Recovering from Mental Health Disorders in Paradise

If you’re struggling with a mental health disorder, you may feel like you have a lot of concerns and uncertainties when it comes time to seek mental health treatment. While a healthy response to any possible threat, fear isn’t always the most useful emotion. Luxury mental health facilities can offer a range of tools to help you regain your sense of safety, well-being, and self-esteem.

Knowledge and clarity can help ease some of these worries, and knowing what’s coming next can help minimize the anxiety you may experience. We’ve gathered a number of materials that may prove useful as you get ready to enter a residential mental health treatment center.

Keep reading to learn more about the offerings for mental health treatment and dual diagnosis at the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, and consider joining us at our luxury campus in paradise!

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Negative Stigmas Associated with Mental Health Treatment

Our views on mental health treatment centers have been formed by popular culture, yet these messages may not always be accurate. Don’t allow what you see on television to deter you from obtaining the help you need. We break down some of the myths about going into residential mental health treatment centers, and the truth that awaits you once you get over your apprehension.

Negative Stigmas Associated with Mental Health Treatment

You’re Not Isolated or Placed in a Padded Room

Horror movies and history books show a less-than-pleasant mental health treatment center experience that’s also less-than-accurate now. A luxury mental health treatment center will welcome you to warm, inviting, and comfortable lodging with outdoor spaces and secluded spots for moments of solitude.

You’ll have regularly planned treatment each day, but you’ll also have time to rest and recharge in pleasant living rooms, private bedrooms, or gorgeous gardens and courtyards.

You’re Not Cut Off from Loved Ones at a Mental Health Treatment Center

The comfort of personal connections is crucial to you and to your treatment team. That’s why a luxury mental health treatment center will likely provide you access to a computer and telephone to contact loved ones during your spare time.

Some luxury mental health facilities will also promote family visiting or enable you to bring a pet with you to therapy if that would be useful for your treatment plan. Some places also involve family therapy—of course, only if this is conducive to your recovery process.

You Don’t Spend Every Minute in Rigorous Therapy at a Luxury Mental Health Treatment Facility

Getting well is the primary objective of luxury mental health treatment, not becoming exhausted. Your day will include individual therapy sessions, rigorous group discussions, holistic and experiential therapies, yes—but also plenty of break time to unwind after all that serious thought. Residential mental health treatment isn’t always easy, but it should offer possibilities to treat every element of your being – the mind, body, and soul.

I’ll Relapse as Soon as I Leave Mental Health Treatment

Sometimes, our problems might be depressing and cause us to lose hope in our talents and lose faith in ourselves. We recognize that you may have wrestled with these challenges. Residential therapy is one of the finest methods you have to help yourself acquire confidence once more.

The hard work you perform in mental health treatment can assist increase your emotional baseline and help you feel more hopeful about your return to the “new normal.” The staff will be there for you on an ongoing basis, and you will learn a wide variety of coping mechanisms to use to help with any mental health disorder that’s at the center of your challenges.

I Can’t Afford to Give Up a Year of My Life

While luxury mental health treatment stays may vary in duration, we normally prescribe a program of 6 weeks or more to observe meaningful improvement in your symptoms and offer ample time to learn and practice coping techniques.

Residential mental health treatment requires sufficient time for the client to adjust to the environment, receive an accurate diagnosis, manage any necessary medication modifications, and engage in rigorous work across a variety of treatments. The duration of your treatment is flexible and may be adjusted based on different mental health disorders.

I Don’t Want to Be Put on Medication

Patient on Medication

Medication can be a powerful tool in the fight against addiction and certain mental health disorders, depending on the specifics of your situation. Your treatment team will work with you to understand your treatment history and symptoms of various mental health conditions and make a precise diagnosis.

When it is judged beneficial or required, a psychiatrist on staff will carefully monitor and give any new drugs. Treatment centers are secure, maintaining regulated settings where clients may be certain that they will get round-the-clock monitoring and treatment for any adverse mental health conditions. There is no better place to develop individualized treatment plans.

I’ll Feel Like an Outsider at a Luxury Mental Health Treatment Center

People from various areas of life attend a luxury mental health treatment center in an effort to enhance their emotional and psychological well-being and educate them on mental health disorders. Part of removing the stigma of mental health problems requires realizing that these difficulties touch everyone, and there’s much to be gained from people who are in comparable substance abuse or dual diagnosis treatment scenarios.

Knowing the facts about a luxury mental health treatment facility, which dispels these myths, and being prepared for the admissions process may make the search for treatment easier and less daunting.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

What Happens During the First Week at Luxury Mental Health Treatment Centers?

With a high-quality luxury treatment facility, you won’t have to worry about the logistics of enrolling in treatment since the admissions process is meant to be secure, simple, and quick. In general, this is the recommended sequence of events by most luxury treatment facilities:

Considering Inpatient Luxury Treatment Centers

For those in need of luxury mental health facilities and/or addiction treatment services, this is the first crucial step in entering a residential treatment facility. You or your loved one can call the luxury treatment center (in our case, Scott and his excellent Intake Coordination team) and ask any questions you have about the facility, the staff, or the individualized treatment plans we provide.

