Luxury Rehab for Residents of Los Angeles

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Luxury rehab February 15, 2022

Luxury Rehab for Residents of Los Angeles

Best Luxury Rehab for Residents of Los Angeles – Alcohol, RX & Drugs

Taking the courageous step to get help for your addiction is a decision that should be honored by providing you with the best in addiction therapy methods. When you think of going to rehab, many will envision an institutional-like setting that lacks the personal connection and value placed on each individual’s experience and worth. Choosing to heal from your addiction within a luxury rehab means that you will have access to highly qualified therapists who are trained with the latest in addiction research and methodologies for detox and rehab treatment. While other industry-standard treatment centers are overcrowded and view patients as just another number, luxury rehabs offer individualized treatment programs that place an emphasis on your specific needs and intellect level.  By providing comprehensive approaches to treatment that resonate with your current emotions and comprehension, Los Angeles residents will engage in a rehab program that offers a variety of service delivery methods that target healing from addiction within your body, mind, and spirit all while staying within a private, destination setting. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Why Los Angeles Residents Choose Exclusive Hawaii Rehab for Private Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab has been the top choice for Los Angeles residents due to the emphasis placed on each individual patient receiving the highest level of care that is specific to their own unique circumstances and needs. While other treatment centers use the 12 step model for healing from addiction, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab uses non 12 step methods that focus on treating the patient rather than treating the addiction. We believe that addiction is a personal disease that has developed within each individual person for their own unique, underlying causes. Patients will receive a combination of traditional talk therapy, holistic therapy practices, and alternative therapy methods that will have them immersed in the culture and nature of Hawaii. Patients are able to receive a well-rounded therapy plan that will be sure to assist in healing from your addiction physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

How Long Is High End Rehab?

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab recognizes that addiction has multiple layers to unpack throughout rehab and that this process can take time. Patients are invited to start your rehab program with us for a minimum of 30 days. This will allow patients enough time to get comfortable within our luxury rehab and begin to fully engage in the various therapeutic methods offered within our facility. Research has proven that to make a long-lasting change, you will need 28 days of implementing the change in order for it to become ingrained in your daily routine. 

As you partake in the rehab process, you may recognize that you need more time to fully engage in the therapeutic process. We invite our patients to extend their time with us by 30-day increments, should you require more time for the healing process. Oftentimes, your addiction has developed from accumulated troubling emotions or traumas which take time to unpack and heal from. Patients are welcome to stay up for up to 90 days. The more time you have within our center, the more you will be able to engage in specialized therapy methods including dual diagnosis treatment or trauma therapy. The more you are able to heal from your past, the more likely you are to set yourself for a healthy, stable future in sobriety. 

Luxury Alcohol Rehab for Los Angeles Residents

Alcohol is one of the most commonly used substances within the United States. It is also one of the most addictive substances that can pose potential threats should you attempt to quit your use of alcohol on your own. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab offers Los Angeles residents an alcohol rehab program that will help them safely detox from alcohol with the support of our highly qualified team of licensed medical professionals and addiction clinicians. As you work through your alcohol rehab program, you will be able to engage in holistic treatment methods that will teach you alternative coping strategies that can even be used when you transition back home after completing your alcohol rehab program. Our aim is to empower each patient to recognize their potential and develop a new life foundation that is enriching and meaningful. 

Luxury Drug Rehab for Los Angeles Resident

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab provides a drug rehab program that emulates a wellness retreat as you reside within our luxury rehab center. A life consumed with drug addiction provides many barriers and challenges and we recognize that each patient has had their own unique story with addiction that has brought you to our facility. Through our whole-person integrated approach to treatment, you will be supported in identifying what has been at the core of your addictive behaviors and impacting your ability to respond to stressors in life without using drugs as a means to cope. As you engage in the exclusive methods of treatment offered within our facility, you will rediscover your passion for life again through extensive personal growth and transformation within drug rehab. 

Luxury Prescription Drug Rehab – Los Angeles

Prescription drugs have made a significant impact within the medical profession to support patients in treating their physical, mental, or behavioral concerns. The downside of these medications is that when someone is already at risk for developing an addiction due to previous trauma, emotional turmoil, or predisposing factors, these highly addictive prescription drugs can open the door to an addiction that you did not anticipate. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we want to support Los Angeles residents in addressing your addiction including the root causes for it while also helping you develop the tools you need to effectively manage your co-occurring disorder through holistic, natural methods that will maintain your optimal health while keeping you on track for sobriety. 

What Makes Exclusive Hawaii Rehab The Best Executive- Luxury Rehab For Addiction Treatment ?

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab offers Los Angeles residents a luxury rehab program that is unlike any other. As you address the underlying causes and triggers to heal from your addiction, you will be surrounded by the picturesque views of the lush Hawaiian greenery and the captivating views of the pacific ocean. Patients are offered opportunities to explore Hawaii and all its beauty through nature immersion and experiential therapy where you will be invited to partake in excursions such as dolphin therapy, surf therapy, days spent at the beach, hiking active volcanoes, and walking through world-renowned botanical gardens plus many more exhilarating and immersive opportunities. 

Throughout your days that are spent within our facility, you will be able to engage in the following traditional and holistic therapy methods:

  • Stimulus Belief Response 
  • Mission therapy 
  • Life contract 
  • Nutritional therapy 
  • Personal development 
  • Journaling 
  • Art therapy 
  • Person centered therapy 
  • Trauma therapy 
  • Emotional freedom technique 
  • Traditional hawaiian therapies including Ho’oponopono
  • Pilates 
  • Yoga
  • Craniosacral therapy 
  • Acupuncture 
  •  Massage therapy 

Why Celebrities, High Profile and HNW Individuals Choose Exclusive Hawaii Rehab for Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is the first choice for celebrity and high-profile individuals due to the emphasis we place on patient privacy and discretion. Each staff member that is employed with us is hand-selected to ensure that they meet the criteria and training needed for keeping patient confidentiality and remaining focused on the patient’s journey of recovery rather than your social status. We also recognize that you are used to your life being displayed within the public eye and have put security measures in place so that you can feel confident that your journey with us will remain with us. Our facility is designed to be paparazzi-proof with on-site security guards monitoring the estate, security cameras throughout the grounds, and a walled perimeter around our facility that will keep the eyes of the public out of your personal journey to recovery. 

With only 8 patients in our facility at one time, you can rest assured that you will be given the proper time and attention you need to fully heal from your addiction and set a path for a new life foundation. Contact Exclusive Hawaii Rehab today to hear more about the individual treatment program that we are waiting to develop for you and help you achieve the healing journey for sobriety you are looking for.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.