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Real deep level effectiveness, excellent caring staff, unique and life changing program. This program is different than anything else out there. It really helped us address the deepest underlying issues to make permanent changes in our lives.

Dr. Ken Jeremiah

Dr. Ken Jeremiah PGA (Author and Television Personality)
The staff, therapists, doctors, and patients at the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab are incredible. With ocean and volcano views and constant support, this facility helped me completely. I highly recommend it.”


We researched many treatment centers and thanks to you, I’m so glad that we selected Exclusive Hawaii Rehab for my wife’s alcohol addiction. The 30 days at your facility for her was incredible!

She absolutely loved the staff and the facility. They really took good care of her. I was apprehensive when she first went there but talking with her and hearing how good she was being treated and sounded gave me relief.

She has now been alcohol free for two months ~ 30 days at the center and 30 days back home. She is doing incredibly well. She’s back to being her normal, happy, positive self again.

Thank you Exclusive Hawaii Rehab!


The Exclusive excels at customized experiential therapeutic work, which focuses on the underlying issues of the substance abuse. The center is like a loving family; all the staff care deeply about their work.


Beautiful, serene property and cozy home. Every meal is made to order, with love and is so amazing. The staff are the most committed, loving, kind, people who are doing what they were born for.


These folks are the best in their field, and the facilities are incredible.

Inpatient – Residential Bulimia Rehab at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

Eating disorders are irregular or unusual relationships with food and body image that can stem from unexamined underlying issues, and can cause major social, emotional, and physical problems over time if not treated by professionals. Although frequently found in women, anybody can develop an eating disorder.
People with bulimia may secretly binge, eating a large amount of food without being able to control themselves, and then they will purge to try and lose the calories they just consumed in an unhealthy way, like self-induced vomiting, taking weight-loss supplements, laxatives, enemas or diuretics. Others may implement a fast, exercise excessively, or begin a strict diet to avoid weight gain.

People with bulimia have a preoccupation with weight and body shape, and usually display harsh self-judgment, and have a bad self-image. The severity of bulimia is determined by how many times per week you purge.

Some of the triggers that lead to an eating disorder include:

  • Beliefs about body shape, weight, and eating are shaped at a young age, causing a negative body image.
  • Some other reasons people develop eating disorders include:
  • Growing up with family members who were overly concerned about looks
  • Childhood weight problems and obesity
  • A history of sexual or other trauma
  • Depression, anxiety, or OCD
  • Being involved in activities where you are expected to look a certain way like dancing, swimming, wrestling, etc.
  • Bulimic behaviors are reinforced by people praising you for weight loss

Everybody has a unique life story, but one common denominator for people who suffer from bulimia is that they have a complex relationship with food. Some people did not learn to make their own decisions about eating, were forced to clean their plate or never learned about proper nutrition, and never learned to self-regulate when it comes to eating. Some people grew up with limited access to food and feel driven to eat because of fears of food scarcity, and others may have grown up in a home where food was the only thing they can control.

Although people with bulimia appear to be an average weight most of the time, bulimia can take a toll on your health and even become a life-threatening disorder if untreated. Complications that are known to occur alongside bulimia include:

  • Problems in social functioning and relationships because of negative self-esteem
  • Heart problems
  • Sore and irritated throat
  • Swollen parotid glands (saliva glands)
  • Hypertension
  • Electrolyte imbalance that can cause muscle cramps and weakness
  • Severe tooth decay and gum disease
  • Digestive problems
  • Edema/bloating
  • Absent or irregular periods
  • Severe dehydration can lead to kidney problems
  • Mental health disorders that may lead to self-injury and suicidal ideation

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is the best bulimia treatment center for high-net-worth clients and celebrities because of our high standard of privacy and security provided, with customized medical, psychological, and holistic treatments offered in an exclusive luxury clinic with ocean views and top-tier amenities.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is an eight-bed facility on a large private estate that is licensed to treat eating disorders. There are unobstructed views that overlook the Pacific Ocean, palm trees, and a 14,000-foot, snow-capped dormant volcano. We place emphasis on reshaping your belief patterns, connecting with nature, and creating a healing balance between the mind, body, and soul. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we focus on the root causes of self-destructive behaviors and will help you to work through these underlying issues so that you can truly move on with your life with a positive and healthy trajectory.

