Luxury Rehab for Residents of San Francisco

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Addiction Recovery , Addiction Treatment , Drug Addiction , Luxury rehab February 24, 2022

Luxury Rehab for Residents of San Francisco Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

Best Luxury Rehab For Residents in San Francisco – Alcohol, RX & Drugs

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is the best luxury rehab for San Francisco residents for the exceptional level of care placed into each patient’s individualized treatment plan that is created upon arrival. We value that each person has a unique history of substance abuse, whether you use alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription drugs, our licensed clinicians are specifically trained to use the latest in evidence-based treatment methods to help patients overcome their addiction to reach a new life foundation of sobriety. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

#1 Luxury Alcohol & Drug Rehab For Residents in San Francisco 

Luxury rehab provides San Francisco residents with an opportunity to heal from the root causes of their addiction through a multifaceted addiction treatment plan. While most industry-standard treatment centers will utilize a 12 step model for healing, our program is compiled of convention addiction therapy methods, alternative addiction treatment methods, and holistic practices. We believe that addiction treatment needs to be a whole person integrated approach to assist patients in healing from addiction within their body, mind, and soul. 

San Francisco residents will be invited to participate in some or all of the following addiction treatment methods:

When you combine all these methods of addiction treatment, you will be able to fully grasp what has been fuelling your addiction all along. Patients will be able to heal from their past to pave the way for a future in sobriety with the tools and skills for relapse prevention and sober living. 

Why Choose The Exclusive San Francisco for Private Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab offers San Francisco residents an opportunity to heal from their addiction within a private, remote location that takes them away from their busy everyday life. It is easy to become distracted or tempted when you are enmeshed within society. Our treatment facility is located on a private, 30-acre estate that is surrounded by stunning views of the pacific ocean and dormant, snow-capped volcanoes in the distance. We designed our treatment facility to keep the prying eyes of the public out to allow you the time and space you need to address what is at the root of your addiction with walled perimeters, onsite security guards, and cameras in a place for your safety, you can rest assured that your healing journey will remain private and confidential. 

How Long Is High End Rehab?

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab believes that healing from addiction takes time as your drug or alcohol addiction did not develop overnight neither will your alcohol or drug treatment. Your length of time in high-end rehab will be dependent on your unique circumstances and goals for recovery. If you have been engaging in drug and alcohol use for a long period of time, you may wish to spend longer within rehab. Others may have recently begun their substance abuse and feel that they wish to have a shorter period of time to address their addiction. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab supports San Francisco patients to be the ones that guide their way in treatment and allow you to choose how long you stay within high-end rehab. 

30, 60, 90 Day Luxury Rehab For Residents in San Francisco 

At a minimum, we ask that patients stay within our luxury rehab for 30 days. This allows patients enough time to get comfortable within their new surroundings, build trust and rapport with our licensed clinicians, and engage in the therapeutic processes. After your 30 days, you will be invited to extend your stay should you wish to have more time to participate in the various addiction treatment methods. Patients can extend their stay by 30-day increments for up to 90 days. 

60 Day Luxury Rehab For Residents in San Francisco 

Those San Francisco residents that are wanting a luxury rehab experience that is in between a short-term and long-term stay will often choose a 60-day luxury rehab program. This allows you the time you need to address the emotions and traumas of your past that have influenced and impacted your drug and alcohol addiction. Additionally, patients will have the opportunity to engage in various educational group processes and one on one sessions that will assist them in developing the skills for emotional regulation and relapse prevention. 

90 Day Luxury Rehab For Residents in San Francisco 

Drug or alcohol addiction often has many layers underneath it that need to be unpacked during alcohol or drug rehab. A 90-day luxury rehab provides patients with ample time to participate in trauma therapy to address the underlying traumas and emotions that have impacted their ability to respond to triggers and remain sober. San Francisco residents that are experiencing addiction and mental health concerns will be able to address both compounding concerns through a dual diagnosis treatment program. Through a dual diagnosis treatment program, patients will be able to address their addiction while learning new methods of treating their co-occurring disorder through natural, holistic practices. 

