Exclusive Hawaii Is A Luxury Drug Rehab Near Oahu

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Addiction Treatment December 21, 2022

Yes, Oahu can provide the perfect landscape for someone in search of a healing environment and struggling with substance abuse. But, what differentiates a traditional drug rehab from a luxury drug rehab near Oahu? Choosing a luxury drug rehab near Oahu can offer more benefits, private accommodations, individual support, and experimental treatments. Luxury care can come in the form of private living quarters, around the clock staff, and unique therapies that focus on the whole individual and not just the disorder. Going to a luxury rehab in Hawaii can provide a private and peaceful environment to help clients keep their focus on personal inward growth without shared distraction. Oftentimes top professionals and experienced staff members provide around-the-clock patient care and guidance. Unique Nature Immersion Therapies such as surfing, hiking, and canoeing are also utilized in luxury facilities as they can provide the means and support to do so. Another factor to consider in choosing a public, private, or luxury mental health facility for yourself or a loved one is the amount of time and support needed for recovery. One of the biggest benefits in choosing a luxury rehab is being able to choose the amount of time in care needed. With public or state facilities, a set period of time is allotted for treatment- such as 30 day programs. With aftercare or support after completion of mental health treatment, most often not included or even offered. However, by choosing a luxury drug rehab in Oahu, such as Exclusive Hawaii, the opposite is found. Clients at a luxury rehab choose the kind of treatments and programs needed, for as long as needed. 

A Luxury Drug Rehab Near Oahu That Utilizes The Best Treatments Available

Drug addiction can be caused by a culmination of risk factors that include biology, genetics, environment, access to drugs, peer pressure, and the development where biological and environmental factors interact at crucial developmental stages. For these reasons, the popular 12-step method of treating addiction is not always effective. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that a personalized approach is required to effectively treat addiction and that “no single treatment is appropriate for everyone”, which is why the rigid 12-step model doesn’t work for everyone. For the most part drug rehabs will offer traditional forms of treatment such as; Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, as well as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). But, while these types of treatments have proven to be successful, there are others successful just as well that are less conventional and more holistic. Only a luxury drug rehab near Oahu, Exclusive Hawaii for example, will most often combine the best evidence-based treatments with powerful and transformative holistic experimental therapies to treat the whole client. Let’s explore the unique modalities and programs offered at a luxury drug rehab near Oahu that incorporates its beautiful location in paradise for healing and recovery. 

Nature Immersion – While it’s easy to think that we humans are separate from nature, we are as much a part of nature as every other lifeform on this planet. Our homes, city landscapes, and offices serve important purposes but they also tend to separate us from nature and ultimately, ourselves – which has been shown through many studies to have a negative impact on our mental health. The idea that nature is a form of medicine that our bodies and minds need is rooted in our intimate connection with our natural surroundings and the life that flourishes there. By immersing yourself in nature at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we help you to reconnect with your own true nature in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world – Hawaii. So often, an individual experiencing substance abuse feels lost and devoid of a healthy sense of self or purpose in their life. Nature, so intimately connected within each of us, has been proven to be powerful and transformative in the healing process. Especially when the struggling individual begins to understand the deeper significance of certain experiences tied in with their substance abuse. Whether it be the quieting of the Ego/Mind, separation from a triggering environment, or listening to soothing sights and sounds- Nature Immersion has its successful role in the recovery path. Which is precisely why Exclusive Hawaii is a luxury drug rehab near Oahu that provides the perfect environment for whole self healing and recovery. 

Rebalancing The Central Nervous System – Frequent drug or alcohol abuse alters the function of the central nervous system – one of the most important systems in the body. Substance abuse can cause chemical imbalances, tissue damage, impede the function of vital organs, affect neurotransmission, and damage nerves. Mentally, the central nervous system plays a complex and interconnected role in how we process trauma and stress. Stressors can overload your nervous system which prevents the processing of trauma. The traumatic energy is known to be stored in the connective tissue, organs, and muscles through the central nervous system. Restoring balance to the central nervous system can help the body and mind to heal from the damage that drug addiction has caused. While science has proven this connection, only a luxury drug rehab in Oahu may utilize and incorporate treatment for rebalancing the central nervous system for clients. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Why Exclusive Hawaii Is The Best Luxury Drug Rehab Near Oahu

At Exclusive Hawaii we believe that immersion in nature can be a spiritual and transformative experience, hence why we include the abundance of nature found in idyllic Hawaii. Our 30-acres of private grounds overlook unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean while a snow-capped dormant volcano sets the backdrop. We provide discreet drug rehab treatment for discerning & HNW individuals that is secluded, executive, and exclusive. There may be other options for a luxury drug rehab near Oahu, but none can offer the elegance and client-centered programs of Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. At Exclusive Hawaii we offer a non-12 step approach to addiction treatment for clients seeking a more empowering and positive experience.  Every aspect of our luxury wellness retreat is designed with life-long lasting healing in mind. Together, we embark on a journey with clients to identify the underlying imbalances that are contributing to their substance abuse. Through a combination of therapy, nutrition, bodywork, and the healing power of nature we work to restore balance to an individual’s entire system. 

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a luxurious, private eight-bed, holistic luxury drug rehab in Oahu on Hawaii’s Big Island. Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience. Our facility has gone through a rigorous process and it’s ongoing to ensure we provide our clients with the best drug rehab care. In fact, we take pride that our clients have the peace of mind of knowing the Ohana is up-to-date on the latest research-based interventions. Our holistic approach emphasizes naturopathic treatment for transformational healing from the inside out. One of the biggest benefits in choosing a luxury drug rehab near Oahu is the seclusion and privacy provided. Our clients relax and feel safe knowing their privacy is being treated with the utmost discretion and respect. Our modalities of treatment are unmatched, as we rely on the very best of modern psychology to empower positive transformation and personal growth. Along with drug rehab, we also treat clients struggling with alcohol addiction, anxiety, dual diagnosis, and eating disorders. Although we are a rehab clinic first and foremost, we have all the incredible amenities of a wellness retreat.