If you prefer, you may tour the treatment luxury treatment center with your loved ones to learn more about the services available. If they think your needs may be better handled elsewhere, most centers will work with you to help you identify other care options, and Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is happy to provide a range of options should our services not fit your individual or loved ones’ needs.

Discuss Solving Substance Abuse Mental Health Problems

Solving Substance Abuse Mental Health Problems

Your adventure actually begins when you decide to proceed with admission to a certain facility. An understanding admissions counselor will speak with you to determine your specific needs. Here is a chance to tell your treatment team exactly what you’re looking for and hope to get out of it. Even if this dialogue may barely skim the surface of your tale, it’s crucial to be as explicit as possible.

Handle the Required Specifics

When commencing therapy, you may pick an arrival date that works with your schedule. These days, it’s standard practice for treatment facilities to request a deposit from clients or their families before beginning any kind of care.

Then, before your official start date, you’ll be sent the necessary admissions papers to complete. Don’t worry if you have questions; the personnel at your treatment center is always willing to help. You’ll also receive a list of acceptable goods to bring with you before you begin treatment so that you can prepare properly.

A Warm Welcome on Arrival Day

A member of staff will meet you at the door when you first arrive for residential treatment and go over the admissions papers you filled out beforehand. During the onboarding process, you will learn more specifics about your program, and the treatment team will be available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Reviewing Your Luggage Items

A member of staff will always go over your bags with you to make sure you’ve brought nothing that won’t be allowed at the treatment facility. This is a vital step in reducing triggering circumstances for all residents at the facility and helps create a safe treatment environment for you and other clients.

Diagnostic Work at Luxury Mental Health Facilities

The first step in getting a proper diagnosis is having a thorough consultation with a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. Your doctor(s) will determine if you are experiencing chronic or acute symptoms using a mix of interviews and conventional psychological tests.

In the first week or two of therapy, you’ll engage with a caring team of specialists who will examine your personality, cognitive abilities, and other qualities to determine exactly what services you need. Starting from this solid groundwork, your unique treatment plan will be crafted.

You’ll be ready to tackle the next day with positivity after a satisfying dinner and a restful night’s sleep in your temporary quarters for the next two weeks. The first step on your path to mental and emotional health has been taken, and now you’ll dive right into the routine of a residential treatment client.

The Normal Schedule at our Luxury Mental Health Facilities

Schedule of a High-End Mental Health Treatment Center

A high-quality mental health care facility will give you a daily routine tailored to your specific needs in order to assist you to, achieve your primary treatment objective of enhancing your quality of life. You’ll gain health and stability gradually through a variety of therapies and enriching activities.



A good and hearty supper offers the energy your body needs to begin the day. As part of your plan, you’ll have access to a variety of nutritious food choices.


Take this time to ponder life’s bigger questions as you start your day. Journal about or dwell on what you aim to accomplish in therapy today, how you’re feeling, and what your expectations are.


Engage in a daily session with your primary therapist. Together you’ll dig into the nuances of your mental health journey to aid the healing process.


Somatic Experiencing (SE) therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) may be available at your treatment facility; both therapies can benefit clients with a history of trauma by re-aligning the body and the mind for a more effective recovery process.


Breaking for lunch refuels your mind and body to carry out the remainder of the day.


Hearing about other people’s experiences might be a driving force in getting you to seek help. A good mental health center will include carefully curated therapy groups where you may talk to people who understand what you’re going through about their own experiences with treatment and recovery.

Mid-Day Break

Your daily plan will include breaks so that you may relax and recharge. Guests may unwind in the facility’s common areas, take advantage of the outdoors, or simply rest in their rooms.



In many ways, dinner represents the culmination of a long, grueling, but ultimately rewarding day. As a reward for your hard effort, please enjoy a top-tier, well-deserved meal.

Alternative Medicine

Holistic therapies, such as yoga, meditation, painting, and music therapy, are especially effective in the late afternoon and evening for calming the mind and body. Beyond the obvious relaxing effects, therapies like massage and acupuncture can also help your mental health.

Peer Support Groups

You may opt to take part in different peer support groups in the evening throughout your therapy.

Peer Support Groups

Solitude and Reflection

Before you turn in for the night, take a few minutes to think about your day and how you want to spend it. Whether you want to write in a notebook, meditate, or simply reflect, today is a great opportunity to think back on the day’s events and the lessons you may have taken away from them.

Every day at every facility won’t follow this framework exactly, but the essential components of therapy will stay the same. You’ll put in a lot of effort during the week to learn about yourself and develop coping mechanisms that you can take home with you, and then you’ll get to kick back and enjoy some relaxation and experiential treatment on the weekends. Altogether, these aspects are the building blocks for a good residential treatment stay, no matter where you attend.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

The Luxury Recovery Experience You’ve Been Looking For

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab we understand that experiencing quality recovery takes a quality effort. We offer top-of-the-line amenities in addition to some of the most evidence-based holistic and traditional therapeutic approaches – all rolled into one to create the optimal treatment experience.

If the above outline sounds like the type of environment you’d thrive in, we’d love to help you. Contact a member of our Intake team today to discuss availability and schedule your stay, all with complete confidentiality and discretion.