Foods That Can Help You Heal From Addiction

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Addiction Treatment December 10, 2021

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Foods that Help You Heal From Addiction

Foods That Support Healthy Recovery From Addiction

When you are entering into a new lifestyle of recovery, free from the chains of addiction, you want to create a healthy lifestyle that will make you feel good from the inside out. You have done the hard work of eliminating drug and alcohol use from your life but, often, patients need to relearn the skills of a healthy, holistic recovery. Incorporating a new diet and exercise regime will provide your body with the essential nutrients and vitamins that will enrich your body with sufficient sustenance that will fuel your body and mind. The common food sources that you should follow are the five main food groups- fruits, vegetables, dairy, proteins, and grains. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

In order to fuel your body and support healthy recovery, you should focus on consuming whole foods rather than processed foods. Whole foods are packed full of vitamins and nutrients that will sustain your body and its daily functioning. Foods that are suggested while in recovery are:

  • Whole foods that contain amino acids such as tyrosine. Tyrosine produces dopamine within your body which gives off the good feelings of happiness and joy. When you are in early recovery, dopamine levels can be at a lower rate than normal. Supplying your body with whole foods that increase dopamine will increase your chances of staying on the path to recovery and keep you focused on your recovery goals. Foods that have tyrosine are sunflower seeds, bananas, lamb, beef, whole grains, and cheese. 
  • Whole foods that contain antioxidants- These will help to rebuild your immune system which is necessary after addiction. Living with an addiction often depletes your immune system functioning from the harmful chemicals that compose drugs and alcohol. Foods you can choose from our berries, onions, leeks, and artichokes. 
  • Whole foods with L-glutamine- This amino acid works to improve your immune system as well as has antioxidant benefits. It also works to lower sugar cravings which are common in early recovery. Food choices you can have are beets, brussel sprouts, beans, beef, lamb, eggs, chicken, and dairy products 
  • Whole foods that boost your levels of GABA which is a neurotransmitter that gives you the sense of calm and relaxation. This will help to lower anxiety, restlessness and insomnia that can be common in early recovery. Options of food choices that are rich in GABA are shrimp or cherry tomatoes. 
  • Whole foods with tryptophan- This amino acid promotes a positive, happy mood which can help to keep you focused on your newfound way of life. Foods you can choose from are turkey, cheese, pork, lamb, beans, lentils and tuna fish. 

Dietary Therapy at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab (dietician on staff, nutrition therapy, education/cooking classes; 4 on site chefs; all food fresh from local farmers markets)

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we provide our patients with a truly holistic approach to treatment. With the onsite support of our naturopathic doctor who guides our patients’ rehab programs to ensure that you are receiving the proper nutritional supplements to enrich your body full of vitamins and minerals. You will have support from a nutritional coach throughout your stay who will help teach you new methods of health that you can incorporate into your home life even after you complete your rehab program with us. You will meet with them one on one frequently throughout your stay which will ensure that you have developed the skills and tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle of eating and exercise that will have you getting the most nutritional value from your meals. 

Our on-site personal chefs specialize in creating healthy meal options for our patients that will be sure to pique your interest and taste buds. Each day, we get fresh food from our local farmers’ market and incorporate those foods into our meal plan. This ensures that patients are receiving only whole food meals that will be packed full of the vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids that will support you in your early stages of recovery. If preparing healthy meals is new to you, we offer our patients opportunities to work alongside our chefs in the kitchen to learn the skills for healthy, organic meal options.

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.