Looking for a Non-12-Step Eating Disorder Program in Hawaii

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Eating Disorders , Non 12 Step January 18, 2023

Are you looking for an effective eating disorder program in Hawaii? Eating disorders can have a significant impact on your overall health and well-being. Taking the right steps toward recovery requires looking into the right programs, and that’s why it’s important to research your options carefully. There are non-12-Step Eating Disorder Programs available in Hawaii, offering compassionate, comprehensive treatment services designed to help you overcome the challenges associated with an eating disorder. By looking into these program offerings, you can take action towards making a positive change in your life and beginning your path to recovery.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

What is a 12-Step Eating Disorder Program

A non-12-step eating disorder program is a program designed for those individuals suffering from an eating disorder. It provides members with the tools and support needed to overcome the disorder and lead healthier, more positive lives. This program works by helping individuals understand how their disorder has affected their life, recognize that they can manage their recovery, and develop better-coping mechanisms for dealing with intense emotions or situations that may otherwise cause them great emotional pain. It also helps members develop healthy relationships with food and themselves, allowing them to gain control over their eating habits once again. The program encourages its participants to practice self-care through peer support, nutrition advice, therapy sessions, and goal-setting activities. With the help of these 12 steps, individuals can find balance in their lives and reclaim autonomy over their bodies – hopefully concluding in a successful recovery.

Why a Non-12-Step Eating Disorder Program is Greater Individualized

When searching for a program to help you down your path of recovery, it is important to choose one that provides personalized care, tailored to your unique needs. While 12-step programs have become popular over the years, when it comes down to individualized and effective help, non-12-step programming is often a better option. In these programs, the teams are dedicated to providing personalized attention and care to ensure that each individual is given the best chance at successfully meeting their goals. With this more individualized approach, you can be certain that your program not only understands who you are as an individual but also has the ability to give you specialized programmatic tools and strategies so that you can succeed in overcoming addiction.

A non-12-step eating disorder program is tailored to the individual, providing a more personal program than a 12-step program. Utilizing an evidence-based approach, these programs focus on topics such as nutrition, fitness, body image issues, and psychological factors. Unlike anonymous support groups that are popular with twelve-step programs, a non-twelve-step program typically provides clients with one-on-one counseling and focuses on identifying the root cause of their eating disorder. Each program consists of an individualized treatment plan that works with each person’s strengths and needs to effectively treat the disorder. The caring approach from providers coupled with an effective program tailored to the uniqueness of each individual allows maximum effectiveness while providing clients with the best program possible.

Caring for an individual with an eating disorder requires a tailored and individualized program of support. Our non-12-step eating disorder program is supported by experienced professionals who can help the individual to address their beliefs, values, attitudes, and environment. Such a program will also involve family and friends, addressing physical and emotional effects which affect the individual’s overall health. A program designed to provide a customized approach based on the individual’s needs can bring about positive changes and progress in treating an eating disorder. Therefore, it is essential to have an individualized plan of care with close supervision when caring for someone with an eating disorder.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Exclusive Hawaii’s Rehab Non-12-Step Eating Disorder Program

The 12-step model has been proven to be effective in aiding people on the path toward recovery, however, it is not for everyone – particularly those with co-occurring mental health issues. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we take a different approach and offer a non-12-step program that focuses on addiction treatment and mental health care. While we recognize the support community offered by this traditional model of rehab, our Community Outreach Program provides an opportunity for clients to find suitable groups that can aid their journey after leaving rehab.

We recognize the necessity of a custom-tailored course of treatment with our non-12-step approach that works best for treating substance use disorder. Our model is proven to be both efficient and effective in restoring people back to good health.

We believe that our non-12-step eating disorder program is the right way to treat you. Through our excellent staff of mental health and addiction professionals, we tailor each plan to fit your individual needs. No two individuals have the same story and that is why we provide completely personalized plans for our clients. Our non-12-step programs are touted as best in class when it comes to substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment because of the one-on-one guidance from practitioners who truly care about their client’s success. With individually tailored programs and non-12-step guided plans, those in need will find stability thanks to the attentive treatment here at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab.

Our priority is to provide you with the nutrients, supplements, and herbs that will allow your body to naturally heal and improve your physical well-being. Rather than relying on pharmaceuticals to address eating disorders or addictions, we believe in treating the root causes of mental health issues so you can lay down a solid foundation upon which a healthy lifestyle can be built – one where you have all the necessary tools at hand for thriving.

Our non-12-step program focuses on addiction treatment and mental health care. While we recognize the support community offered by this traditional model of rehab, our Community Outreach Program provides an opportunity for clients to find suitable groups that can aid their journey after leaving rehab.

What to Know About Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

Along with eating disorders, Exclusive Hawaii’s Rehab also treats those struggling with drugs, alcohol, anxiety, and PTSD. Rather than just treating the addiction, our alcohol and drug rehab program focuses on you as an individual. We know that there is much more to a person’s identity beyond their addictive behaviors and will strive to understand and address the root causes of your dependency issues. From substance use disorders to eating disorders or mental health conditions, we recognize how complex these challenges can be – but with us, you are not alone in facing them.

