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Our private grounds, luxury setting, and holistic approach to treatment help you to relax, rediscover your authentic self and heal the root causes of addiction.

  • Individualized Treatment
  • Private, 8-Bed Residential Program
  • Safe, Medically-Supervised Detox
  • Located on the Beautiful Big Island of Hawaii
  • Insurance Accepted

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Real deep level effectiveness, excellent caring staff, unique and life changing program. This program is different than anything else out there. It really helped us address the deepest underlying issues to make permanent changes in our lives.

Dr. Ken Jeremiah

Dr. Ken Jeremiah PGA (Author and Television Personality)
The staff, therapists, doctors, and patients at the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab are incredible. With ocean and volcano views and constant support, this facility helped me completely. I highly recommend it.”


We researched many treatment centers and thanks to you, I’m so glad that we selected Exclusive Hawaii Rehab for my wife’s alcohol addiction. The 30 days at your facility for her was incredible!

She absolutely loved the staff and the facility. They really took good care of her. I was apprehensive when she first went there but talking with her and hearing how good she was being treated and sounded gave me relief.

She has now been alcohol free for two months ~ 30 days at the center and 30 days back home. She is doing incredibly well. She’s back to being her normal, happy, positive self again.

Thank you Exclusive Hawaii Rehab!


The Exclusive excels at customized experiential therapeutic work, which focuses on the underlying issues of the substance abuse. The center is like a loving family; all the staff care deeply about their work.


Beautiful, serene property and cozy home. Every meal is made to order, with love and is so amazing. The staff are the most committed, loving, kind, people who are doing what they were born for.


These folks are the best in their field, and the facilities are incredible.

Why Choose Exclusive Hawaii Rehab for Residential Alcohol Rehab

Hawaii is known for the serene surroundings and breathtaking ocean views. The big island offers the tropical paradise you are searching for to facilitate the personal growth and healing you are searching for. You will have stunning views of the pacific ocean and snow capped volcanoes in the distance as you embark on the road to self-discovery and healing. You will be immersed in the fascinating wildlife of the island while you are gaining the skills and knowledge needed to better yourself.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is one of only 3 treatment facilities in all of Hawaii. Our holistic approach along with our luxury amenities to treatment is what puts us ahead of the rest. We offer first-class amenities that are exclusive to our program while providing you with state-of-the-art counseling in our non 12 step methodology. We know that your individual story is different and unique, which is why we pride ourselves on offering you a program different from the standard 12 step programs that help us get to the root causes of your alcohol use. Once we can identify your old patterns of thinking around your drinking, we are able to help you adjust your thinking and beliefs to set you up for a positive future.

We believe that healing is more than just stopping drinking, it requires a holistic view of ourselves and our healing. We believe that your addiction is one piece of your recovery and in order to heal ourselves, we must provide our body, mind, and spirit with the proper nourishment and care. Our aim is when you leave here, you will leave with a new lease on life and a renewed sense of self.

Our private 8-bed facility, located on 30 acres of secluded land, will provide you with the comfort of knowing that your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. Our awe-inspiring facility, named Hale Maluhia (House of Peace) will provide you just that- a sense of peace knowing your anonymity will be protected while in our facility. You can rest assured that your safety and security are our top priority. We know that healing can’t happen unless you are in an environment that respects your need for dignity and vulnerability.

First Class Amenities

Our luxury rehab offers you only the best when it comes to amenities. We understand that doing work on ourselves is challenging work and the need to be able to rest and revitalize while you are in our wellness retreat is key to your success. While you are putting in the work to get to know yourself better, we want to supplement that with high-end experiential therapy that allows you to take in the breathtaking views and nature in Hawaii.

We value your choice in accommodations and provide you the option of having your own bedroom or you can choose to share with another patient if you would like some company at the end of a busy day. Our rooms provide you with large spaces where you can put your feet up and relax while providing you with exclusive views of the Hawaiian scenery. We offer a large common area and veranda that surrounds our facility to give you breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset while providing comfort and relaxation as you unwind from a busy day.

Healing yourself from addiction involves using a holistic method that provides you with different ways of healing. You will be offered opportunities to indulge in one-of-a-kind therapy measures. You will be able to engage in therapy while you are swimming with dolphins and taking in the pristine ocean around you. Have you ever thought about taking up surfing? Surf therapy is an option for you. We want to know your passions and incorporate them into your treatment to help heal you. Is art interest of yours? We offer art therapy to help connect with your emotions while you are expressing yourself through creativity.

