What to Expect During the Executive and Professional Program at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

Addiction Recovery Publishing Addiction Recovery August 26, 2023

What to Expect During the Executive and Professional Program at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

There is a strange and unfortunate reality that currently affects the landscape of recovery right now. That reality has to do with who does and does not require recovery. This disturbing reality, unfortunately, affects those individuals in elite professions and populations. There is this disturbing sentiment that believes that certain individuals are “too good,” “too famous,” “too celebrated,” or “too successful” to require recovery. This is an extreme fallacy and does a disservice to the recovery community. From all walks of life, all deserve to get well, and they all deserve to get well without reproach or judgment. For certain individuals, their recovery may require an executive and professional program.

We All Have Our Own Story

There is a saying in step-based recovery that goes, “We all have the same story; the details are just different.” This is true of everyone because addiction and mental health issues are about much more than external circumstances; they are about how they affect us internally as well.

For example, individuals that struggle with substance use disorder (SUD) often experience the same emotional turmoil regardless of the substance involved. This means that a financially stable individual will often feel the same hopelessness, loneliness, and lack of control as those with no monetary means. 

Now, that doesn’t mean that the same recovery program is going to work for both of these specific types of individuals. That also doesn’t mean that the person with financial means is going to have an easier, softer road than the other. It just means that we all have our own addiction and mental health stories. Therefore, we all require our own recovery stories. For some, this recovery narrative may require an executive and professional program. 

Everyone’s Recovery Journey Is Different

What many people don’t take into account when it comes to individuals at the elite status that are struggling with addiction and/or mental illness is that they, too, have their own specific set of factors that aim to inhibit their recovery. Again, this falls back into the “Why would they need it? They have everything” fallacy. 

Elite individuals such as professional athletes, high-ranking executives, and well-known celebrities have dealt with a myriad of issues when it comes to recovery that most people either don’t realize or choose to ignore. For example, being a celebrity in the public eye can make getting professional help significantly harder. It can cause unwarranted attention, misinformation, and potential professional repercussions. 

As another example, for some high-powered executives and professionals, it is important to maintain a certain image for their brand. To maintain this image, discretion may be the best policy when it comes to recovery. Professional sports figures have also found that avoiding the limelight when it comes to their recovery has relieved them of unnecessary attention and scrutiny. Everyone’s recovery journey is different, including those that utilize an executive and professional program.

The Executive and Professional Program: The Importance of Individualized Mental Health Care for Recovery

One of the best reasons to choose an executive and professional program is that it eliminates all of the external social and professional issues so that they can best focus on the critical core introspection that is going to be needed to heal at the cellular level. Also, just because the type of program is “executive and professional” does not mean that any two recovery plans are going to look alike.

Everyone has a unique backstory. A unique set of current circumstances. Also, a unique set of goals moving forward. That is why individualized care is so crucial. No one has the same set of problems, even if they have the same diagnosis. Focusing on the individual allows for a recovery program to avoid needless wasted time trying treatment modalities that are meant as an overarching “fix.” One-note recovery is rarely effective. That is why getting to know the person first and the issues second is key.

High-Listing Individuals: The Need to Escape the Public Eye

As previously mentioned, seeking recovery can be a difficult choice for anyone. However, for those that have a constant level of attention put on them, it can be significantly more so. Also, getting past the initial hurdle of seeking recovery is only the first of many that high-listing individuals often face.

Many executives, professionals, athletes, and celebrities also have to ensure that their stay in recovery doesn’t affect their external situations as well. For example, a level of discretion must be maintained while in a recovery center, so unwarranted narratives aren’t created while away. Also, a level of security must be maintained so these individuals can focus on what is most important: their recovery. 

The Executive and Professional Program at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

Here at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we understand the specific demands that a high-listing lifestyle can bring with it. We also understand that no one’s struggles with addiction or mental health should be minimized just because of their elite social status.

However, we also know that elite individuals have specific needs when it comes to recovery. If an individual requires a certain level of lifestyle in their everyday lives, then they should expect the same from a recovery center. Also, it is important to have access to all of the latest means of treatment. Comprehensive care is crucial to us here at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab.

We focus on healing at the cellular level, which means that we aim to get to the core root issues of the problem by any treatment means necessary. This includes traditional treatment methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), neuropathic methods such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), experiential methods such as nature immersion therapy, nutrition therapy which includes a focus on replenishing nutrients, and holistic options such as guided meditation and yoga.

Being Able to “Unplug” as Needed

Part of individualized care is understanding the specific criteria that need to be met for each client. For example, here at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we have private chefs that focus on vitamin and nutrient-dense foods. However, they will also cater to any specific dietary needs that a client requires.

We also understand that some of our clientele require a higher level of separation from others. This is why we have recovery plans that include private suites and private treatment options. Our primary purpose is recovery, and we understand that meeting these certain elite criteria is critical in our executive and professional program.

The Benefits of Unplugging

We also understand that some individuals require a full break from the entire outside world. That means no phones, no work meetings, no interviews. This can be highly beneficial. It can allow for a much-needed reset from the day-to-day stressors of an elite career or lifestyle. However, we also understand that this is either not available or undesirable for some of our clients. 

The Need to Stay Connected

While it is important to focus wholly on the self in recovery, we understand that some high-listing individuals need to keep one foot in their professional lives. Many recovery centers don’t allow access to phones and other forms of connection. However, here at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we understand that doing so would not be helpful to some clientele. It becomes too hard to focus on self when the concern remains on certain professional affairs. We ensure that a balance is struck so that recovery can be achieved while everything remains copesetic regarding outside responsibilities.

