Restoring Balance to the Central Nervous System

Frequent drug or alcohol abuse alters the function of the central nervous system – one of the most important systems in the body. Substance abuse can cause chemical imbalances, tissue damage, impede the function of vital organs, affect neuron transmission, and damage nerves. Mentally, the central nervous system plays a complex and interconnected role in how we process trauma and stress.

Restoring balance to the central nervous system can help the body and mind to heal from the damage that addiction has caused. Stressors can overload your nervous system which prevents the processing of trauma. The traumatic energy is known to be stored in the connective tissue, organs, and muscles through the central nervous system.

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, our holistic approach to treatment aims to restore balance to the central nervous system, helping to relieve the effects of trauma and assisting in the healing of physical damage caused by substance abuse. Our luxury rehab will help you to let go of the innate stress and trauma stored by the central nervous system so that you can truly heal and move toward personal growth.


Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Trauma Therapy

Research suggests that the prevalence of trauma is widespread. Every person has some level of trauma in their life that shapes the way they respond to and experience situations. Addiction is often caused by a person seeking relief from their trauma through the use of drugs or alcohol. The overwhelming emotions and sensations that can be triggered through the stimulation of the nervous system are what trauma therapy seeks to heal so that personal growth and empowerment can take their place.

Our trauma therapy for addiction that focuses on healing the brain and central nervous system will help to transform the way you respond to stimuli. Trauma therapy is a blanket term for several types of trauma-based therapies that we offer. Since trauma is such a significant part of many people’s lives, especially those that suffer from substance use disorder, we offer comprehensive trauma therapy to both focus on the psychological aspect of trauma as well as the impact it has on the nervous system.

A traumatic experience can excite the nervous system, overwhelming it and leading to intense emotions being stored in the nervous system. The mind-body connection then sets the stage for future negative experiences and sensations because it stimulates the stored emotions. Our trauma therapy at our luxury wellness center for addiction will provide you with treatments that will unlock these stored emotions so that you can embrace personal growth and empowerment.

Vitamin, Mineral, and Herbal Supplements

Vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements can play an important role in recovery from substance abuse and addiction. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, our full-time dietician together with our medical director’s naturopathic medicine expertise allows us to provide you with a personalized plan to enhance your recovery and healing through mineral, vitamin, and herbal supplements.

We aim to help you to unlock your body’s natural ability to heal without the need for prescription medication. The effects of drugs and alcohol on the nervous system and vital organs can have a lasting impact – through our holistic treatments that incorporate natural healing modalities.

Our medical director can establish your unique needs. For example, a person who has difficulty sleeping may be helped with melatonin while another person with the same issue may need glycine instead. Our expert team is able to help your body to heal naturally and improve your recovery through mineral, vitamin, and herbal supplements that match your body and mind’s needs.

Let Exclusive Hawaii Rehab help you to heal from the causes of addiction and improve your recovery through the balancing of your central nervous system and mind, promoting personal growth, empowerment, and creating a new life foundation.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.