Alternative Non 12 Step Approach to Alcohol Recovery

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Alcohol Addiction , Alcohol Detox March 29, 2023

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We at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab are here for the option of an alternative non 12 step approach to alcohol recovery. If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol, Exclusive Hawaii is here to help. Our foundation was built on the belief that everyone should have access to a comfortable and safe space for recovery. Our team of professionals consists of counselors, therapists, and clinicians who specialize in treating substance use disorders. We provide resources such as meal preparation and nutrition counseling, as well as education on relapse prevention skills. You don’t have to face your problem alone; we are here to walk with you through the difficult journey of recovery.

Alcohol is a Depressant

Consuming alcohol has an undeniable effect on a person’s state of mind, behavior, and overall functioning. While some people may use it as a form of relaxation, drinking can actually cause heightened anxiety and tension in the body. Alcohol is categorized as a Central Nervous System Depressant due to its ability to slow down neural activity by enhancing the effects of GABA – a neurotransmitter that helps regulate our moods.

Alcohol has a significant effect on the human body, leading to impairment such as slurred speech, lack of movement control, disturbed sensory perception, and delayed reactions. Additionally, it reduces an individual’s capacity for rational thought, decreases inhibitions, and affects judgment. If someone consumes too much alcohol in too short a period of time they can become so intoxicated that their central nervous system shuts down – resulting in coma or even death due to respiratory failure.

This Makes it Easy to Abuse Alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to addiction, as one drink may only provide temporary relief from anxiety or stress. This relief however is often short-lived because the depressant nature of alcohol actually creates further problems for the person drinking it, such as a harsh hangover with accompanying low mood and anxiety levels. Unfortunately, these symptoms make it more likely that the individual in question will reach for another alcoholic beverage in an attempt to escape them. It’s important for anyone struggling with alcohol addiction to seek professional help so that they can find better-coping mechanisms for managing their emotions instead of relying on this unhealthy habit.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Health Risks of Drinking

Binge drinking is a dangerous action that can have devastating consequences for both physical and mental health. It increases the risk of developing chronic diseases such as liver cancer or cirrhosis, and can even cause death. Additionally, heavy drinking can lead to brain damage and memory loss, problems with decision-making, and an increased risk of developing depression or anxiety over time. It is vital to be vigilant to protect our bodies from these risks by adopting responsible drinking habits. 

Maintaining the health of your body and mind is essential for overall well-being. Thus, drinking alcohol in moderation can be beneficial under certain conditions. It can even reduce cases of stress and some serious medical conditions. On the other hand, it is important to be aware of how much you are consuming and never exceed to binge drinking. Binge drinking not only causes various physical diseases but also has links to addiction. Addiction is a serious condition that requires long-term treatment or rehabilitation to completely recover from it. So if you want to be healthy and strong, then moderation in terms of alcohol consumption should be your ideal choice.

How an alternative Non 12 Step Approach to Alcohol Recovery is Different

A non 12 step approach to recovery is a valuable option for individuals looking to break the cycle of addiction. This alternative non 12 step approach to the alcohol recovery process offers an individualized pathway toward sobriety, focusing on personal goals and values while emphasizing self-empowerment. Non 12 step approaches provide clients with the chance to choose a path that suits their own needs and beliefs within a supportive, understanding environment. It can offer tools and resources that empower individuals struggling with substance abuse and provide them with the skills to move toward a healthier lifestyle, free from their addiction.

This recovery can provide excellent results for patients because it is truly tailored to their individual needs, providing personalized strategies that are based on their own life experiences, goals, and hopes for the future. This alternative non 12 step approach to alcohol recovery allows for a more holistic approach which results in a greater sense of empowerment and autonomy among patients. At the same time, these approaches use evidence-based techniques to help patients make meaningful changes in their lives and improve their ability to maintain their well-being. With this type of recovery, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution – instead, each patient’s individual strengths and capabilities form the basis of a plan designed uniquely for them with their best interests as the main focus.

The 12-step model of treating addiction has become popular, yet it is not always successful. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), an individualized program tailored to an addict’s specific needs is necessary for a more positive outcome in overcoming addiction – this meaning that one method does not work for everyone and thus why the rigid 12-Step model fails some individuals.

alcohol abuse

Exclusive Hawaii’s Alternative Non 12 Step Approach to Alcohol Recovery

Here at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we recognize how imperative individualized treatment can be and as such, provide non 12 step therapeutic models that safeguard the most proficient ways to address substance use disorder. We firmly believe in each person’s capacity for change and help create a firm foundation for success in long-term sobriety.

We customize our treatments and therapies precisely to your healing objectives, enabling you to gain strength through the recovery process and achieve maximum growth in all aspects of life. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we offer the perfect combination of modern psychotherapy and treatment models with a deep naturopathic and holistic approach. Our natural treatments will aid in your healing journey while nurturing both physical and mental growth – all powered by innovative medical techniques specifically designed to battle substance use disorder.

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we have an array of drug and alcohol addiction treatments with holistic therapies available to help you heal. Our services include:

Stimulus Belief Response: Stimulus-Belief-Response shows us that all stimuli are impartial and it is our response to these triggers which can be positive or negative. This model helps shift perspectives of ‘victimhood’ into a more empowered, advantageous mentality that will positively impact your personal growth and development.

Stimulus Belief Response is a treatment model that doesn’t focus on shame, punishment, or criticism. Instead, we strive to provide you with healthier alternatives and lasting sobriety by getting to the root of your problem rather than relying solely upon alcohol or drugs as solutions. Through this method, you will be able to experience greater self-empowerment and learn how to accept yourself for who you are.

Trauma-Informed Therapy: At our therapy center, we understand that addiction may be linked to trauma and instead of forcing you to confront it, we take a compassionate approach. We recognize the potential for traumatic memories and respect your wishes while still providing effective treatment tailored to address the underlying causes of your addiction.

By integrating trauma knowledge into our policies, procedures, and practices, we provide a much more comprehensive form of therapy. Trauma-informed care for substance disorders and mental health impacts individuals with a sense of autonomy through treatment that includes the power to make their own choices. Moreover, this type of care also encourages collaboration in order to ensure physical and emotional safety as well as create mutual trust between both parties by setting clear goals from the outset.

Harm Reduction: Our harm reduction program at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab centers on your dreams and goals as an individual so that addiction isn’t a life sentence but rather a part of your personal growth, allowing you to still take part in regular activities without the fear of returning to substance use disorder.

Harm reduction supports all steps taken in the right direction. Harm reduction may include behavioral models such as motivational interviewing (MI) to enhance a person’s ability and motivation for positive change. It supports self-efficacy, the building of refusal skills, and the setting of reasonable goals.

Experiential Therapy: We are proud to offer a holistic, comprehensive non 12 step approach to addiction treatment that involves experiential therapy. Through this form of therapy, we will help bring about positive transformation as intense emotions and trauma can be effectively processed and worked through. We have an array of “tools” at our disposal for healing, empowerment, and personal growth such as psychodrama techniques like poetry crafting or art making; animal interaction; outdoor activities; roleplay scenarios, and more.

Experiential therapy encourages people to take action rather than just talk about their issues, making it an integral part of our comprehensive approach to treating substance use disorder. This powerful technique helps patients move beyond talk and experience real healing results.

Emotional Freedom Technique or Neural Tapping: Combining various disciplines such as acupuncture, tai chi, yoga, and massages to improve the body-mind connection.

Person-Centered Therapy: Rather than just addressing the addiction, a treatment plan that focuses on individual needs can have an even greater impact.

Claiming a Life Purpose: Harnessing the power of self-reflection to transform and evolve into your best self.

Life Contract: To achieve equilibrium between our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual self is a fundamental part of being human. Striving for harmony amongst these four elements allows us to live more fulfilling lives.

Mission Therapy: Identifying yourself and devising a mission declaration that reflects your core values.


Narrative Therapy

Personal Development

Hawaiian Traditions (Ho’Oponopono): A grassroots endeavor to restore harmony and bring solace through ceremonial rituals is underway in the community.

Nature Immersion: Nature is an incredible resource for improving your overall well-being – both physically and mentally. Harness its power to feel refreshed, energized, and empowered!

Holistic Modalities: The healing power of alternative therapies such as craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, Pilates, yoga, and energy work/bodywork can be a powerful addition to your regular health routine.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Why Choose us for Your Recovery

Step into a safe haven where you can bravely confront your fears and begin your extraordinary journey. Unlike various alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, we emphasize an individual’s identity – not their addiction. We are conscious that anyone is more than just their addiction, hence why we pledge to treat everyone as unique individuals they are. Our team will investigate the root causes of any substance abuse, eating disorder issues, or mental health concerns permitting us to resolve them altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab?

Absolutely, health insurance companies must cover substance abuse treatment. Though each plan varies, we welcome both out-of-network and private pay options from the major providers. Please remember that those with private pay policies must make payment before beginning their program; once you finish your treatment process, the insurer will confirm and handle your claim for reimbursement. For verification of coverage details contact our knowledgeable addiction treatment experts at (808) 725-2065.

  • Do You Offer Alumni or Aftercare Program?

Aftercare is a vital step in the process of recovery. Rehab alone may not be enough to keep you on track for long-term sobriety when returning home, which is why we’ll craft a discharge plan before you leave our facility to ensure your successful reentry into society with continued abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Even if you’re unable to stay close by, we will help find ongoing support wherever it’s needed most in your community.

If you are struggling with substance abuse and don’t know where to turn, reach out for help today. Along with Exclusive’s alternative non 12 step approach to alcohol recovery, we offer many options that will fit each patient’s needs. The beautiful islands of Hawaii provide the perfect backdrop for your recovery journey. Here, we understand the importance of self care and want to support you in getting back on your feet. Our team of experienced professionals will treat you with kindness and acceptance, never making you feel judged or misunderstood. Don’t wait any longer – reclaim your life with us today! Call us at (808) 725-2065 or fill out our contact form.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.