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, through many years of experience, we have learned that it takes a minimum of 28 days to break a habit, and although bulimia is a complex issue with many causes and underlying trauma and pain, we believe that in our minimum stay of one month in inpatient care, we can help you to change the way you think about yourself, address mental health issues, and help you reevaluate your beliefs and thought processes. All of this, along with help getting your physical body healthy again, will help you overcome your eating disorder with full support from a professional team who can keep you safe and give you the assistance you need during this difficult time without introducing further anxiety or shame.

Some of the benefits of remaining in inpatient rehab at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab for bulimia include:

  • Our high level of medical support for the health issues, both visible and invisible, that bingeing and purging has caused over time
  • An on-site nutritionist who can help you learn the truth about your body’s interactions with food and nutrition, and what you really need and do not need
  • We allow you to remain connected to home, or continue working or attending classes, as cell phones and laptops are allowed
  • You will be in a new, supportive environment full-time, away from the usual pressures and stress of life, so you can focus on your own health without worrying about judgment from others
  • You will be in a safe environment with people who can help you deal with your stress and other feelings in real-time, through experiential engagement treatment, where you learn using real-life experiences to practice your responses to triggers
  • Our facility and programs are designed for you to be able to relax, heal, and be proactive in your own treatments. We customize everything to your needs and your goals, so your time with us will be well spent.

When you are in our care, we will treat you like the human being you are, with the respect and dignity you deserve. You are not your eating habits, you are a valuable and intelligent person. We do not force you to ask us for a key to use the bathroom and we don’t tell you what you can or can’t eat. Through cooperation and collaboration, we will work together to help you address the underlying issues that lead to your eating disorder, rather than trying to punish or humiliate you to get you to stop the behavior.

You will learn practical and healthy coping mechanisms that will serve you for the rest of your life as you heal your mind, body, and spirit through our integrated program of holistic, therapeutic, and medical treatments.

Why Choose Exclusive Hawaii Rehab for Residential Bulimia & Eating Disorders

Treatment at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is 100% customized to your specific needs. We do not push certain dogmas or remedies on you, we are not a 12-step program, and your treatment will be handled on your own terms.

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, our exclusive programs and treatments we provide can give you:

  • A new perspective on life, with which you can change the way you have been “programmed” to think by assessing your own beliefs and thoughts through mindful inquiry practices
  • Help dealing with inner criticism, pain and trauma
  • Expert knowledge on your body, health and nutrition, without being overly didactic or dogmatic. We will answer any questions you have, but we know that you have a wealth of wisdom that you can tap into as you dig deeper and learn more about yourself
  • A balance between physical, mental and spiritual wellness
  • Recovery tools that will help you for the rest of your life, like self-regulation, self-acceptance and self-awareness
  • State-of-the-art treatments that will help you deal with your eating disorder, including Stimulus Belief Response, Mindful Inquiry, Emotional Intelligence, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and Emotional Freedom Techniques.
  • Holistic care modalities like yoga, nutritional therapy and supplements, conscious breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, mindfulness training and massage therapy
  • Dual diagnosis therapy to help you with any underlying mental illnesses and other co-occurring conditions that you may have alongside your eating disorder. This may include PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, and many other conditions
  • A new connection with nature through our nature therapy and adventure excursions to places like world-renowned botanical gardens, swimming with dolphins, hiking active volcanoes, and surf therapy, as well as beach time where you can swim and relax in the Hawaiian sun.

How Long Is Rehab?

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we have 30, 60, and 90-day programs. The minimum time spent at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab in residential care is 30 days, as we have determined this is the lowest optimal treatment time for our clients. The longer you spend in residential rehab, the less likely it is that you will relapse.

