How Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Accommodates Working Professionals in Treatment

Addiction Recovery Publishing Luxury rehab July 12, 2023

How Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Accommodates Working Professionals in Treatment

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we are proud to provide treatment for those looking for luxury, exclusivity, privacy, and serenity. However, we are not just striving to treat you and send you on your way. Our program is centered around healing at the core root level. We accommodate to honor your specific needs and to ensure you feel comfortable, safe, and at home throughout the whole process. From executives to doctors, business owners, working professionals, and a wide range of diverse individuals, we want you to be in the right place for true healing. 

What Is Different About Exclusive Hawaii Rehab?

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab focuses on you as a whole person and healing at the core root. Not only are you supported by expert staff who truly care about what they do, but our program also involves amazing experiences and excursions that promote connection and healing. We take advantage of the serene environment we are surrounded by. Sitting on 30 acres of beautiful land, our facility focuses on the healing power of nature and mindfulness

Our luxury rehab program is designed to accommodate working professionals and ensure you have privacy throughout the entire process. We offer a diverse range of treatment methods that allows us to truly address your specific needs and develop a plan together to help you find true healing. 

What Is Exclusive Hawaii Rehab’s Treatment Approach?

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab takes a holistic approach to healing. We believe in true healing at the core root. This means addressing what is truly going on and healing from the inside out. We understand the importance of a personalized treatment approach. That is why we offer a wide range of holistic and therapeutic approaches that heal the mind, body, and spirit. From the moment you arrive, we develop a personalized treatment approach that honors your specific needs. There is no one-size-fits-all. We want to make sure that you are receiving the best-in-class care possible.

Is Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Licensed and Accredited?

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is licensed by the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health as a special treatment facility. We are also licensed by the state’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division and are awarded a three-year accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is licensed to treat substance abuse, addiction, alcoholism, mental health disorders, and eating disorders. 

What Kind of Therapies Do You Offer?

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we offer a wide range of therapies that promote healing at the core root. Some of the therapies we offer include: 

  • Narrative therapy 
  • Mindfulness therapy
  • Nature immersion 
  • Nutritional therapy 
  • Experiential therapy
  • Non-12-Step therapy
  • Bodywork 
  • Personal development
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy

There is no single treatment that fits everyone. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we want to set a foundation for success and work with you to find the most effective approach to healing.

How Are Living Accommodations at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab?

We have private rooms, private suites, and shared rooms for either 30, 60, or 90 days. Our luxury accommodations are created with your comfort and privacy in mind. 

We adhere to a 30-day minimum for all clients at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. However, you can also add additional time based on your needs. Our luxurious private setting is designed to create a safe and healing space where you can find peace and serenity during your stay. If there is ever a time when you find you need something to make you feel more comfortable and secure, you will have staff there to support you and accommodate your needs. 

Is Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Accessible by Private Jet?

There is a private airport nearby, and the closest airport is Hilo International Airport. We understand that many clients coming to our facility are looking for maximum privacy and confidentiality. Our location allows us to offer the highest level of privacy when it comes to arriving and leaving our program. Your diagnosis and treatment are protected under HIPPA laws and regulations, and we will not share any of your health information with anyone, even friends and family. In the case that your insurance requires medical information, we will ask your permission first. 

Can I Keep Up With My Work and Personal Life?

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we understand that, as a working professional, you may have responsibilities and certain aspects of your life that you want to keep up with during your stay. Access to the Internet is allowed, whether through laptops, cellphones, or other devices to help you stay connected. We promote a healthy balance based on each client’s specific needs and want to ensure that the Internet doesn’t interfere with the healing process. Some days can be media-free, but our staff is there to work with you, communicate, and accommodate each individual’s needs.

That being said, one of the advantages of going to rehab in Hawaii is that it separates you from your environment and gives you a serene place to heal. This distance and privacy also allow a person to focus on their healing without the constant exposure to triggers and stressors from their everyday life. However, we do encourage individuals to communicate with their loved ones during their stay. This can help you learn how to manage and navigate certain triggers and stressors while being in a supportive and healing environment. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we promote balance and want you to address the underlying causes of what is truly going on. 

How Much Freedom Do I Have During My Stay?

As mentioned earlier, at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we don’t impose strict rules or restrictions on your choices. We view the healing process as a collaboration and act as a partner throughout your stay. Before, during, and after your program, we want you to feel supported and empowered to make your own choices and find your own answers as you work on healing at the core root level. 

We have different options for living arrangements, encourage you to stay connected with loved ones during your stay, empower you to make your own daily choices, and accommodate the best we can. For example, our nutritional therapy program encourages individuals to make their own choices about their eating experiences. Through close collaboration, group classes, and even one-on-one sessions, individuals are given support and tools to help them make the best choices for their healing and well-being. 

Am I Able to Exercise and Do Things That I Love?

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we integrate holistic treatment modalities like exercise and bodywork into our program. Bodywork sessions can include things like massage, craniosacral therapy, structural integration, and Reiki. Yoga, fitness, and exercise classes are included in our program. We not only want to help you heal the mind but your body as well. 

When it comes to hobbies and things that you love to do, we want to make sure you can enjoy your time in the program as you go through changes and find healing. We will work together with you to see how we can accommodate your wishes into our program and your daily life. However, you will find that throughout your stay, you will get many new opportunities to discover new interests and habits that you may not have had before. 

Can I Still See My Loved Ones?

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we encourage you to stay connected with your loved ones. Staying connected with your friends and family can give you support from back home that can help you throughout your healing journey. However, we also understand that staying connected with friends and family can also bring up triggers and stressors that you may be trying to get away from or heal from. This is one of the reasons why we think it can be good to stay in touch. Here, you have real-time support that can help you work through these triggers and stressors and help you address them in the moment.