Luxury Alcohol Rehab For Residents in San Francisco 

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab offers residents of San Francisco an alcohol rehab program that focuses on healing from your alcohol addiction within your body, mind, and soul. Once you arrive, our team of physicians, naturopathic doctors, and addiction clinicians will get to know your unique history with alcohol use to create an individualized alcohol rehab program that will maintain your safety and comfortability as you go through your alcohol detox and alcohol rehab program. Through holistic treatment approaches, our team will help to regain your physical health through nutritional therapy and vitamin and mineral supplementation and keep your body fuelled and strong through weekly excursions that will have you enjoying the sights of Hawaii while engaging you physically and mentally. 

Luxury Drug Rehab For Residents in San Francisco 

When you first arrive, you will meet with one of our onsite physicians to go over your history of drug use, family history of drug use, and any predisposing medical concerns. This information will help us create a drug detox and rehab program that will help you safely remove the influences of drugs with the medical supervision of our onsite nurses and doctors. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is unique as we believe that your rehab program begins the first day you enter into detox. Our counselors will be by your side throughout your detox to help you navigate the emotions that are arising for you and keep you focused on obtaining your goals for recovery. 

Drug addiction affects individuals within their whole person and requires an in-depth approach to addiction treatment. We offer patients opportunities to engage in unique therapeutic activities that will allow them to explore the beauty of Hawaii while engaging their physical and emotional wellbeing through experiential therapy that can include activities such as dolphin therapy, surf therapy, equine therapy, and exploring the Hawaiian landscape of volcanoes and botanical gardens. 

Luxury Prescription Drug Rehab For Residents in San Francisco 

Prescription drug use often begins as a means to treat a co-occurring disorder including mental health disorders or physical ailments that require pain management. We support patients in healing from the following prescription drug addictions:

  • Opioids 
  • Benzodiazepines 
  • Prescription stimulants 
  • Sleeping medications 

San Francisco residents will engage in a dual diagnosis treatment program that will address your original medical concern that led to your prescription drug use. Patients will learn methods of treating their co-occurring disorder through holistic and alternative treatments while diving deeper into the root causes of your addiction., 

What Makes The Exclusive San Francisco The Best Executive- Luxury Rehab For Addiction Treatment?

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is the best luxury rehab for San Francisco residents for the top-tier addiction treatment methods and highly qualified and knowledgeable addiction counselors. As you engage in your drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you will have access to luxury amenities including private bedrooms with stunning views out your private lanai off your bedroom. We honor the busy lives and high demands of your executive patients and allow our patients to have access to their personal electronics and cell phones so that you can maintain your work commitments as you participate in the healing experience of luxury rehab. 

Why HNW Individuals Choose The Exclusive City name For Rehab

High net worth individuals choose Exclusive Hawaii Rehab to heal from their addiction for the emphasis placed on healing from addiction within a private setting that offers high-level amenities and services for patients. Patients have access to personal chefs and nutritionists that provide patients with the nutritional sustenance needed to regain their physical strength and wellbeing.  Luxury rehab provides San Francisco residents a healing experience within an environment that resembles a wellness retreat and private oasis to peacefully address their drug and alcohol addiction and gain the tools for a healthy life in recovery. 

Why Celebrities & High Profile Individuals Choose The Exclusive City name for Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Celebrities and high profile individuals choose Exclusive Hawaii Rehab to heal from their alcohol and drug rehab due to the small number of patients we support at one time. You won’t have to worry about being in an overcrowded treatment center as there are 8 patients at one time within our treatment facility. Our program is specifically geared towards high net worth and executive patients so you can rest assured that you won’t be healing from your alcohol or drug addiction with members of the general public. You will have support from other like-minded individuals who understand the need for privacy and discretion. The team at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is dedicated to providing you a safe haven to heal from the depths of your addiction and reclaim your passion for life again within our luxury rehab. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.