The Benefits of the First-Class Amenities in the Executive and Professional Program

When it comes to recovery, avoiding distraction is key. That is why it is so important to maintain the essential parts of a lifestyle (minus the toxic aspects) while in residential recovery. If that lifestyle is first-class, then the recovery center must also be.

Here at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we offer all of the first-class amenities that high-listing individuals may require. This includes private suites, personal chefs, direct interaction with some of the most highly regarded professionals, and access to some of the most state-of-the-art treatment modalities available. One of those modalities is infusion therapy.

Private Chefs and the Benefits of Nutrition Therapy for Healing at the Cellular Level

Here at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we believe that “food is medicine,” and because of that belief, we take nutrition therapy extremely seriously. The good news is that we also have world-class chefs that make our nutrition therapy extremely delicious and satisfying.

We take nutrition therapy so seriously that we have nutritionists and dieticians onsite 24/7 to ensure that all of our client’s nutritional needs are met. For example, we also now offer what is known as horticulture therapy.

Our clients literally get to grow the food that nourishes them on their road to recovery. Just as the treatment process starts with a little seed of acceptance and, with a little time and attention, grows to bear the fruit of long-lasting recovery, our horticulture therapy starts with a little work in the soil to the growth of decadent rows of guava and pineapple, and limes, orange, tangerine, and longan trees. This is also just one of the ways we focus on nutrient replenishment.

The Benefits of Infusion Therapy in the Executive and Professional Program

Many people don’t realize the vitamin and mineral deficiency that addiction and mental illness can cause. We often see the visible effects, but we rarely know what is going on at the cellular level. This is where a certified naturopathic doctor (ND) can help, and this is why we have one onsite 24/7.

Also, the type of nutrient deficiencies that mental health and addiction issues often cause cannot be cured by simply taking a few multivitamins. There needs to be a serious influx of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as soon as possible to get our clients feeling at optimal performance levels as soon as possible. This is why we offer pharmaceutical-grade supplements. After all, it is impossible to focus on the psychological if the physical body is not well.

One of the best ways to receive these nutrients is through infusion therapy, and here with our executive and professional program, we offer the most cutting-edge infusion therapy available. Our Concierge IV infusions help our clients to recapture the wellness and energy that they had before active addiction and/or mental health issues came into the picture.

For example, our nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) IV infusion utilizes a coenzyme molecule naturally found in the body, which aids in energy production and increases metabolism. This infusion can help with exhaustion, focus, managing stress, enhancing mood, and increasing physical strength.

Also, our Myers Cocktails infusion is so rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that it has been shown to increase energy levels, help with digestion, repair poor sleep patterns, reduce stress, increase cognitive functioning, and can even regrow hair due to the intense absorption rates of the nutrients taken directly into the bloodstream. These are just some of the elite types of treatment that are offered in our professional and executive program of recovery.

The Benefits of the Beautiful Backdrop of Hawaii

Perhaps the biggest benefit of recovering at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is something totally out of our control which is our beautiful backyard, the Big Island of Hawaii. Though we must take some credit as we did set up the only licensed recovery center on the island that can treat addiction, mental illness, eating disorders, and disordered eating.

Walk out the doors at our 30-acre luxury facility, and you will see a backdrop like no other. We have beautiful mountains, unique waterfalls, live volcanoes, white sand beaches, and one of the best pieces of the Pacific Ocean in the world. These all make ideal settings for another one of our unique offerings: nature immersion therapy.

Nature Immersion Therapy in the Executive and Professional Program

Many benefits can be gleaned from nature immersion therapy, but perhaps the most profound can be found in the simplicity of simply engaging with the natural world. According to the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, “While cognitive restoration and physiological well-being are the prominent and renowned benefits of nature exposure, there is one important construct that is often overlooked in environmental psychology research studies – that is, the human-nature relationship; also known as connectedness to nature (CN).”

The option to acquire this “connectedness to nature” component is in abundance here on the Big Island of Aloha State. For example, our clients can get in the water and swim with tropical fish and green sea turtles (some of which may be older than them). There is also a unique opportunity to feed and swim with the majestic manta ray, which has been called by some to be a deeply spiritual experience.

For those that like to be even more active, our recovery center is located only 15 minutes away from an amazing local break called Honoli’i. Here our clients can experience world-class surfing and boogie boarding while also meditating in between the best waves in the world.

The Comprehensive Approach to Customized Care at the Core Root Level at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

Everyone has the right to recover. Yet, sometimes people at the elite level are meant to feel like their status somehow minimizes their need for recovery. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. People that run in high-profile circles experience unique situations that require unique circumstances when it comes to recovery.

For those individuals that require a professional and executive program, they need assurance that they are going to fully recover without facing the repercussions that seeking treatment in the public eye can sometimes entail. 

This is what we offer at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. The ability to get to the core root issues to recover at the cellular level. All while maintaining the level of discretion, security, and comfort that high-listing executives, professionals, athletes, and celebrities require. 

There is a Hawaiin proverb that goes, “Kulia i ka nu’u,” which translates to “strive to reach the highest.” This is what many of our clients in the professional and executive program have already done in their lives; we want to show them how they can do it in their recovery. 

Traditional recovery centers are not ideal for all populations of people. This is especially true for high-listing individuals. This includes individuals who fall into the executive, professional, and celebrity circles in their daily lives. While it is understood that many of the issues of addiction and/or mental health are shared by everyone, some people need to be able to escape the public eye in order to focus fully on their recovery. If you feel like this may fit your profile or that of someone you love, our executive and professional program can help. For more information on what our executive and professional program entails and what the intake process looks like, reach out to Exclusive Hawaii Rehab at (808) 775-0200.