At least one time during your stay, we recommend that your loved ones visit you. They are also welcome to arrange more visits with you during your program. We understand that family can be a big part of your treatment program, so we think it is important they also attend a therapy session with you. Additionally, we allow medically approved outings with your friends and family during your stay. However, it is important to know that our licensing requires us to administer a urine test when you return. We have a zero-tolerance program, so if urine tests are not free of any substance, you will not be allowed back.

How Private Is Exclusive Hawaii Rehab’s Center?

Our luxurious eight-bed facility is located on a private 30-acre oceanfront property. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab’s intimate environment allows us to offer personalized and custom treatment plans that cater to the needs of each unique individual. The beautiful scenery that surrounds us allows for privacy and seclusion, which is very hard to find in traditional rehab settings. On one side, you have breathtaking ocean views; on another, you are surrounded by beautiful mountains and greenery. Compared to many traditional urban settings, there are no busy areas close in proximity, so you can find yourself at true peace. 

Is Treatment Confidential?

Your diagnosis and treatment are protected by HIPPA laws and regulations. We won’t reveal your personal information to your family. Some information may need to be disclosed to your insurance, but we don’t discuss your health and the details of treatment without your permission. 

Where Is Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Located?

Our rehab center is located along the ocean cliffs of the Big Island of Hawaii’s Hamakua Coast. With views of the Pacific Ocean, beautiful mountains, and surrounding greenery, our location provides a space where you can become immersed in nature and find true healing.

Nature immersion is one part of our holistic approach to healing. Studies show the positive effect nature has, including the improvement of anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. Our location, surrounded by nature, helps individuals heal through relaxation, centering, and connection. It is easy to become used to the urban spaces you live or work in, but being in nature can help you reconnect with your own true nature in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.

What Is the Environment and Staff Like at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab?

Our staff is an integral part of our rehab program. Many of our past clients have told us that they couldn’t have gotten through such a challenging time without our staff. 

Our expert staff allows us to take a holistic approach with a medical background. We have naturopathic doctors, MDs, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, chefs, dieticians, an around-the-clock nurse, and many more people who truly care about what they do and are here to help you. Our team is there to support you and collaborate with you. We want to provide a safe, non-judgmental, and empowering environment where you can find your own healing. 

Do You Offer Detox at Your Facility?

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we offer safe and comfortable detox from drugs and alcohol. Through a thorough medical evaluation upon arrival, we are able to offer the highest level of alcohol and drug detox safety. We have doctors and nurses that provide close monitoring to help ensure your comfort and safety and make adjustments as needed. During detox, we use a slow tapering off schedule that is personalized for each individual by our doctor. 

One thing that separates Exclusive Hawaii Rehab’s detox program is that we also integrate holistic therapies such as supplementation with vitamins, herbs, and minerals to help support the body’s natural detoxification process. We believe in true healing, and that means healing from the inside out. If an individual requires acute detox, we can transfer them to North Hawaii Community Hospital or Hilo Hospital to be monitored in a hospital setting.

How Quickly Can I Be Admitted Into the Program?

We understand that finding a rehab program is an important and urgent matter. Our clients are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. For individuals who are living in Hawaii, intake takes 24 hours once a room is available. On the other hand, for individuals who live out of state, intake can take 48 hours, depending on their situation. Our admissions process starts with a phone interview to save time and minimize paperwork before you arrive for treatment. It is important to note that it is best for clients to arrive Monday through Friday as we are not able to complete admissions over the weekend due to the need for blood work and operating hours of the lab. 

What Does Everyday Life Look Like at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab?

Everyday life at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is different for each unique individual. From individual therapy to group sessions, excursions, yoga, bodywork, and much more, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab has so much to offer. Our privacy allows us to take advantage of the beautiful landscape that surrounds us. 

Much of our weekly program involves group excursions to beautiful Hawaiian destinations. Visiting waterfalls, caves, volcanoes, beaches, mountains summits, all allow you to connect to the environment and, most importantly, yourself to find true healing within. Part of our holistic approach is becoming immersed in nature. We believe in the healing powers of nature and the connection it has to the human mind and body. Because of this, much of our time is spent outdoors. 

Every day, individuals are provided with chef-prepared, gourmet meals using high-quality and organic ingredients. We offer chef-prepared gourmet meals, and we also have on-site dietitians that promote healing from within and use food as medicine. Each person’s treatment plan is designed to cater to their needs. We make sure that every day you are heard, supported, and accommodated. During our program, we want you to feel comfortable and safe and be in a surrounding that lets you heal at your own pace, in your own way. One of our biggest goals at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is to help you heal at the core root level. 

How Do I Know if Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Is the Right Fit?

If you are looking to heal at the core root level, you will feel at home at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. We do not take traditional approaches, and our environment is much different than the ones you may find in urban settings. Many of the clients we serve are working professionals. However, we don’t focus on your profession, your status, or even your problems. We focus on you as a whole person. Through our holistic approach, with a medical background, carried out through our compassionate, expert staff, we are able to help you find true healing in a luxurious, exclusive environment.

Many working professionals looking for the right rehab program are seeking privacy, exclusivity, luxury, and serenity. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we take a holistic approach with a medical background that promotes healing at the core root level. We work in close collaboration with each individual to develop a personalized plan that caters to each person’s specific needs. Our luxurious facility, nestled on 30 acres of land, allows for maximum privacy. We do not believe in imposing harsh rules and dogma during your stay. We want you to feel empowered to make your own choices and find healing within yourself. If you are a working professional looking for true healing from mental health, substance abuse, or co-occurring disorders, call (808) 775-0200.