Why Choose Residential Rehab for Treating Bulimia

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, our medical doctor is an ND, a naturopathic doctor who can prescribe medication but who also does blood work to find any deficiencies in vitamins or minerals in the body. These can be balanced through the food you eat, along with supplements and IV therapy. This will make a difference in your overall feelings of wellness and energy.

The combination of medical, psychological, and dietetic treatments will help you on your journey of self-discovery and recovery from your eating disorder, and you will learn ways to help yourself. Together we can help you become nourished and improve your relationship with body image, food, and self-control, and start to heal your underlying pain.

Benefits of Residential Bulimia Treatment

The environment is everything when dealing with bulimia. Staying in our residential wellness clinic for 30 to 90 days will do wonders for you, as you will not be inundated with constant advertisements and messaging from well-meaning loved ones and friends about weight loss or weight gain, eating, and exercise as you work on tearing down the programming you have built into your psyche. We will provide you with the space you need to build yourself back up again from the core of your being.

Top Notch Medical Care at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab has substance abuse and mental health accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Our diet, nutrition, and wellness programs are renowned for their effectiveness, and our eating disorder program has its own separate CARF certification.

On top of our top-tier medical staff who can help you deal with the physical ramifications of bingeing and purging, we also have a nutritionist on staff who can work with you to answer all of your questions regarding nutrition, food, and the supplements and vitamins your body needs.

We can help you with your relationship with food and exercise by integrating diet, therapy, and activity into your customized treatment program, and help you take back control over your life. Addiction is driven by underlying mental health issues and treating these with a combination of holistic care and a dual diagnosis program, along with treating physical health issues, is the key to getting to the root of your eating disorder. A dual diagnosis treatment will address underlying depression, anxiety, PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and other mental health disorders as you gain new tools for your recovery through therapy and counseling.

Mental illness does not have to be a personal identity that you are stuck with (you are not “an anxious person”, you are a person who is experiencing anxiety right now), and at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we know that with the proper, customized support, the right skills, and professional care, you can learn to change your patterns and take back your life for good.

Trust is important and at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, all our staff uses a trauma-informed approach to treatment. This is the acknowledgment that we need to take your whole life situation, both past, and present, into account to be able to provide a healing environment for you. People who have experienced trauma may have a difficult time being open and trusting health care providers. Our team is trained to recognize and address the signs of trauma to avoid re-traumatization, ensuring you feel safe the entire time you are under our care.

Through patient engagement, informed consent, and collaboration, we will build your trust, and then we will work to keep it through transparent and open decision making, communication, and empowerment. With this relationship established, you will be able to relax your guards and truly be able to explore your inner self, finding answers that are already within you. Exploring the root causes of your addiction, you can take back your life, stopping your eating disorder from controlling your schedule and your overall well-being.

Symptoms of Bulimia

Common symptoms of bulimia include:

  • Repeated episodes in which you eat an abnormally large amount of food at once, and being unable to stop eating or control what you eat, feeling a loss of control while eating
  • Recurrent compensatory behaviors to prevent weight gain, like vomiting, using laxatives, diuretics, or enemas after bingeing to get rid of the calories you’ve consumed, using dietary supplements or herbal products excessively for weight loss
  • Spending excessive amounts of time (hours a day) exercising
  • Fasting, restricting calories, and avoiding certain foods before and after binges
  • Secretive eating habits like eating late at night or hiding eating
  • Living in fear of gaining weight
  • Being preoccupied with your weight and/or body shape, constantly worrying about ‘being fat’
  • Not wanting to eat in public or in front of others
  • Having a distorted or excessively negative body image, with unrealistic hyper-focus on obtaining a goal weight or body shape
  • Having physical symptoms of purging like scars, calluses or sores on knuckles or hands, damaged teeth and gums, swelling in hands, feet, and face, and fluctuations in weight

