Kirsten Larsen

Kirsten Larsen

Registered Nurse (RN)

Gentle and wise, Nurse Kirsten says that she loves to support people to heal through customized wellness programs while working with our physicians, dietician and therapy team. It shows! Clients appreciate Kirsten’s attentiveness and presence, as she listens and takes time to really hear. Isn’t that what nursing was originally meant to provide — full wrap-around care?

As a lifelong learner, Kirsten is open minded, well educated, and highly interested in exploring what works for each individual. She is as versed on natural plant medicine and diet as she is on pharmaceuticals, and she understands how emotions and beliefs affect physical health.

A mother of two (and grandma!) Kirsten loves to feed her family from her garden and fruit trees. Her love for gardening, preserving, planting trees, teaching other about wellness, hiking and traveling to different cultures make her a wonderful resource and a great example for living one’s own values and passions.

Born in Hawaii and living on the Hamakua Coast for the past 33 years, Kirsten also serves as an adept nature hiking guide at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab.