Jason De Guzman

Jason De Guzman


If you hear a warm laugh emanating from the kitchen, there’s a good chance you’re hearing Chef Jason. Jason’s joy for everything culinary-related can be felt whenever he’s at the center, and it shows in the meals he prepares.

Jason has worked in the culinary industry for over 15 years, many of those years being spent in fine dining. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Jason pairs his cooking expertise with the knowledge he gained from getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainable Food Systems from UC Berkeley. With experience in farming and permaculture as well, Jason can explain just about any part of a food’s journey to your plate!

Jason’s wish for our clients is to empower them through learning and engaging in the whole process of food and helping them “foster a connection to their food, diet, and themselves.”

Jason’s career as a chef has allowed him to live all around the country, learning different styles of cuisine from the various areas. Since 2014, Jason, his wife, and his daughter have called the Big Island home – he says the people, sunrises, expansive views, and waterfalls are what make their new home unlike any other place he’s lived.