7 Reasons to Choose a Destination Rehab

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Addiction Treatment December 27, 2021

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab 7 Reasons to Choose a Destination Rehab

What is a Destination Rehab?

Destination rehab is an opportunity for patients to enter into a tropical, serene location where you will be able to focus on your healing journey surrounded by picturesque views that enhance your ability to rest and rejuvenate. For some, it may be easier to completely remove yourself from your home environment and place you are from and place yourself in a new, remote area that allows you the privacy and freedom to solely focus on you and your personal journey for growth and recovery. 

A destination rehab will often give patients the opportunity to access a variety of different treatment methods that may not be available within your home city or state. You will have the freedom to choose the therapeutic approach that you know would be the most effective in assisting you in healing from the pains of addiction all the while residing in an environment that promotes peace and tranquility.

Choosing to get sober and enter into treatment does not equal a jail sentence. Your time in treatment can have opportunities for new experiences that are fun and engaging. A destination rehab will be able to show you ways that a life in sobriety can still be exhilarating, fun, and relaxing without having to turn to substances. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Where are Destination Rehabs Located?

Destination rehabs are often located in remote locations that boast beautiful weather and a tropical setting. When you think of relaxation and vacation hotspots, the image you see is one of the ocean views, lush landscape, and a private, secluded area where you can focus on your recovery journey in peace and solace. 

Benefits of Traveling to a Destination Rehab

When you are preparing to enter into an addiction treatment program, there are many benefits to choosing a rehab that removes you from your home area and places yourself in a new, fresh place to be able to hit the reset button on your life. 

  1. Travelling offers new perspectives- Removing yourself from the same environment that helped fuel your addiction is often an effective method of shifting your focus from your lifestyle and routine of substance use to a place where you can reinvent yourself for a newfound life in sobriety. 
  2. Choosing a destination rehab increases your chances of privacy and anonymity within the treatment center. When you attend an addiction treatment close to home, there are often concerns that you will be with other patients who may know you. Going outside of your home city or state will ensure that you will be surrounded by a group of individuals who don’t know you and are able to start a relationship with you at the beginning of your recovery journey. 
  3. Removing yourself from barriers or temptations- When you are in rehab within your own city, you still are surrounded by people, places, and things that were associated with your addiction. By going away to another place, you change the scenery around you while lessening the chances of being enabled or triggered by other individuals. 
  4. Diversity significantly impacts your experience- Traveling outside of your city allows you to meet others from all over the country or, in somes cases, other countries. This experience is often enriching to patients as you learn other cultures and values that other individuals have from diverse backgrounds. 
  5. Ample time for self reflection and growth- When you are in rehab within a serene setting that is removed from the daily environment you are used to, patients are able to give the care and attention they need to their progress and recovery. You will reside in an environment that fosters self reflection and self discovery. 
  6. Travelling to certain locations may provide specific therapeutic modalities- Not all treatment centers are the same with the types of therapy and methods of healing offered. By choosing a destination rehab, you can be selective about the therapy methods you want to have or other alternative methods of healing that are provided. 
  7. Different opportunities for engagement and amenities- While amenities aren’t the first thing that individuals think of when choosing a rehab center, it is an important piece. You want to make sure that when you are coming to treatment that you are comfortable and have much needed space for down time and relaxation. Destination rehabs often offer different methods of experiential therapy that will have you out enjoying the environment around you while also giving you different luxury amenities that may not be offered within your own home rehab center. 

Luxury Destination Rehab in Hawaii

At Exclusive Hawaii, patients are offered a truly unique experience to addiction treatment that exceeds industry standards. Patients are invited to come to our remote location that is situated on 30 acres of private land where you can feel safe and secure that your time with us will stay within our program. What puts our program aside from others is the approach we take to treatment, we believe that addiction is unique to each person and centered around their own negative core beliefs. Instead of focusing on a 12 step model, we encourage patients to gain an understanding of their beliefs and values that have impacted their ability to remain sober. Our patients have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and what fuels your passion through our unique, experiential therapy methods offered that will have you out enjoying the breathtaking and exhilarating views and activities throughout Hawaii. If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and get away to a truly serene rehab center that will help you heal from the inside out of your addiction, contact one of our friendly staff today. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.