Lastly, your physical needs are the main focus of ours and we want to provide you with body structuring classes as well as excursions that provide you with the physical activity that is needed in recovery. Healthy nutrition is essential in healing our bodies and our center provides you with quality food choices throughout your stay. There are 4 onsite personal chefs that are ready to cook you healthy, organic foods from our local farmers market. Each meal is designed to give you the nutrition you need to fuel your mind and your body while moving towards healing and wellness. Our in-house naturopathic doctor will also be monitoring and meeting with you to ensure you are getting the proper nutrients and vitamins while staying with us to ensure your health is in optimal standing. Should you require additional nutrients, our naturopathic doctor is available to provide additional supplements and IV therapy to get your body to a healthy, functional state.

How Long Is Rehab?

When getting yourself ready to come to Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, you will be curious to know how long you will be with us. As executives and high net worth clients coming into our facility, we recognize that you can’t leave behind the commitments of your job to enter into a rehab facility and want to offer you options for the length of your stay to best fit your busy lifestyle and accommodate your commitments to the outside world.

Our experienced team will take the time to get to know you and your needs to help create a treatment plan that is best served you. We offer a variety of treatment options starting at 30 days and going up to a 60 or 90-day program all offering you the same exceptional holistic treatment regardless of the length of stay. We are dedicated to working with you to find a plan that will meet the busyness of your lifestyle and work commitments. You will still be provided access to your phone or computer to ensure that business is being tended to while we help you on the path to healing. Once you leave our luxury wellness retreat, you will be offered aftercare support for 6 months to continue to provide you with exclusive one on one support as you navigate your way reintegrating back into day-to-day life making the transition as smooth as possible.

30 Day Rehab

Is your lifestyle quite hectic and you just aren’t sure how long you can commit to being at an executive rehab center while you maintain the business and family life? Are you highly motivated and ready to make this change? A 30 day stay may be a good option for you to come in and get the healing you need before reentering back into your busy lifestyle. You will be able to learn the skills you need to manage life’s ups and downs and handle them with confidence knowing you won’t return to picking up the bottle.

Our 30-day option is available for you while still giving you the benefits of our first-class amenities. You will be offered one on one support from our counselors as well as group sessions where you can relate with other highly intellectual individuals experiencing similar bouts with alcohol as you are. During your stay, you will be offered to participate in our holistic measures to recovery such as yoga, acupuncture, massage, and art therapy. Although our time together is short, we will ensure that you will leave enriched and ready to dive back into the real world as a whole new you.

60 Day Rehab

For some, 30 days might be the right fit for your needs while others may feel that you need a bit more time to find yourself and revitalize while being able to manage the business from afar. We want to offer you a 60-day rehab stay that will allow you the time you need to do the work to find the inner child in you again and love yourself unconditionally. 

While you are with us for 60 days, you will be offered the same luxury facility and grounds that overlook the tropical Hawaiian backdrop with views of the ocean and volcanoes surrounding you. Our team of medical professionals is here to ensure that you will move away from drinking in the safest way possible while ensuring your health and wellbeing is the top priority. We will give you the extra time you need to focus on the aspects of life that brought you to us with support through holistic methods of treatment.

90 Day Rehab

Each individual experiencing struggles with alcohol is unique and we recognize that some may be looking for a long-term treatment option in our private, luxury treatment center. You did not come to the place you are now overnight and we recognize that some may need time to dive into the underlying issues that brought you to this point today. We would invite those that need extra care to partake in our 90-day rehab.

While staying with us for 90 days, you will continue to receive the exquisite care you are used to from our exclusive rehab. During your 90 days, you will be invited to participate in weekly excursions where you can experience the awe-inspiring nature of the big island of Hawaii. We will take you to world-renowned botanical gardens where you can center your body, spirit, and mind with the calmness surrounding you. We will offer opportunities to be involved in equine therapy, swimming with the dolphins, and surf therapy to help you connect with nature and the animals that surround you.

Aftercare support for 6 months is still offered even when you spend 90 days with us. Your success is our success and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish once you leave the doors of Exclusive Hawaii Rehab.

Alcohol Rehab For High Functioning Alcoholics

As executives and high-profile individuals, it is clear that you were able to manage your busy lifestyles even while experiencing the depths of alcoholism. We recognize the capabilities you have and understand the challenges that come along with having so much on your plate. Our goal is to help you maintain your executive lifestyle by giving you the time that you need to oversee the business side of your life while we work with you to develop your emotional intelligence.

We want to offer you a program that recognizes your high intelligence and knows that a standard treatment facility won’t be on par with your needs. That’s why we have designed our customized program to be an exclusive treatment that is different from other treatment centers. We won’t bore you with standard rehab lectures that are designed to meet the needs of any individual walking through the door but rather we want to ensure that we spark your intellectuality of a fast-paced executive life. You and the other 7 patients in our 8-bed facility will be coming from similar backgrounds and will be able to relate to the exclusive lifestyle you live.

