Can an Alcoholic Cut Down on Drinking Without Quitting?

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Addiction Treatment , Alcohol Addiction February 18, 2022

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Can an Alcoholic Cut Down on Drinking Without Quitting

Are You an Alcoholic?

“Alcoholic” is a term used for a person who has an alcohol use disorder, meaning that alcohol dependence is beginning to cause problems for them in their everyday lives. This may mean they cannot get through the day without drinking, or that they continue to drink even when they no longer want to, or when it causes issues at home, at work, or financially.

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Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.

Abstinence vs Moderation

Abstinence means you do not ever drink alcohol, and if you do, it is considered a “failure” at quitting, and you must start your sobriety over again. This type of all-or-nothing thinking may work for some people, but for others, it can feel like too much pressure and judgment, or it may be unrealistic.

Moderate drinking means keeping the amount you drink within certain limits. These limits differ for each person, depending on your own personal physiology, gender, and health. The US government’s National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states that moderate drinking looks like:

  • No more than 14 drinks/week, or 4 per occasion for men
  • No more than 7 drinks/week, or 3 per occasion for women

Can Problem Drinkers Cut Back?

Problem drinkers can cut down on drinking, and many can do so without treatment. Cutting back has many benefits, including:

  • More energy
  • Mood improvements
  • Sleeping better
  • Better looking skin
  • Weight management
  • Better heart and liver health
  • Stronger immune system

Tips for Cutting Back on Drinking

Some tips for cutting back or quitting drinking include:

  1. Take it one day at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself
  2. Tell your friends and family your intentions, so they can support you in your decisions
  3. Set and stick to a firm budget for how much money you are willing to spend on alcohol
  4. Have a smaller drink or a lower-strength drink to reduce alcohol intake
  5. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water or other non-alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated and reduce the amount of alcohol you are drinking in one sitting
  6. Download an app to help you keep track of your progress and remain accountable
  7. Make sure there are several days per week that you do not drink
  8. Attend virtual and in-person moderation support meetings and events
  9. Join online forums/social media groups/email lists to discuss issues and setbacks, and support others through difficult times
  10. See a therapist or addiction counselor regularly to work through issues that may trigger dependence or addiction

When Professional Alcohol Treatment is Needed

You may need professional alcohol treatment if you:

  • Cannot cut back without experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • Have a history of relapsing
  • Have a co-occurring mental health issue or are suffering from trauma and PTSD
  • Have health issues related to drinking alcohol
  • Do not have a strong support group or anybody to talk to about your drinking

Non 12-Step Alcohol Rehab

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we have a non-12-step philosophy of healing and growth that involves holistic care, therapy, detox programs, and self-empowerment, all of which take place within a luxury Hawaiian wellness center. We know that addiction to alcohol is a symptom of underlying issues such as trauma, socialization, mental health issues, and core beliefs, and these issues can be treated.

We use treatments like nutritional therapy, supplementation, experiential therapy, yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture, exercise programs, behavioral therapy, art therapy, group therapy, and much more for a whole-person treatment, to help you balance the health of your mind, body, and soul. You will stay at our facility for a minimum of 30 days in luxury accommodations, eating only the best, organic, and locally sourced foods cooked by gourmet chefs as you heal the underlying causes of your addiction.

Where a 12-step program teaches that once a person is an addict, they will always be an addict, at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab we see you as an individual person who has unique needs and characteristics that cannot be “solved” by following certain steps. We are a non-didactic facility and will work alongside you to help you discover the roots of your addiction, and work towards changing your thoughts, beliefs, and actions so can take back control over your own life, no longer under the control of alcohol addiction. As a motivated and intelligent individual, you can achieve a well-balanced life with our guidance. Contact our facility today to find out more about our luxury alcohol rehab, and how we can help you cut down on drinking. 

Experience True Healing

Our deeply-caring staff and the surrounding natural beauty offer an unparalleled healing experience.