How We Address Underlying Issues of Bulimia & Eating Disorders

The deeper level of bulimia and other eating disorders is within your subconscious and your nervous system in the form of anxiety and self-destructive beliefs. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we can help you address the underlying causes of your eating disorder through evidence-based and holistic treatments like:

  • Nutritional therapy boost your immune system and allow your body to regain strength
  • Acupuncture and other bodywork therapies to help with anxiety, stress, and release toxins
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Stimulus Belief Response
  • Experiential Engagement Therapy (EET)
  • Exercise Therapy and Nature Therapy

These therapies are designed to treat not only your bulimia, but can also co-occurring disorders by helping you get to the root of your issues, and teaching healthy coping mechanisms to replace your self-destructive tendencies.

Bulimia Treatment Methods

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we will create a customized treatment plan, collaborating with you rather than ordering you to follow certain steps. We know that you are an intelligent and intuitive person, and nobody knows your own body, history, and triggers better than yourself. You are the expert on yourself.

We will honor your thoughts and feelings throughout treatment so that you will be able to reclaim your voice and be heard. You are important. For bulimia, we utilize our proprietary Experiential Engagement Therapy, a more hands-on technique to work on self-regulation.

Experiential Engagement Therapy is the act of enhancing the connection between your mind and your body, by practicing overcoming strong emotions and the fight or flight sensation as you experience triggers like revisiting trauma or pain. This therapy is designed to give you hands-on experience in dealing with the real feelings that come with triggers.

Some of the holistic treatments we use in combination with therapy and physical health treatments include:

  • Equine therapy – Horses can inspire feelings of calm and empathy, and spending time riding horses and just being near them will help you process feelings and put life into perspective.
  • Music therapy – Music can relieve mental anguish, anxiety, and depression, and elevate mood while reducing stress and pain.
  • Art therapy – Use creative self-expression to deal with strong emotions and increase feelings of self-worth while decreasing your stress levels.
  • Massage therapy – Your body will relax and release toxins during your massage.
  • Acupuncture – Stimulate the nervous system to release chemicals in your body to promote natural healing and emotional well-being.
  • Yoga – Stretch and move to improve body flexibility, blood flow and increase your body awareness as you center your mind and sharpen your concentration.
  • Outdoor therapy – The combination of physical activity, sunlight, and fresh air will instill a sense of well-being and purpose into your day.

We will also take nature excursions and go on small adventures during your stay with us. These may include going to the beach for relaxing, swimming and snorkeling, dolphin therapy, surf therapy, zip lining, or hiking an active volcano. You will experience the wondrous beauty of the Big Island as you reduce your stress and anxiety.

Discreet Residential Bulimia Rehab Center

Our wellness retreat is “paparazzi proof” and cannot be seen from the road, thanks to the many palm trees, tall grass, and walled perimeter. We have plenty of security in the form of cameras and security staff. We have a secluded, private location with a maximum of eight guests at a time, all of whom will appreciate privacy as much as you do. Although we allow cell phones and laptops, anything with a camera or any type of recording device are not allowed in public areas or in any group therapy sessions. Your reputation and safety are paramount, and our staff, security, and team members are all dedicated to protecting your confidentiality and protection while you stay with us.

Exclusive & Secure Residential Bulimia Treatment

You will feel like you are healing in paradise on earth at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, in our secluded, beautiful grounds on a private estate filled with palm trees. The rooms are shared or private, and all have their own private lanai, large windows, a writing desk, and a canopy bed for you to enjoy in your free time. You will have all the comforts of home, with four gourmet chefs preparing fresh, local, non-GMO and organic food, and our wide selection of holistic treatments including nature therapy excursions like:

  • Snorkeling and swimming at the beach
  • Hiking an active volcano
  • Dolphin and surf therapy on the water
  • Visiting world-renowned botanical gardens
  • Spending time in the lush greenery surrounding our center

With all these treatments, amenities, and top-tier medical and psychiatric care at your disposal, getting treatment for bulimia has never been more luxurious. Contact us today to learn more about our wellness center for eating disorders, our luxury rehab center, and our aftercare programs. We are ready to help you.