When you leave our luxury rehab, we will provide you with the tools you need to incorporate in the hustle and bustle of your executive lifestyle to ensure that you are able to live a life free from alcohol use. You will feel prepared to manage the daily stressors that come with your high-paced life and still find time to put yourself first and take care of your spirit, body, and mind.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Looking for rehab centers is challenging when you are looking for a place that will best be suited to your needs and lifestyle. Choosing a luxury substance abuse treatment center will give you the comforts of day-to-day living without having to worry about going into a rehab that is inundated with people and lacks the care for your personal health and well-being.

When you check in to our private, luxury rehab, you will be greeted by our team of trusted addiction professionals, medical team, and naturopathic doctors to ensure that you are given top-of-the-line care. You will be given a treatment plan that is customized to you and your lifestyle to ensure that you can utilize the skills you learn within our center and apply them to the world around you when you leave. Our medical team will ensure that should you need to detox, that you will be able to do so in comfort while carefully being monitored for your safety.

Our holistic approach will ensure that the everyday needs you are used to such as massage therapy and yoga will still be provided to you while you are learning more about yourself and your body. You will not need to give up your dietary needs when you arrive. Our 4 personal chefs will ensure that your dietary needs and preferences are being met while providing you with strictly organic food that comes locally from our farmers market here on the big island. Have you ever been interested in learning or perfecting your culinary skills? Our team of caring chefs will welcome the opportunity to have you learn from them to broaden your talents in the kitchen and take those skills home with you to impress your loved ones.

We know that searching for help is challenging and the stigma that can be placed on individuals experiencing alcoholism. Our team of supportive counselors will provide you with non-judgmental care and facilitate groups with other individuals who may experience the societal pressures and expectations that you do. We work together to help you work through these emotions while honoring your dignity and status. Our team wants to honor the strength it took to make this step of coming to Exclusive Hawaii Rehab and make it as seamless as possible by providing you with a caring, private facility away from the day-to-day stressors and allowing you to rejuvenate in the exquisite surroundings.

Exclusive & Secure Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

When you are used to living life in the fast lane and being under the watchful eye of the public, making the decision to check in to an alcohol treatment center may have some wondering about the level of security within the walls of Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. Your safety and confidentiality are our top priorities to help provide you with an environment that will cultivate the personal change you are looking for.

When it comes to the safety and security of our high net worth individuals and celebrities that attend our rehab center, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab designed our estate to reflect an environment that fosters just that. Our guests at our treatment program will be given the ease of knowing that your confidentiality is of utmost importance. Our exclusive and secure inpatient alcohol program is situated on a vast 30-acre property that is remote from the public all the while providing you with the tropical essence that is Hawaii surrounding you.

We understand you want to give yourself this opportunity without the glaring eye of the media reporting on it. That’s why we designed our property to be ‘paparazzi proof’ by making it not be visible from the road and tucked away for your safety and comfort. Our facility has high-monitoring security cameras set up throughout the property and facility to ensure that we can keep the public eye out of your private, therapeutic processes. Our team also includes security personnel who are trained to ensure your safety and confidentiality are maintained while you are in our care.

The last thing you should worry about while you are bettering yourself is the flashes of cameras or the view of the public. Our goal is to make sure that you are able to have the much-needed time to find yourself while keeping the public at bay.

Alcoholism Treatment For High Networth Individuals & Celebrities

We value our patients that are coming from a place of high stature and notoriety and recognize that your treatment will need to be different than other standard rehab facilities. Our exclusive, private facility provides all the in-depth holistic treatment you are seeking while providing you the luxury treatment that you are used to within your daily living. The comfort you are used to and deserve will be made available to you in our treatment program to transition you from your busy life to a one of serenity while you are in our wellness retreat.

We pride ourselves on being the top choice for high net worth individuals and individuals who are from the elite business world and people from celebrity status. Our passion is to ensure that you have the support and guidance from our accredited professionals while giving you the comfort and care that you would receive at home.

Our center provides you with the comfort of luxury holistic treatments because we understand that putting the emotional work into ourselves can be challenging and our bodies need to have the pampering they need during that time. That’s why we want to provide you with highly qualified individuals that will give you weekly massages, guide you in meditative yoga, and take you on beautiful hikes by the surrounding snow-capped volcanoes. You will be given opportunities to experience zip lining in the tropical setting on the island. Treatment shouldn’t be a high-intensity day. Part of healing and bettering ourselves is learning to experience life for all the beauty that surrounds us and enjoy life again when living in sobriety. You will be able to take in the nature of the island while refilling your spirit and soul.

Now that you are ready to embark on a life-changing experience with other like-minded individuals with Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, give us a call to start your journey now. The stunning, picturesque views are waiting for you to take in all their beauty. Choose the life you always wanted and come begin your healing transformation today.