in your life that you are dedicated to change and are willing to move forward in your life without depending on alcohol. You will address your underlying issues, stop your self-destructive behavior, and build yourself back up into the person you want to become. Call us today to learn more about the amenities we provide, and how we can get you into your own, tailored alcohol detox and rehabilitation program in our luxury or couples rehab facility in Hawaii. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.