What is co-addiction and how does it develop?

A couple argues about their addiction issues.

When a couple experiences substance abuse issues simultaneously, it doesn’t often tend to be the case that they started out in that situation. Co-addiction typically begins when a sober person is in a relationship with a person who has a substance use disorder. It’s often a toxic, hostile relationship and can lead to things like domestic violence. Co-addiction occurs when the sober person in the relationship is influenced by their addict partner to partake in the substance, whether that be drugs or alcohol, and the sober person contracts substance use disorder.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab’s compassion and understanding extends to couples struggling with addiction and substance abuse. We offer personalized, comprehensive alcohol addiction and/or drug rehabilitation treatment and couples therapy for addiction to preserve and restore your marriage or partnership, and start building a new foundation for you and your love’s life.

Our beautiful location in Hakalau, Hawaii, is designed to give you and your partner the utmost privacy and personalized care, with the goal to heal your family. Our customized recovery plans for each patient give you and your partner the best possible path to recovery.

What is couples therapy for addiction?

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Couples therapy is a type of family therapy designed to address the root causes of a couple’s issues, whether in marriage or otherwise. A mental health professional in couples addiction treatment works closely and intimately with the couple to help them heal the things that are causing problems in their marriage. One such thing mental health professionals help couples with is addiction and substance use disorder.

The mental health professionals at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab are trained to combine modern psychology and addiction treatment modalities, including naturopathy and holistic methods, to provide the most natural and grounding holistic addiction treatment. Our couples drug rehab program strives to challenge addiction psychology and encourage you and your partner to reach new heights of personal growth and empowerment.

What are the benefits of couples addiction treatment?

The benefits of couples addiction treatment are huge. Couples who seek healing from substance misuse, dependence, and co-addiction by attending therapy and rehabilitation together have a greater chance of preventing relapse. They can find new life as a team.

Attending alcohol or drug rehab alone is great but carries a higher risk of relapse than when their partner struggling with substance abuse does not also attend. It’s hard to remain abstinent from drugs or alcohol if your partner still partakes in large quantities.

Even if only one partner suffers from a substance use disorder, the sober partner can join the rehab and help them heal as their support community.

How does couples rehab treatment benefit the couple?

Receiving addiction treatment as a couple ensures both parties affected by drug or alcohol addiction understand the deeper reasons behind drinking or drug use. For example, it takes a professional mental health therapist to point out that one or both persons receiving couples addiction treatment in the relationship might be suffering from a co-occurring mental disorder, the symptoms of which are made worse by drugs and alcohol.

Mental health is a huge contributing factor as to why some people use drugs or alcohol, especially if they begin doing so as a coping mechanism, and knowing how mental health is affected by substance abuse is a major step to recovery and sobriety.

Our private couples rehab program allows partners to identify areas they can grow together in their sobriety journey, such as:

  • Better communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Future planning for after addiction recovery treatment
  • Becoming a stronger support system for your partner, and them doing the same for you
  • Holding greater accountability, less resentment and anger
  • And more!

How do you know if you need couples rehab?

When you’re struggling with addiction, it can be difficult to see the reasons why you and your partner may need couples rehab treatment. However, some signs can indicate that you and your partner need outside help and that your current communication system is failing you both.

Signs you may need co-addiction couples therapy

The following instances are signs you and your partner may need and benefit from co-addiction therapy for couples:

  • You and your spouse are fighting about money and the household
  • Neglecting the children
  • Avoiding housework because it gets in the way of substance abuse
  • Isolating yourselves away from friends and family so you can partake in substances or alcohol
  • You and your partner constantly cover for the other, especially when drinking, at a family dinner, or participating in social events
  • The only fun and entertainment you and your partner share is when you’re both using drugs or alcohol

These indicators are not exhaustive, but at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, it’s our goal to get to the direct and indirect causes behind you and your partner’s addictions so you can stop fighting and start living.

Couples addiction treatment and co-addiction therapy at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

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Exclusive Hawaii Rehab’s couples therapy sessions, alongside our addiction treatment programs, strive to heal your body and mind so you and your partner’s addictions no longer control your life or marriage. At our luxury ocean-side location in Hakalau, Hawaii, our patients are provided complete privacy and amenities to heal in the most relaxing, rejuvenating environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our couples therapy for addiction services. We’re here to support your health and wellness goals at all levels, from sign-in, to detoxification, to therapy and other treatment layers. We customize each patient’s treatment plan so you and your partner can recover separately and together. Your relief from addiction and codependency is possible to achieve.

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