We value the importance of collaboration in healing and see ourselves as collaborating colleagues. We are not here to impose strict regulations or beliefs but instead provide assistance and confidence while you learn how to find solutions on your own terms. Furthermore, we offer guidance when it comes to acting upon a sober lifestyle that is tailored specifically for you.

At our clinic, we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. We use a tested method of self-discovery that allows each individual to uncover their own patterns and blockages preventing them from achieving well-being. Our team will help you craft your vision for recovery and provide guidance as you take steps toward reaching it. Join us on this journey of finding holistic healing.

You are not defined by your circumstances. You can take control of this process and determine what works best for you. We will challenge you to look beyond just the surface level and ask yourself if the methods that have been utilized in the past are still beneficial today. Our advice does not come from a place of judgment, but rather one of support as we aim to empower you on this journey toward success.

Why Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a Luxury

Fighting an eating disorder in Hawaii is a luxury due to its natural beauty, perfect weather, and secluded nature. The combination of blue skies, abundant sunshine, and crystal clear waters can create a calming environment for those struggling with their mental health. Additionally, the secluded nature of Hawaii allows individuals with eating disorders plenty of room to focus on their recovery without feeling overwhelmed. So if you’re looking for a luxury experience while also trying to make progress toward genuine healing, Hawaii may be the perfect place to start your journey.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab privates a setting that is the perfect place to relax and recharge. Immerse yourself in nature, draw from its peaceful atmosphere, and let your worries wash away like the waves of the ocean. A holistic experience awaits you; reconnect with yourself on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. The private surroundings ensure a discreet and private haven for the total indulgence of the senses where you can truly heal in an unparalleled location. Hawaii provides an exclusive environment like no other.

Exclusively nestled in the bosom of nature, an exquisite private Hawaii rehab offers you the spacious opportunity to restore your peace and connection with yourself. With only eight beds and many private acres of peaceful space, this tranquil experience successfully supports your healing process as you start journeying through profound private healing journeys ahead. Surveying nature’s grandeur around you will gradually grow your private capacity over time to accept love and joy while discovering insights within yourself that are meaningful and worthwhile.

Our unique facility in Hawaii is a secluded paradise, ideal for eliminating all distractions so that our patients can concentrate on their healing and personal growth. To take full advantage of the stunning environment we offer weekly excursions such as visiting waterfalls, hiking around volcanoes, exploring renowned botanical gardens, and even dolphin therapy or surf therapy! With us, you will have an exclusive experience to kickstart your journey toward establishing a new life foundation.

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we provide our esteemed clients with exceptional amenities that have earned us the title of ‘the best’ luxury treatment center. Our services are unparalleled among other luxury alcohol rehabs and extend to support those struggling with not only alcohol addiction but drug addiction, anxiety, dual diagnosis and eating disorders as well. For high-net-worth individuals seeking an exclusive detox or rehabilitation experience in a comfortable setting – our facility is your destination! In addition to providing rehab services, we provide all the incredible amenities of a wellness retreat, such as:

  • A tranquil, tropical Hawaiian location, with views of the Pacific Ocean, the dormant volcano Mauna Kea, and palm trees
  • Shared or private accommodations that include your own private lanai
  • Excellent staff-to-patient ratio, with only 8 beds available at any one time, guaranteeing there will be somebody there for you when you need them, no matter the time of day
  • Nature immersion and experiential therapies, with (seasonal and weather-dependent) weekly excursions that may include hiking to waterfalls, visiting world-renowned botanical gardens, visiting the beach for sunbathing and snorkeling, hiking active volcanoes, and surfing.
  • A naturopathic doctor who can not only prescribe medication but also identify nutritional deficiencies through bloodwork, and help balance your body and mind with supplements and nutrient intake
  • Executive chefs on staff, serving food from local farmer’s markets that are non-GMO and organic whenever possible
  • An extremely private location
  • Close proximity to Hilo International Airport, with a private jet airport nearby as well
  • Holistic treatments that include massage therapy, acupuncture, guided meditation, yoga, and exercise programs to help you relax, rest and rehabilitate

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Let us Help You At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

Seeking help for eating disorders, substance abuse, anxiety, and PTSD is critical to help those affected. Don’t wait any longer if you or a loved one is struggling with these issues. Timely help can reduce the overall impacts of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as help diminish the symptoms of anxiety and PTSD. You have the power to seek help whenever you are ready and remember that seeking help for yourself isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. Your health matters and your well-being should come first.

Everyone deserves help when it comes to addiction issues, and now you can find help in the beautiful island setting of Hawaii. Call Exclusive Hawaii Rehab today to get all the help you need in a caring, supportive environment. Surrounded by luxury settings and a highly trained staff, your time in rehab will be comfortable and help you kick-start a successful path toward sobriety. Don’t wait any longer — call Exclusive Hawaii Rehab today at (808) 725-2838 and start getting truly life-changing help.